Introduction and Background 

    In quantum field theory, there are four polarizations of photons.1  Using 4-space and the z-direction as the direction of propagation, we have x- and y- polarizations where the 3-spatial energy of the photon is oscillating laterally, in the x- or y- direction.  These are transverse polarized photons, as is any combination of the two.  The third polarization is along the z-direction, which is a longitudinal polarization.  In other words, the 3-spatial energy of the longitudinal photon cannot oscillate in the x- or y- direction, and so it is oscillating to-and-fro along the line of motion, z-.  The fourth polarization occurs when the energy is frozen in all three spatial dimensions x-, y-, and z- and it cannot oscillate in any of those directions.   In that case, the photon oscillates its energy in the t- direction, providing the t-polarized photon.  We will later discuss how time is actually highly condensed energy. 
    In Minkowski 4-space, body operations are space-like, and are so treated in conventional materialistic physics.  Mind and mind-operations are time-like, not space-like, even though they are totally electromagnetic in nature.2
    As is well-known, all observation in physics is considered 3-spatial..3  Mass is a 3-spatial concept, and we detect changes to mass (as, e.g., in the shift of electrons in the circuits of electrical instruments).  So one may model the common physical observation mechanism as a time-differentiating process which a priori discards time-change and retains 3-spatial energy change.4  That is, Minkowski reality is modeled in the fundamental units of L3t. Physical observation (via the transverse photon interaction) is the process given by applying the operator /∂t to L3t, yielding an L3 output.  Hence mind and mind operations are excluded by the usual physics instruments and observation, which simply exclude the time domain in their outputs and do not "measure" it.

    For this reason, physicists have erroneously considered mind to be "metaphysical" and nonreal.  Indeed, most physicists to one extent or the other are materialists, and consider the "mind" to be nothing but the operations ongoing in a "meat computer."  Nonetheless, in the time-domain the time is absolutely real, and it is completely electrodynamic in nature.  There is no metaphysics involved, and the temporal domainalong with mind and mind operationsis simply an erroneously neglected area of physics.  In present physics, the notion of mind is comfortably disposed of by imposing the use of the "observer" concept, with out ever specifying that the observer has a consciousness and a mind.  Indeed, "observation" is only about what that "observer" perceives.  Obviously, one has a dramatically crippled physics if one eliminates that nonobservable called "time."  Similarly, one also has a dramatically crippled physics when one eliminates the mechanisms and physics ongoing in those time-like and dynamic "things" such as mind, that occupy time and function in it.  
    From this viewpoint, Western physics adheres to its 3-spatial measurement foundation only by ignoring the transduction of time-polarized EM changes into detectable longitudinal and transverse EM wave changes.  In this aspect, present Western physics is severely self-crippled.  
    Time is totally electromagnetic and energetic in nature.  The flow of time is not a separate external river on which a mass floats along like a boat drifting down the current of a great flowing river.  Instead, the flow of time is generated directly on every mass by its total set of photon interactions, both virtual and ob servable.  We have previously presented the exact mechanism for the flow of time. [Figure 1]

Figure 2.  Transduction of EM wave type by successive phase conjugate pairing.