The invention includes especially:

1. A procedure for obtaining a combination of radiations of different kinds capable of  penetrating matter, especially of intimately penetrating living tissues in order to produce in them certain effects and more particularly in human tissues with a therapeutic effect in mind, consisting of the emission in a cavity of a stream of electrically charged particles, upon which is imposed electromagnetic radiation in the centimeter wavelength range, and the guiding of the resulting radiation emerging from the cavity toward the target to be penetrated.

2. Types of implementation exhibiting the following features taken separately or in the various possible combinations:

a. The centimeter radiation has a wavelength between 3 cm and 80 cm;

b. This wavelength is set at the value found by experience to be most suitable for the tissues to be penetrated, e.g., 14 cm for liver and 19.5 cm for spleen;

c. The particle stream is accelerated by magnetic and electric fields such as those which are used in particle accelerators;

d. The resulting radiation is accelerated and guided, before its emergence from the cavity, by means of electric and magnetic fields;

e. The resulting radiation is guided, before its emergence from the cavity, by means of deflecting and/or reflecting surfaces;

f. The stream of particles and/or the resulting radiation are concentrated and accelerated by means of individual magnetic fields modulated at a frequency between 300 and 900 Hz, the highest frequencies being used to produce hard rays and the lower frequencies to produce soft rays;

g. The emission of the particle stream, as well as the acceleration and concentration of the radiation resulting at its exit from the cavity, are aided by individual magnetic fields of temporally variable intensity, advantageously pulsed at a rhythm between 30 and 120 pulsations per minute and preferably at the cardiac rhythm of the subject;

h. The assemblages for production of the resultant radiation are pulsed in their entirety at the same rhythm as the magnetic fields according to g;

i. The stream of particles and/or the resulting radiation are accelerated and concentrated by direct magnetic and/or electric fields modulated at a wavelength between 1 m and 50 m and preferably between