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Trouble ordering online?

Several customers complained that the PayPal shopping cart was not working properly when they tried to order.  If that's your issue, here are some suggestions to overcome the problem.

  1. "Add to Cart" and "View Cart" buttons are slow to appear.
    When I click Add to Cart there is a long wait.  
    These button images come from's web server over an https:// secure connection.  Likewise, after you click the button, the next screen arrives over an https:// connection to PayPal.  Please allow more time, as the connection to PayPal is encrypted for your security and privacy.

  2. "Add to Cart" button does not appear. 
    Our shopping cart is hosted by  If your browser temporarily cannot access the PayPal domain, the "Add to Cart" button would not appear, or when you click it you might see an error.  If this is your problem, please try again later!  Many internet connectivity problems are resolved simply by retrying.  If you use an ad blocker, check its settings; is it blocking   Turn of the ad blocker temporarily, or try a different browser. 

  3. Cannot complete order process.
    Error when I try to Check Out.
    The shopping cart uses a cookie to remember who you are and what you ordered as you navigate through several screens.  Configure your browser and/or firewall to allow session cookies, or at least allow the one from for the duration of the order process.  Click your browser's Help button and search for help on cookies if you don't know how to do this.

  4. Other PayPal problems. 
    See PayPal's Help Center.

  5. Where do I enter my Shipping Address? 
    Several international customers complained that the Shipping Address field did not appear, so  they did not know where to type their address.   We think this might be a temporary glitch with the PayPal service.  You can always use the Special Instructions field to write in your address or anything else we need to know to ship your book.  Or email us and we'll make a note of any special instructions emailed to us.

  6. I give up! I don't want to use PayPal. No problem.  We accept prepaid orders by postal mail.  The printable order form tells where to mail your check.  

    Do not send us your credit card number, as we have no way to process it. 
    We accept orders only two ways:  (1) online via PayPal, (2) by mail with a check or money order. 
    We do not accept electronic bank drafts or electronic funds transfers.
    We do not do business by telephone.

  7. Something else is going wrong! 
    Email us.  We usually answer email immediately.

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