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Problems publishing Excalibur Briefing

June 4, 1979

Dear  (   ):

This is just to let you know that I've continued to experience a well-nigh incredible series of delays in the publication of The Excalibur Briefing, and to express my sincere regret at this unfortunate delay in getting the book to you.

The book is close—merely awaiting printing and distribution—but it's still not off the assembly line.

Just a little inkling into some of the difficulties we've experienced:  First, shortly after receiving the manuscript, the publisher promptly came down with double pneumonia, hospitalized, and required convalescence.  We then changed from one huge book (1200 pages) to two, possibly even three volumes.  That caused mad rewrite.  Then advance bookstore orders to the publisher came roaring in in record volume—but for one book, not two or three. 

So the decision was made to cut, digest, and trim and get back to a single book.  Again, mad rewrite and panic effort ensued.  And we got back to a single book.  Typesetting was to be done in New York, so in frantic haste, off to New York went the manuscript.  The typesetter promptly came down with a series of heart attacks, and months ensued while he slowly recovered.  (All these things are covered by contract, so there was no way to change the process).  Finally the book was typeset―and I discovered from the proofs that my entire model of mind and matter interaction had been excised.  In some anguish I pointed out to the publisher that this was the heart of my thesis, and the book was now emasculated.  They rechecked closely, and agreed with me. 

Again panic rewrite; I produced a condensed version of what had been cut out.  In addition, my plea for incorporating more of the evidence in photos and more of the explanatory drawings was heeded, and these were now reworked. 

Finally, back to New York for typesetting all over again. 

And now another series of events occurred.  The typesetter by this time was aware that he was processing a very sensitive book, and so he carried it home at night with him.  First a break-in to the plant occurred, but whatever the thieves were looking for apparently was not there.  Then a second break-in occurred, and 17 fires were set, doing some $500,000 worth of damage.  Then a third break-in occurred, and the copy machines were broken and beaten up.  Nothing like this had occurred in the firm's previous history.

Finally, Excalibur is clearing the typesetting and page-proof process, with increased security at the plant.  Then back to the West Coast it wings, to take its place in line awaiting printing.

There were also other obstacles that were overcome by almost superhuman efforts, but the above gives an idea of what we've been going through.

Now there's no guarantee that all that damage and crime at the typesetters plant was just to try to stop Excalibur;  however, consider this:  The book contains the same basic approach to psychotronics/ psychoenergetics that the Soviets use in their highly classified psychotronics weapon program.  That's a strategic program, and it's quite likely that a book like Excalibur is not very much desired, especially since I've openly admitted that I've tried to include some of the major psychotronic weapons of the Soviets and their probable testing. 

Further, several psychotronic investigators in this country have either been killed outright or subjected to extreme pressure within the last year. 

Deaths by mysterious coma, brain separation, etc. have occurred, as have several mysterious nonlethal heart attacks.  The underground physics net that many of us operated in―and which extended to some 25 countries―has been wiped out in the most bizarre fashion, right out of the dime-store novels. 

One person in that net had his estate house and laboratory torched and destroyed, and the person running the net was suddenly confronted with a decomposed body in a trunk in his apartment.  He is now awaiting trial, charged with the alleged murder.  And that is so totally incredible, so out of character with the high consciousness and attunement of my friend, that I for one don't believe it for an instant.  Particularly so since he was working on Tesla material, directly in contact with the Yugoslavian government, and trying to get information out to the public on Tesla weapons effects. 

At any rate, it appears suspiciously as if the psychotronics investigators/researchers are slowly being eliminated or nullified.

Nonetheless, The Excalibur Briefing is going to be published.  Nothing is going to stop it.  I've even placed multiple copies of the second typesetting in various trusted hands, in case something else unforeseen happens prior to printing, or in case something should happen to me

Your long patience and forbearance is deeply appreciated, and I'll get your copy of the book to you just as soon as it rolls off the presses.


Frustratedly yours,

Tom Bearden

Tom Bearden

Reprinted from SPECULA Volume 2, Number 2
April - June 1979