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Cold Fusion


Today, hundreds of scientists worldwidein multiple nations, in multiple laboratorieshave obtained positive results in cold fusion and transmutation of elements in them, at low energy compared to normal nuclear reactions.

For a rather thorough history of this suppression of cold fusion and the struggle to respectably report good cold fusion science that is just not yet well understood, see the entire Volume 4, Issue 24, 1999 of Infinite Energy, edited by Dr. Eugene Mallove.

It is also discussed in Chapter 10 of Tom Bearden's "Energy from the Vacuum - Concepts & Principles".

Also see the interview with Dr. Mallove on YouTube at

From a correspondent:

For what it may be worth, some time ago the University of Texas approached me wanting help to buy some palladium (I am a coins and precious metals dealer). Palladium had been around $85.00 an ounce but had begun going up.  I sold two research scientists from UT a 10 ounce palladium bar, around $120.00 an ounce as I recall.  Shortly after, maybe a month or two, the two scientists sold the bar back to me (it had a couple chunks cut out of it) and told me they were warned that if they continued their research, University of Texas would lose funding and they were ordered to stop their project.  They were researching cold fusion, palladium is a catalyst in cold fusion.  Palladium continued to rise in price to over $600 an ounce (now it has fallen back to about $220 an ounce last time I looked).  The phenomenal rise in price can be attributed to savvy investors who knew something about what was really going on.  Cold fusion is strange physics, according to the laws of cold fusion as we learn from the media, cold fusion does not work in this country, but it does work in other countries.  Similar to those high MPG carburetors that do not work here but do work in, say, Brazil.

Dr. Eugene Mallove. Photo taken
while he was working as Chief Science Writer at M.I.T.'s Press Office when Cold Fusion erupted

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