couronne on a rotor facing the incident radiation at such an angle that the radiation deflected and/or reflected is directed toward the cathode, several coils whose supply current can be modulated being distributed over the length of the tube;
i.  This tube also contains electrodes supplied by alternating current generating an electric field at the level of the rotary deflector, each of the said electrodes being surrounded by a bobbin of which the supply current can be modulated;

j.  Methods are anticipated for modulating, at an adjustable rhythm between 30 and 120 cycles per minute, the supply current of the electromagnetic according to a and h, and preferably to modulate the supply current of the rest of the assemblage at the same rhythm;

k.  Methods are anticipated for modulating, at a frequency between 300 and 900 Hz, the supply current of the bobbins surrounding according to i and one or several coils according to g;

l.  Methods are anticipated for modulating, at an adjustable wavelength between 1 m and 50 m and preferably between 1 m and 18 m, the supply current of the electrodes according to i, of one or several of the coils generating the magnetic field of the cyclotron;

m.  The electrodes of the electron gun consist of two electrodes identical to the cathode according to a, b, c, or d, the cathode of the tube according to h is replaced by a double electrode reproducing the arrangement of the electrodes of the electron gun, and methods are anticipated for reversing at will and simultaneously the polarities of these two pairs of electrodes and the direction of flow of the current supplying the acceleratory coils, a first pattern of polarities assuring the functioning of the apparatus in the conditions which are laid down according to a, and a second pattern of polarities assuring emission in the cavity of a stream of electrons combined with the centimeter radiation and giving rise, at the exit of the said tube, to emission of very hard x-rays.