time-polarized photons and time-polarized EM waves, do not yet know that.  Consequently the Russians have developed a highly secret science of directly engineering the mind and its operations, including thought, images, perceptions, feelings, emotions, memory, and mind processing.  Indeed, Lisitsyn23 wrote quite specifically of this capability in the 1960s. [See Figure 7]
    Western clandestine mind control researchers are apparently still slowly and painfully fitting TW EM irradiation correlates to induced or resulting mental and physical behavior responses.  They seem unaware of the actual wave transductions occurring inside the body and mind, but are unwittingly inducing those transductions in hidden fashion anyway and in "brute-force input-response fitting" models. 
    These "fitted brute-force models" certainly can be very powerful, and certainly can produce the exact results shown in the experimental verifications of the fittings.  However, they do not of themselves allow sophisticated designfor exampleof the necessary time-polarized wave assemblies for engineering the entire human collective unconscious simultaneously, or for engineering the entire collective unconscious of all species on Earth (i.e., Gaia's collective unconscious), or even for precisely engineering the memory and knowledge base of an individual. 
    This fine research article will be continued in Part II with Russian Methodology, Waves and Wave Transduction, The Cellular Control System, and other matters of interest.


A B O U T  T H E  A U T H O R

President and Chief Executive Officer, CTEC, Inc.  Lieutenant Colonel US.  Army (Retired).  MS Nuclear Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology.  BS mathematics, Northeast Louisiana University.  Graduate of Command & General Staff College, US.  Army.  Graduate of Guided Missile Staff Officers Course, U. S.  Army (equivalent to MS in Aerospace Engineering).  Numerous electronic warfare and counter-countermeasures courses. 
Tom is the leading advocate of scalar potential electromagnetics and the Fogal charge-blocking semiconductor:  He is involved in alternate energy devices and scalar electromagnetic system prototypes.  He has defined charge q as a coupled system of two components, advanced a mechanism for a vacuum engine, whereby the vacuums virtual particle flux is organized and used to energetically shape and manipulate matter and energy, and advanced a mechanism for a Bohm-type quantum potential, which theoretically allows the engineering of action at a distance in physical systems. 
He is president of the Association of Distinguished American Scientists (ADAS), a life member of the Alabama Academy of Science, Emeritus member of the American Association of Physics Teachers, and has served on the Board of Directors of several associations and corporations.  Tom is a guitarist, a retired aikidoist (Sandan, Yoseikan style), is happily married and has two sons and two daughters.  He and his wife Doris live in Huntsville, Alabama where Tom is retired from aerospace, continues private research, and serves as a consultant to industry on Scalar electromagnetics processes. 



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2.  Nature is unified and not separated into the "separate" disciplines our science has prescribed.  Thus the mind is also totally electrogravitational.  The mind works not just with EM
forms in an inert space, but also with spacetime curvatures in a

 spacetime that is highly active.  The mind is rooted in the time-domain and projects from that domain into 3-space.  The body is rooted in the 3-space domain and projects into the time-domain.  To "change" or "function" in one domain is automatically to function in the other.  EM and gravitational phenomena are still modeled separately by human scientists, but not by nature.
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8.  Many U. S. researchers and journalistsand even many scientistshave wrestled with the problems of mind, intent, and mind-body coupling.  Enumeration of those efforts would itself require an entire book.  For an introduction into that domain, the reader is referred to the very determined exposé by Cheryl Welsh in her very timely book, The 1950's Discovery of the Code of the Brain, May 1988, published on the Internet.  Simply employ any Net search engine and search on the name Cheryl Welsh.  A connection to the site and to Welsh's book will immediately be found Welsh's important compendium is highly recommended, giving the reader a "birds eye view", so to speak, of how Western scientists think and proceed regarding the subject of mind control by electromagnetic means.  Unfortunately all journalists so far researching the area have not been aware that Western electrodynamics itself is seriously flawed, and that the great Russian advances in mind engineering and mind control are a result of their secret but complete revision and correction of Western electrodynamics to provide the basis for energetics.  Until Western scientists revise their own decrepit old electrodynamics fouling the textbooks, they will never catch up to the Russian mind control developments springing from intense development programs that did that revision in the late 1940s and early 1950s.
9.  An Invention Disclosure on these processes and enhancement embodiments has been filed with the U. S. Patent Office.  Formal patent applications are also in preparation.
10. Energetics is a unified science of an extended electrodynamics possessing a hidden infolded general relativity inside the potentials, fields, and waves.  It deliberately employs higher polarizations (longitudinal and tempic) of photons and EM waves to engineer action at a distance, use of specific patterns of spacetime curvature created at a distance, and direct engineering of either inert or living bodies.  It also encompasses the direct engineering of time-like mind and mind functions. It is divided into three divisions, depending upon the nature of the target.  Targeted against inert materials, structures, fields, and waves it is called "energetics. "Against living bodies, their fields, and biochemistry, it is called "bioenergetics."  Against the mind and mind functions, it is called "psychoenergetics".
11.  Psychoenergetics is that branch of energetics used to directly affect and engineer the mind, memory, perception, thought, emotion, sensation, personality, and other mind functions of a living biological organism.  It is usable against a single personal conscious (serial processor) mind and a single personal unconscious (massively parallel) processor mind In theory it is also usable against lungs collective unconscious mind and its functions, as well as the deeper unconscious for all species on Earth (i.e., against Gaia).  We are speaking of physics, not metaphysics.
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