accomplished by directly loading the software into the mind.  Then in three weeks one will "load" a doctorate, say, in physics.  In three more weeks one will also load a doctorate in chemistry.  Another three weeks, in electrical engineering.  Another three weeks, an M. D.  And so on.  When that happens, then truly everyone on earth can be educated.  Freedom from ignorance may well be another great freedom that is legally recognized.  There will be no impoverished large groups lacking the education to find decent, productive jobs. 
    We urge all nations to use the principles involved: not for human abuse, but for healing, educating, uplifting, and life-expanding of every person on Earth.  If we do, we shall all have a far brighter future.  Then we shall check what has started out to be the Sword of Damocles and turn it into the golden Millennium.
    We are reminded of a poignant quote from Teilhard de Chardin: 
    "Someday, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the
tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love.  Then for the second time in the history of the world man will have discovered fire."
    May the nations of the world utilize the new mind engineering science to truly free all minds into a common love of, and respect for, their fellow humans of every color, creed, and circumstance.  As de Chardin envisioned, may we use the new science to discover a new fire, burning clearer and brighter than anything that has gone before. ♦


A B O U T  T H E  A U T H O R

President and Chief Executive Officer, CTEC, Inc.  Lieutenant Colonel US.  Army (Retired).  MS Nuclear Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology.  BS mathematics, Northeast Louisiana University.  Graduate of Command & General Staff College, US.  Army.  Graduate of Guided Missile Staff Officers Course, U. S.  Army (equivalent to MS in Aerospace Engineering).  Numerous electronic warfare and counter-countermeasures courses. 
Tom is the leading advocate of scalar potential electromagnetics and the Fogal charge-blocking semiconductor:  He is involved in alternate energy devices and scalar electromagnetic system prototypes.  He has defined charge q as a coupled system of two components, advanced a mechanism for a vacuum engine, whereby the vacuums virtual particle flux is organized and used to energetically shape and manipulate matter and energy, and advanced a mechanism for a Bohm-type quantum potential, which theoretically allows the engineering of action at a distance in physical systems. 
He is president of the Association of Distinguished American Scientists (ADAS), a life member of the Alabama Academy of Science, Emeritus member of the American Association of Physics Teachers, and has served on the Board of Directors of several associations and corporations.  Tom is a guitarist, a retired aikidoist (Sandan, Yoseikan style), is happily married and has two sons and two daughters.  He and his wife Doris live in Huntsville, Alabama where Tom is retired from aerospace, continues private research, and serves as a consultant to industry on Scalar electromagnetics processes. 



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