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radiation would then be the sum of various qualitatively and quantitatively different selective processes including the possible cancellation of additive effects such as stimulation and inhibition.  However, total nullification would be no more likely it is, for instance, in the visible everyday consequences of illumination by sunlight.  Such an approach, if it has been adopted by Priore or if it has emerged fortuitously as an unforseen property of an assemblage of components chosen on the basis of some other rationale, would account for the extravagance of the machine in energy consumption in return for a very modest biological yield.  There is no immediate evidence for this in the statements of Berteaud and Bottreau (19), but the relevant quality of whiteness might apply pertinently to other parameters than those investigated by them.

The possibility that some hitherto unrecognised feature of the radiation from a rotating plasma may be responsible for the Priore effects should not be dismissed out of hand, at any rate by those who, like myself, know nothing about plasmas.  Dr. John Carstoiu of Brookline, MA, who counts among his accomplishments an extension of the Maxwell equations to the evaluation of ponderemotor forces, likes to call the Priore machine a magnetohydrodynamic wave guide.  He considers the acceleration of the plasma to be a significant feature. He refers to the various types of oscillation that may be set up but does not, and presumably cannot, say how they can manifest themselves across a quartz window -.  One's naive reaction is to doubt, in any case, whether the accelerations attainable in an apparatus as described in the patent document would be great enough to initiate a gravitational wave of any significance. Unless the suggestion in an obvious absurdity to a plasma physicist, somebody will have to do the arithmetic.


The further development of Priore's invention is being done under the auspices of an organisation set up for the purpose : the Société d'Exploitation du rayonnement Antoine Prioré (SERAP) which brings Priore into formal relationship with a company, moteurs Leroy Sommer of Angoulême.  This company has been the recipient of a $0.7 million contract from the DGRST (Délégation Générale à la Recherche Scientifique et Technique) for the construction of a third machine of greatly increased output. Priore has been reported (3) to predict that the cost is more likely to be $3 million.  No doubt other sources of funding are available.  In return for much support Priore promise a much bigger and better machine that will generate a more intense field of much larger cross section than those with which the results already reported were obtained.  So, one can guess, larger groups of small animals will be irradiated simultaneously for shorter periods than formerly and the rate of accumulation of data will increase—if, that is, the biological measurements can keep pace.  Perhaps too, by the same token, small groups of large animals will be treated, with the single sick human as the ultimate target of the entire endeavor.

­ (Bearden note :) quartz transmits UV (Ultraviolet Radiation)—see tie- in to Russian work & UV “mitogenic radiation” transmitting thru quartz windows between cell cultures.

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