energy domain.  This is a dramatic extension to nonlinear phase conjugate optics theory.5
    General relativity tells us that each specific detail of the mass and energy structure of each cell and all its partsdown to the finest detailsis accompanied by a precise set of spacetime curvatures.  By reintroducing the same energy as the disease delta TW waves, the affected cells add the phase conjugates, converting the inserted TW signals into longitudinal EM wave signals.  The longitudinally-pumped cells again phase conjugate, converting these longitudinal EM waves to time-polarized EM waves, and "charging" the cells and all their parts in the time domain. 
    Suddenly, at that point the resident spacetime curvature enginerather than TW or LW EM waves-serves as the "input signal" to the cell-and-its-parts as pumped phase conjugate mirrors (PCMs), pumped in the time domain.  An extension to the distortion correction theorem of nonlinear optics results.  An exact, amplified antiengine for the diseased cellsi.e., a phase conjugate replica of the resident spacetime curvature engine—is formed.  This amplified antiengine overpowers the resident disease engine, powerfully time-reversing the cells and their components back to a previous healthy state.  The time-reversal actually occurs over a period of time after the "time excitation charge-up" ceases, say over the next week or two.  Usually two to three quick irradiations are required, one week apart, to give a time-reversing period of three to four weeks. 
    Even though appreciable forces are operating internally upon the cells and all their parts, there is no net translation

force upon the cells or any part.  E.g., as Pepper6 states,
On a more fundamental level, the ideal lossless PCM reverses all the quantum numbers of the incident photon (i. e., linear momentum, angular momentum, etc. ).  It can be shown that the PCM therefore experiences no linear or angular momentum transfer from the incident photons;  hence, the PCM is free from photon radiation pressure and torques."
    Note that, in ordinary EM theory, it is precisely translation forces that are engendered upon charged mass by EM fields.  This process is quite different.  In biological terms, this process dedifferentiates (in physics: time-reverses) the diseased cells and all their componentsincluding the genes—back to an earlier healthy state. 
    By taking a diseased body and feeding back into it an exact amplified replica of its emitted TW spectrum, one can force the body to "time-excitation charge" all cells and their components immediately, with high efficiency.  The human body and every cell and every part of every cell does the necessary "calculation" for the exact antiengine for each part.  Since time is extremely condensed spatial EM energy (by a factor of almost 1017), a startling contraction occurs in the radiation time required to time-charge the cells and their components and charged particles.  This is a method for instant initiation of time-charging, hence it is extremely rapid.  What took Priore several hours of LW irradiation to accomplish in the body,7 can now be done in seconds with this "thwarting" and spectrum transduction method.  In fact, it is an intense stress on the body, and—say—should only

Figure 13.  Portable first-method treatment unit proposed to the Department of
Defense.  For treating and curing mass casualties from terrorist BW
attacks on U.S. population centers.