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Correspondence slightly edited for sense.


Fri, 15 Apr 2011 15:06:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: Veerle Messier <>
Reply-To: Veerle Messier <>
Subject: Forward if possible please to Sir Tom Bearden, about project free energy in Europe
To: "" <>
Cc: "" <>

Please to forward to Sir Tom Bearden.
We are a group of engineers that operate in different fields of science.

And have been working on advanced thermion emission related to space charge and zero field of the universe for the past few years.

Today 15Th of April 2011, me and the head of office did see a movie about energy from the vacuum that we had for over 5 years I believe.

And were quite surprised to see the work performed and the mathematical equations, are almost identical to our work.

We did know we had the DVD but never did see it or did research about Tom Bearden.

The concept of the MEG is almost identical of one we did build but are improving and was a project frankly put aside not because it does not work.

But gave us headache, we used square wave input energy at high frequency and could load the coil up to 6000Hz.

Output was always bigger then input.

But it destroyed our computers that generated the signal.

That did cut off the caps of the square wave.

Never the less we worked on the project of free energy still only took small vacation, cause the head of office worked for the past 36 years on it never really taking a day off. 

Just now we started working again on the thermion reactor we did build.

Getting more out in as well voltage as amps is easy, keeping load steady is easy.

And we did find a key between potential from earth and getting it out of the vacuum.

Only to let the device run on one electrical phase or pole.

No loop back to input needed.

Maybe this is of some interest to Tom Bearden so could you forward this please?

We have not any interest of using things he build, need no advice.

But if he wishes we can send the data we have.

Non needed back.

One can find us at the website,

Updating the site and took the data about the projects of.

Maybe we will get reply by mail.

Nevertheless good work.
Veerle Sun, 11 Aug 2002 21:24:55 -0500

Tom Bearden sent some information on Klimov's work.

Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2011 22:21:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: Veerle Messier <>
Reply-To: Veerle Messier <>
Subject: Re: Fwd: RE: Belgian/ Canadian device - "output was always bigger  than  input"
To: "A.J. Craddock" <>

Well it is Miss Messier actually.

Great grandfather you can guess, Messier astronomy.

Don't know about the work of Sir Klimov will check it out.

Just the part of the weapon I did not really like but whatever of course.

People seem to be the only species on earth to be able to destroy themselves and will do it one day.

With weapons or kill nature.

Yes we succeeded in free energy.

Did build an advanced thermion particle reactor.

Works bit like a fusion reactor, but only ours keeps running.

Small scale still but we put 220 volts 0,9 amps in and get 600 volts 4 and a half amps out.

Using the same zero field that is in space, on earth we did not find much of a zero field up to now, only an intake of existing electrons.

The scale model we have works completely electronic and fits in a small shoebox.

No moving parts inside.

It is now connected with a x ray emitter that can be used as ion drive in stellar transport for small satellites.

This among some other things we did build.

But we consider going to NASA with the discovery.

In fact we can give it to them we do not need the money anymore, just do this job for fun and benefit of mankind.

Boosting up the reactor is easy.

anyway good luck to you and lot of success with your future projects.

Veerle Messier (female, remember bones, yes Spock i will remember)
member of the Jayson T Benedict Engineer Group.

Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 00:15:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: Veerle Messier <>
Reply-To: Veerle Messier <>
Subject: Klimovs work

I believe the first one to proove free energy was a man named LT Col Bearden.

The MEG does work, maybe there is just a difference in the field of free energy to tap from on earth as in space.

Also Bedini did great work, but he seems to hide between bouncing mails back, as I can agree with him in this.

Klimov and his high advanced optic electronic, can play some more with his toy.

Will not work.

The moment they bundle the beam it will start converting and polarize the nanomaterial.

They could build up the beam slowly one by one and blast it out.

In an enclosed inertial gas ore compound.

Through the new artificial diamond they are making to use in space technology.

He needs to learn something about refraction in crystals.

Maybe send him a book about piezocrystals from 1930 of the US Army.

Just wait and see.

Instead of making the crystals and then chasing high electron particles through it and tapping these, or use the material to store hydrogen, and have an endless power source of energy that is free and clean.

Weapons seem to be big bucks all around.

If he does succeed lets hope only the US Army gets it.

But I know already he will have to do some more work.

Yet it is interesting stuff.

The best attack in war is defense, but war has no winners in it.

Take a 7mm Remington sniper assault rifle it blows some ones brain out too at that distance.

If you want to be sure he is gone to Winnetou and Old Shaterhand in Valhala use a .50 caliber.

Reading that you would like to see this for powering homes is noble.

Hope may never been taken away.

But you are a smart man.

Weapons are needed in this world, as today, but were is the limit.

He did not prove free energy, two other guys that had a dream did it.

You know them both, one does smile back in the morning when you look into the mirror.

Keep your dreams Sir Bearden, mark my words about Klimov.

He has some work left.

Deepest respect kind regards.
Patrick W head of office Jayson T Benedict Engineers

Entry on Website July 1, 2011

Engineers/ Staff

Patrick W/ Head of office.

Jayson Thomas Benedict/ Engineer.

Jean Delacroix/ Engineer.

Thomas Buford Galen/ Engineer .

Veerle Messier/ Engineer.

Ahmar Belhami/ Medical Doctor/Surgeon. 

Alexander Kaperskov/ Security Officer/ Retired Law Enforcement.

Tom Vixen/ Engineer.

Mara Temple / Advanced Communication/ Study in Human behaviour.

John Bedini was added to the group 27 July, 2011

The energy bike shown on the photos is still not completed, but it works.

It will be given later in full detailed blueprint.

Value measured of power is shown on the photos.

You can also see the battery we made our self from recuperated old 12 Volt battery.

Also shown is the diode and the transformer to produce 220 Volts AC directly.

It is made of material all around total price of production 3 Euro.

Made with a rebuild automobile generator.

Pedalling at 10 miles an hour is more then enough to charge battery quick.

Home made recuperated battery

New Energy bike 1000Watts,

Easy hydro culture

American windmill, Amerikaanse windmolen.

Easy build solar pannel

Battery made with capacitors

Push pulze Ampere reactor

Astable multivibrator with vibrator relays

Battery powerstation with recharg battery’s

Simple schematic coupling battery’s for different Voltage,

Rebuilding a Tesla DC motor for running on low voltage,

Projects will be added,

Entry on front page of Website December 30, 2013

Green Energy and Battery Technology


Entry on front page of Website December 30, 2013

We did stop all work and projects related to energy concepts electrical and magnetic and fusion related and only attend study in data for personal development.

This site will be dedicated to science fiction stories.

Probably the only thing people believe in.