Unfortunately, in quantum field theory there has been a tendency to regard the t-polarized or "scalar" photonwhere the local rate of time is oscillatedas unobservable.  Oscillation of the local rate of time produces powerful oscillations of local space-time curvatures, due to the extreme energy density of time.  Individually, the t-polarized photon tends to be unobservable.  However, a coherent sequential group of such t-polarized photons, each individually in the virtual state with respect to the external observer, may simply integrate in its interaction with mass over a short time period into observable change because of the coherent integration of virtual spacetime curvatures into a larger, observable spacetime curvature.

Rotations and Projections in 4-Space

    Relativistically, any velocity change in 4-space is a rotation. Any such rotation in the time-domain also creates a tiny projection component into 3-space.  Any such rotation in the 3-spatial domain also creates a tiny projection component into the time domain.
    Hence a sufficient series of coherent time-domain (mental) changes produces a coherent series of virtual changes in 3-space (the body), thereby coherently integrating into an observable energy change in the body.  A sufficient series of coherent 3-spatial energy changes produces a coherent series of virtual changes in the time domain which coherent integrate into an observable time-domain change.

Solution to the Age-Old Philosophical Problem of Intent

This is in fact the solution to the age-old problem of intent, or how the nonmaterial (i.e., non-3-spatial and non-observable) mind induces a 3-spatial, observable energy change upon the 3-spatial body.  It is also the

solution to the problem of awareness; i.e., how the mind is aware of itself19 and of the responses of the body.  Together the two form a closed loop coupling of the mind and body.  The time delay in the loop together with memory recall for comparison, creates the sense of "persistence" of self in time.  This also creates the sense of being a "separate, closed being" (i.e., of separate persistence in timein the living entity). The sense of "separation of self from an external world" is created by comparing those body-to-mind sensory feedbacks which are not correlated to the mind's previous feed-forward intent.

Time As Energy and Why It Is Very Dense Energy

    In addition to the three spatial polarizations of photons and EM waves, there is a very, very useful t-polarization along the time axis.  In this polarization, the 3-spatial energy is not oscillating at all.  Instead, the time or time-energy is oscillating.  Time can be taken to be energy compressed by at least c2, so it has at least the same energy density as mass.  In other words, one second is 9x1016 joules of time-energy (energy compressed into time).  The t-polarized photon or EM wave is called the scalar photon or scalar EM wave, respectively. 
    To demonstrate why time can be regarded as energy, we need only point out that the choice of fundamental units in any physics model is totally arbitrary.  We usually choose these units to ease the mathematical manipulation, ease our understanding, and simplify the ability to visualize or "grasp" the physics.  However, if one wishes, one can build all of physics from a single fundamental unite.g., energy.  In that case, one readily sees that time is a function of energy and only energy.  Hence it is perfectly proper to regard time as energy, and to seek out what form the function takes in our normal system of units (say, the MKS system).

Figure 7.  In the 1960s, Lisitsyn revealed Russian scientists had deciphered
the human brain code.