Further, a photon is comprised of angular momentum, therefore of (energy)x(time).  It transports both energy and time, not just energy alone.  When absorbed by a mass, not only does it "energy-excitation" charge the mass, but also it "time-excitation" charges it, converting the former "mass" to "mass time".  Rigorously it is masstime that emits a photon, not mass.  So a mass moves through time in little spurts, by the continual macroscopic addition and subtraction of little Dt components.  Further, in being driven through time, mass is continually altered to masstime (a quite different critter from mass), to mass, to masstime, to mass, etc.  
    In any masstime state, a myriad of tiny virtual photon interactions made of very tiny (DE)(Dt)'s interact with that same mass during that particular larger Dt of the masstime state (m+Dm)(Dt).  Hence mass in its alternate masstime state has that state internally structured by its surrounding environment's interactions with it.  The masstime state is internally structured energetically in its (DE) component, and also internally structured temporally in its (Dt) component.  
    A standard charged fundamental particle such as an electron, e.g., is not necessarily identical with another, when the internal structuring of its masstime state is considered.  Further, by two papers by Whittaker,5 interferometry of masstime states with either energy reactions or temporal reactions can yield observable effects and changes due to these neglected "hidden variables" in the electron's masstime alternative states.  To engineer the mind and its operations directly, one must perform electrodynamic engineering in the time domain, not in the 3-space EM energy density domain.  The direct engineering of time-like mind and mind operationsin all levels and all aspectsrequires the use of time-polarized photons

and time-polarized EM waves.  This is the rarest form of electrodynamics, almost untouched by Western physicists.  
    One can either painfully produce such time-polarized photons and EM waves and directly irradiate a target mass with specific assemblies of them, or one can force the mass itself to iteratively transduce ordinary transverse EM waves first into longitudinally-polarized EM waves and then into time-polarized EM waves.  Both will be discussed briefly.  
    In the West, it appears that the present author's discovery of mechanisms for producing time-polarized (scalar) EM waves [see Figure 2] and for transducing between wave polarizations has no precedent. [See Figure 3].  While scalar (time-polarized) photons are known in the literature,1 the creation and use of time-polarized EM waves does not seem to appear in the Western physics literature.6  
    Wave transduction or polarization transductions are terms used by the author for the process of transforming an EM wave's particular polarization into another polarization type.  Such transduction to other than transverse polarization forms is little known in the West.  It appears essentially haphazardly in some experiments, usually without any recognition by the experimenters themselves.  Significant transduction in experiments will also produce "strange" and unexplained anomalies in the instruments being used for experimental measurements.7  
    So most probably Western mind control researchers have not recognized the methodology and mechanisms8 for transducing one type of EM wave polarization directly into another.9  They continue to seek the "mind" in 3-space and hence in the brain, rather than in the time domain.  On the other hand, it appears

Figure 3.  Interference processes for transducing higher EM wave polarizations
into lower polarization states.