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Radionics: Action at a Distance
Bearden Foundations Series


Thank you so much for my copy of the Radionics DVD!
We just watched it and it is marvelous!  I have friends who are healers who utilize radionicsone woman in particular creates a formula that absolutely gets it right ... she finds what is going wrong with the body before it becomes a huge problem and her formula assists the immune system to get over it.  She has had my same hair swatch now for two years and consistently makes the right concoction to fix whatever is awry.

—Judy T.


23 November, 2015

 I just watched Toms presentation on Radionics again. That's about the 20th time over the years. I just wanted to tell you he was at the top of his game. He gave all the information about everything that he thought could have anything to do with the operation, I've been a researcher and operator since the 70s. I'm still getting new and useful information from the video.
Anyone that is serious about the science has to start with this video.
Thanks for putting it out there.

Frank G

Is it mysticism? Voodoo?

The very mention of the word Radionics evokes a strange sense of curiosity and puzzlement.

Why is Radionics always a footnote, and never the subject of discussion?

Why is is always alluded to, but never explained?

Well, there are very good reasons for this, as its implications are both astounding and dire.

In 1990 Tom Bearden delivered a spell-binding lecture in Atlanta, Georgia, about Radionics, and Cheniere Media is now pleased to announce the re-release of this masterpiece as the latest DVD in its Foundations Series. The presentation has been extensively re-mastered, and contains much new material, including a 2006 update by Tom Bearden.

This is simply one of the most illuminating physics lectures ever given, as Tom connects all the dots with a plethora of slides and illustrations starting from the vacuum and its relation to parapsychology, to healing, to the almost inevitable pirating of the technology by the weapons manufacturers.

90 minutes - DVD-R



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Also in the Bearden Foundations Series: "Tom Talks Tesla".

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