that the Russian KGB energetics10 weapons scientists—particularly those in psychoenergetics11have known and used methods of transducing one wave polarization into another, for at least two decades.  It follows that those same scientists have very probably developed mind engineering and mind control via novel time-polarized EM wave means and a dramatically extended electrodynamics of the time-like mind operations.
    In the present paper we briefly develop the wave transductions and the basis for mind engineering, including the specialized use of ordinary transverse wave (TW) EM spectra to force internal EM wave transductions and time-domain operations inside irradiated bodies, cells, and tissues.  Through the mind-body coupling mechanism, these transductions of transverse EM waves can operate upon the mind and its deepest operations as well as upon the body, every cell, and every part of every cell.

Russian Mind Control Uses
Higher EM Wave Polarizations

    It is apparent that the KGB psychoenergetics weapons scientists know and use the full extended EM wave polarization range.  As a postulation, one would expect our own weapons scientists to know and utilize the orthodox transverse wave (TW) EM for similar research and experimentation.  However, in the West scientists are just beginning to realize the importance of a very general (and weaker) type of longitudinal EM wave (LW) polarization, as evidenced by the appearance of dozens of papers on "undistorted progressive waves" (UPWs, which are essentially imperfect LW s with TW residues remaining).  The Los Alamos National Laboratory web site has a number of such papers—particularly by Rodrigues12 and Lu—available for free downloading.  UPWs

have very interesting characteristics.  If they were perfect longitudinal EM waves, they would have infinite energy and infinite speed. Since only imperfect UPWs can be physically made, their speed can vary from slower than the speed of light to faster than the speed of light.  Their energy can also vary over a great range. 
    Another characteristic of UPWs that are reasonably good longitudinal EM waves, is that they pass readily through a large depth of water and mass, including through the ocean and the earth with only small interactions and losses.  Yet by interfering two such beams of "high quality" UPWs at a great distance, then in the interference zone ordinary EM energy will rise directly out of local spacetime potential, as essentially shown by Whittaker13 nearly a century ago.  Russian weapon research facilities have weaponized these effects14 for nearly 50 years, under rigid KGB control and operation.  Nonetheless, even if using only ordinary TW waves, Western mind control researchers may get some fairly good results, brute-force-like, by using gross correlates between just the input irradiating TWs and the exhibited behavioral responses of the individual.  The net input-output correlations can be determined, even though not taking into account the actual wave polarization transduction mechanisms ongoing inside the irradiated dielectric (or brain, or mind, etc.).  However, Western researchers appear to have no knowledge of the exact mechanisms by means of which coherent time-like mind operations of a biological organism couple to the organism's 3-spatial body to provide the mental control loop.  They also appear unaware of how the coherent 3-spatial behavior responses of the body couple back to the time-like mind to provide it with a sensory feedback of the body's responses.


Figure 4.  A spacetime curvature engine has myriads of small ST curvature
components which act upon mass at all levels.