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Sparky Sweet"Floyd Sweet Secrets"
with contemporaneous commentary by Tom Bearden

We are pleased to offer an historic 1987 video of Floyd Sweet's Vacuum Triode Amplifier in action at his home in Sherman Oaks, California, together with Floyd Sweet explaining the secrets of how he conditioned his magnets.

The first part of the video, recorded in the evening of April 30th, 1987, covers two bench tests of his units, which would put out over a million times more power than was put into them.  One of his units was later close-looped,  i.e. it was completely self-powering.

The second part, recorded May 15th, 1987, features the late Floyd Sweet demonstrating in detail the secret way he conditioned his magnets for the VTA.

Both videos were shot by Tom Bearden.

Tom Bearden comments:

"One is the 500 watt unit, also later used to do the antigravity test, and the second one is Sweet's explanation of part of his conditioning processwhat he would release.  That's closer than all the latest stuff he started saying as a defense to hide it.  So it's fairly close to the real conditioning process, I think."

There is additional explanatory material about this in the Tom Bearden book "Energy from the Vacuum—Concepts & Principles".

Running time: 54 mins.  Chapter 1 - Bench tests approx. 30 mins. (3 tests), Chapter 2 - Conditioning secrets approx. 24 mins.

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