In that system, it appears that any change in time Δt can be taken as always a function of a corresponding change in energy ΔE, where Δt ≤ (ΔE) ÷ c2 [1] from which it follows that ΔE (Δt)  x c2 [2]  For convenience, we take the special case where Δt  =  (ΔE) ÷ c2 [3]  ΔE = (Δt) x c2 [4].
Observation as Used in Physics Is Spatial

    We note that all mind operations are time-like, i.e., they are comprised as scalar EM photon functions and scalar EM wave functions.  Thus the mind is a very special kind of electromagnetic system, existing in the time domain, and thus "lost" by the stripping away of time in the ordinary observation process.  Physical observation is essentially a time-differentiating mechanism applied to a 4-spatial change, or in terms of MKS fundamental units L and t, observation θ is θ = /t(L3t) = L3 [5].
    Thus, as is well-known in quantum mechanics, physical observation is 3-spatial, and time is not a physical observable, even in theory.  Since mind is time-like, it follows that mind is not a physical observable either, since discarding the time dimension also discards the mind.  In short, one may also take physical operation as the mechanism that separates mind and body.  To observe is to separate.  We point out, however, that merely "separating and discarding" the time domain (as in physical observation of a single change) does not eliminate it, nor does it eliminate the single time-like mind change that may be involved in an intentional volition.  The time domain certainly remains, even though only the 3-spatial intersection of the 4-spatial Minkowski change is given by physical observation.  So we may say that the time-change remains in the virtual state, with respect to attempted physical observation of a single Minkowski 4-space change.

Rotation, Coherent Integration, and Intent

    Previously we pointed out that any change in a 4-space entity may be regarded as a rotation away from the "trajectory" of the entity.  Hence each and every t-polarized change creates a very small projection into 3-space by its rotation slightly away from the time axis.  All mind changes in the time-domain actually produce virtual 3-spatial projections in 3-space (in the physical domain). We define "intent" as the continued production of successively coherent mental changes, producing coherent virtual changes in the 3-space body system, with coherent integration of those 3-space virtual changes into observable 3-space energy inputs into the 3-space body system.  Successively coherent mind-changes will produce successively coherent 3-space virtual changes.  In short, coherent mind-changes will produce coherent integration of those 3-space virtual projections into an observable 3-space change.  This is the creation of an ordinary 3-spatial energy change induced upon the 3-space body.  In short, this is the mechanism whereby time-like mental intent is able to produce a series of coherent observable quantum changes in the physical body (as in the brain and nervous system).

The Body as a Servomechanism

    From the standpoint of control theory, we may consider the body system to be a complex servomechanism system comprised of many subordinate servo systems with feedback and feedforward looping.
    Given the input from intent, ordinary servo theory will take it from there.  Once a servo has an input, servomechanism theory describes the response of the

mechanism and the resulting "outputs".  So a series of coherently integrated "mental intent" changes introduced into the human body's overall servo-mechanism provides the continuing input.  From there, ordinary physics will generate the resulting actions induced in the body by that servomechanism and its amplifying mechanisms.

Two Coupling Mechanisms Make a Closed Loop

    This is the "mind-to-body" coupling mechanism. [See Figure 5]  It is the mechanism whereby the mind is coupled to the body, and whereby mental intent is able to induce a series of physical inputs into the body servomechanism.
    So the body's servomechanism then generates the responses of the body (including everything from chemistry to electrical changes to muscular movements, etc.).  These responses are changes in 3-space. 
    The conscious mind is a serial processor, though extremely rapid.  It produces the series of coherent intent inputs for volitional behavior. 
    The unconscious mind is a massively parallel processor.20  It continually produces the vast series of coherent "unconscious intent inputs" for control of all the deeper processes in the body, beyond usual conscious awareness. 
    However, as the body moves or changes in 3-space, each resulting quantum change in body 3-space is also a slight rotation out of 3-space and toward the time axis.  Hence it inducesin the "virtual state" in the time domaina precisely correlated projection.  The body's responses are in general coherent, so a coherent series of virtual state changes in the time-domain (in the mind realm) are created successively.  In short, again we have coherent integration, this time in the mind or time domain.  This produces "observable" changes in the time-mind domain, which are coherent with the body's 3-spatial changes actually performed.  Thus the mind receives feedback directly from the physical movements and changes of the body.  This is the manner in which the body is coupled back to the mind.21
    By comparing the "intent" behavioral move that was "fed forward" into the body, with the return "response" move analog that was "fed back" from the body to the mind, the mind is able to determine errors and differences, and originate additional correctional commands. 
    Thus the entire mind-body loop is a closed-circuit system of feedforward and feedback, together with corrections.  It also has multiple levels of such, infolded in the larger volitional levels.  See again Figure 4.
    This solves the age-old problem of the mechanisms for the mind-body coupling, intent, volition, conscious and unconscious functioning, sense of the external world, sense of the internal world, sense of "being in" the external world, etc.22

All This Is Included in Russian Psychoenergetics

    This is the highly summarized basis for psychoenergetics, the KGB's division of energetics that deals with the mind and body coupling and functions, and direct engineering of (1) the mind-body coupling and (2) the mind operations directly.  [See Figure 6]  The KGB intent, of course, has always been to exploit this science for the degradation, killing, and control of human beings, including all humanity.
     The Russians know full well that, if you produce and utilize scalar EM photons and t-polarized EM waves, you can directly affect and engineer mind and mind operations at any and all levels.  Western researchers, who know nothing of how to make