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Paramahamsa Tewari

Toby Grotz writes:


Yes, the Real Green New Deal.
I would suggest the inclusion of the Tewari Reactionless Generator.  Tested at 238% as shown in the link below.  This is s short 10 minute video.
I was there, as were engineers from the Nuclear Power plant at Kaiga, and from the Karnataka Power Corporation (Bangalore) when this test was done.  Later in the video clip, engineers from a 100 year old electrical manufacturer, Kirloskar, verified their independent build and test.
A later test showed 260% efficiency. This was a 10KW unit.
See attached patent application which I helped write.  Patent abandoned, this is free to all.
The inventors children have threatened me any anyone who attempts to replicate or funds replication.  They sent a high power law firm from Portland after me for months.  This is the first case I know of wherein the family of the inventor has suppressed the inventor”s free energy machine.
Please see here:
and attached.

Tewari Patent

Notice of abandonment

Toby Grotz