be continued for 30 seconds or so.  We highly stress that overcharging in this time domain can be detrimental or even lethal if prolonged. 
    At the end of the very short time-excitation charging time, the body is "time-excitation charged in all its minutest particles".  So everything is therefore pumped in the time domain for the next several days after the irradiation is removed, since the time-charge decays very gradually over a period of time.  During that decay period, every part of the cell and body acts as a pumped phase conjugate mirror material, pumped in the time domain rather than in the 3-space energy domain.  When time-pumped, the mass itself reverses to a previous physical state.  This can be used for both nonliving and living masses.  Because there is no forcible translation manipulation of the cells and their parts, it can be utilized on living cells in vivo.  In the case of diseased cellse.g., AIDS-it appears that three precisely determined 30-second "AIDS correlate" irradiations a week apart, should be sufficient to completely cure AIDS, including removal of all HIV-genetics changes from every previously infected cell of the body.  Also, it would accomplish considerable rejuvenation of the body (making the body younger). 

Rejuvenation: Restore the Telomeres and Produce Immortal Cells

    In fact, it is now known that the gradual loss of the telomeresthe natural ends of chromosomesin a cell's chromosomes is what causes the cell to age.  The gradual loss of the telomeres and the resulting shortening of the chromosomes represents a cellular "disease state" or "disorder" state" accompanied by a precise delta in the spacetime curvature engine accompanying every affected (aging) cell. 
    By determining the correlate for that precise telomere loss in the aging body's emitted radiation spectrum, an effective telomere regeneration process immediately emerges.  One simply amplifies that aging "precise telomere reduction" correlate and reradiates the body with it, passing an amplified correlate back into every cell of the body.  The cells and all their partsincluding the chromosomesadd the phase conjugate replicas, converting the incoming TW EM correlates to longitudinal EM wave correlates.  The cells again phase conjugate the LWs and add the phase conjugate replicas, converting the LW correlates to time-polarized EM wave pumping correlates.  This latter process time-excitation-charges the aging cells and all their parts, including the genes and chromosomes.  The cellular matter itself produces the amplified "aging antiengine" for each and every cell and telomere ending.  The result is to again add telomeres, converting the cell back to a younger, more vigorous cell, and reversing the process of aging. 
    We point out without further elaboration that these methods also introduce direct engineering signals into the body's master cellular control system, including the regenerative subsystem.  Hence the body's regenerative subsystem is involved in helping produce the necessary engines and operate upon the short telomere chains to add back telomeres.  More specifically, the regenerative subsystem is changed into perfect consonance with the external introduction of the amplified antiengines. 
    That exact process can be used to rejuvenate the aged population and remedy most of the debilities of growing old.  That is how we eventually intend to do it, if we can convince the U.S.  government and the U.S.  scientific community to perform the necessary research and validation. 

Saving Most of the Casualties from Mass Terrorist Attacks

    To defend against things like anthrax attacks on our civilian population centers, we also have recommended to the U.S.  Government the crash development of small, portable treatment machines—using similar "antiengine-forming" and cellular reversing "porthole technology".  [See Figure 13 on previous page].  Such portable machines could be developed cheaply and quickly, and present government facilities could be used to massively attack the correlate database production problem.  The portable treatment units could be cranked out by the hundreds of thousands and flooded down through emergency response agencies such as the police forces, the National Guard, emergency hospitals, emergency response teams, etc. 
    Each device could be used in "assembly line" fashion upon hundreds of sickened patients, in case of a WMD (weapons of mass destruction) attack upon one or more of our cities.  The first generation equipment would save probably 70% of the stricken (as from anthrax, etc. ).  With second generation equipment, one would expect 90% of the stricken casualties could be saved. 
    Just now, there is a very dim prognosis for all those casualties, using present available treatment capabilities.  Time and lack of vaccines defeats just about everything that can be done.  Brutally speaking, most of those unfortunate enough to breath in anthrax spores from an attack, are going to die.  At least 80% of them will expire, in spite of everything the present system can do for them. 
    Note each device could rapidly treat a whole series patients, one right after the other, merely laying them between "blankets" containing wire antennas, irradiating with the proper correlate spectrum quickly, moving on to the next patient, irradiating quickly (seconds), etc.  The entire apparatus could be made to fit in a large suitcase-sized container, and it would be highly portable and controlled by a laptop-sized computer. 
    Unfortunately, so far the DOD doesn't even understand what the heck we're talking about! The National Institute of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) are not interested at all.  After all, it isn't drugs, vaccines, antibiotics, etc. — which are simply not going to do the job.  However, those are what the government and scientific communities are going to finance to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.  They are then going to lose almost all those mass casualties when the terrorist attacks on our population centers inevitably occur. 
    Those are Americans.  They are going to die.  Most of them could be saved.  We ought to save them. 
    For any change in state (physical, chemical, emotional, mental, perceptual), the body dielectric "portholes" change and the output spectrum changes.  The delta from zero reference now represents that exact change. 

Where Western Mind Control Research Has Probably Arrived

    Western mind control researchers probably first established a correlation database of porthole emission correlates to changes in internal states, both physical and mental.  They almost certainly recognize the peculiar participation of every part of the body dielectric in the TW emission spectrum from the body.  They will almost certainly have opted for this "porthole" notion of some similar expression of it, and the "thwarting" of these "relaxation and release" emission processes to engender internal physical changes in the body and in the brain-meat-computer, as they see it.