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John Bedini's Lab Notes

Note from one of John Bedini's close research associates:

Pretty sure there are better methods.

When I look at the Adams motor, John's SG and Kromrey are more advanced versions.  The biggest energy gain that I see people missing is the Aspden Effect.  Had I not "discovered" it myself, it's a tough concept to believe.  The concept that a spinning mass can interact virtually with the aether which continues to "rotate" even if the rotor is stopped.  Restarting rotor rotation will come up to speed more quickly than if the aether is stationary.   Now the tough part to grasp is this rotation is non-directional...almost like the aether is pumping because rotating the rotor in the opposite direction will also come up to speed quickly if the aether is still spinning.  (I still have the rotor I tested this on original...should be fairly easy to show)

Additional information available from the Rex Research file in this section