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Subj:     Cancer, promotion, longitudinal waves, Prioré effect 
Date:     98-06-09 14:04:59 EDT

>From correspondent (well-known scientist w/500 papers in the literature)


My pleasure!! I will relay this information to the website and main discussion group, which includes Dr. S. J. Abas at Bangor, a colleague of Ron Pethig, who worked with Frohlich and St Georgyi in the States. I will carefully study and comment on your work and keep referring it to the website and others interested. No doubt postmaster at will get you to Pethig direct.

As far as I can recall, the Frohlich Giant Oscillations were the subject of many discussions in Europe, including one Dielectrics Society Meeting I attended at Bangor in 1985. There is a considerable literature on the subject and can be looked up in Abstracts under the names of Frohlich, Pethig and so forth. It also came up in an early eighties Dielectrics Society Meeting in the CNRS Center on the French Italian frontier in the Alps.

I agree wholeheartedly that as soon as we depart from linear electrodynamics a new subject emerges. The B(3) is only one example of many. The B(3) is of course based on phase conjugation, for which Zeldovich recently received the Born Medal of the Optical Society of America. Zeldovich and I discussed B(3) about 1993 or 1994 as I recall.  He was then still in Russia. He is now in Central Florida University.


DATE:     21/08/97 13:50 
Re:       Re: Frohlich Giant Oscillations 
Sender: T.E. Bearden

Dear (correspondent),

Thank you immensely for the information on the Frohlich giant oscillations, and that they are longitudinal oscillations and have been actually detected in living cells.  What a tremendous boost to my personal morale!   For some time I've been utilizing (conceptually and theoretically) the use in the human body's recuperative system (as opposed to the immune system) of a specialized master cellular control system (MCCS), which uses the infolded (structural internal components) of the scalar potential, as an "inner EM hidden variable" dynamics.  I took those internal variables as a synthesis of Stoney, Whittaker, Ziolkowski's work showing that any scalar potential is comprised of (and identically is) a set of internal wavepairs and their products.  Whittaker showed that these internal component waves of the scalar potential were longitudinal, not transverse.

This notion I used is of course directly related to the fundamental work of Becker in this country and Popp in Germany, just one step deeper in that they did not consider the infolded EM.  It is also obviously a specialized EM approach to something like Bohm's hidden variable theory.

The difference, of course, is that using the internal electrodynamics, the MCCS is not using our present "signal" theory at all!  A "signal" is the crudest, most elementary kind of vacuum engine, where a local curvature or "wrinkle" in spacetime is sent to interact with an object.  However, this "wrinkle" just "bobbles" or translates the intercepting particle.  The wrinkle has no deterministic internal structure of further wrinkles/curvatures, hence it does not contain what the Russian weapons scientists euphemistically refer to as the "information content" of the field.

That means that, given a deterministic pattern-in-time receipt of such "gross translation only" vacuum engines, the time pattern of forces received gives the "intelligence" or "information", but the information itself is only an analog of what is actually needed to be done there in the receiver (cell, etc).  It is still up to the receiver to (1) process, decide, and act upon the "time domain" information, and (2) furnish its own energy and motive power system to physically get the action done.  With the bombardment of the cell or receiver by many, many such "surface signals", the information can become confusing or lost, to say the least.  That is the sort of "model" that our present biophysicists tend to utilize and limit themselves to.

On the other hand, if one sends an internal structuring (additional nested wrinkles of ST, deterministically created) of the overall "signal" (overall wrinkle of ST), then one has sent a quite different thing!  One has now sent an engine which, when received, acts directly upon the receiving mass and all its internal components, no matter how small.  The receiver now (1) does not have to gather and furnish the energy for the forces and changes that occur, because the local patterned asymmetry of the spacetime flux furnishes the energy that interacts at all levels and makes a precision "template" of such actions, and (2) the receiver has no choice at all in the matter, but is molded, shaped, altered and changed like biscuit dough in the hands of the sculptor.  So its biochemistry, genetics, and everything else can be altered and changed.

In several thousand experiments, Kaznacheyev showed that such "vacuum engines" can indeed induce essentially any disease or cellular damage pattern, including at a distance.  (The cytopathogenic mirror effect, as he called it).  On the other hand, Prioré found that similar vacuum engines could be used to "pump" the damaged or diseased cell and restore it back to normalcy.

I had noticed that, IF the inner EM did always act in nonlinear optics fashion at any frequency, then I could use subharmonic resonance concepts tacked on to optics findings, to reduce such results to the radar x-band frequency range where Prioré worked.  In that fashion, Prioré's infolding of the 17 frequencies by mixing them in a plasma tube (where the plasma added the phase conjugates) was thus the production of a special set of "pump waves" in the internal em domain.

This meant that (1) the cell in the internal domain already possessed its exact "signal wave input" as it is called in nonlinear optics, since by Wheeler's principle of general relativity it must contain an exactly specific vacuum engine or nested set of ST wrinkles immersed in a general, overall ST wrinkle, matching its exact condition and therefore its exact delta.

Well, that being the case, if one just "pumped" in proper fashion the cell and its parts in the internal em domain, then an amplified phase conjugate replica of the cell's vacuum engine would be produced.   In other words, an exactly matching vacuum antiengine for the specific condition of the pumped cell -- at every level, including its genetics -- would be produced.  By definition, that would reduce the delta (disease) vacuum engine and physical condition, while leaving the normal component inviolate.  It meant that the cell would be dedifferentiated back to an earlier condition -- when it was healthy and not a cancer cell.

I also posited that the promotion portion of cancer induction was in fact a deliberate order (vacuum engine) from the MCCS in desperation, trying to allow the serviced cell or cells to survive in the presence of sustained hypoxia conditions.  As an example, take a smoker.  In the red blood cell, it cannot actually take on sufficient oxygen without outside intervention. In the blood, some 60 to 80 water molecules surround the red blood cell, and their hydrogen bonding actions mediate the chemistry of the hemoglobin so that the cell can take on more oxygen than it otherwise could accept.  Now if something interferes severely with that augmentation by the hydrogen bonding, then that hemoglobin's oxygen carriage will be dramatically reduced.

And that is exactly what happens.  When any contaminant (such as tars and etc. from a draw off a cigarette!) enters that region of the hydrogen bonding augmentation, the action is interrupted.  Now the hemoglobin cannot take on its normal oxygen.  So a rather prompt case of hypoxia starts to develop in the  body's cells because the hemoglobin can no longer service them adequately.  With alarm, the MCCS goes into action instantly, lowering the metabolism, relaxing the body, and other actions in order to try to adjust to the lowered level of oxygen provision (the hypoxia).  That's what actually causes the great relaxation the smoker experiences when he or she inhales!

Even so, in the continuation of smoking, the remedy is inadequate.  Deeper things are tried, and finally -- when everything else is exhausted - the MCCS decides to turn back the clock on cellular development, all the way to the primeval ancestry when cells were anaerobic.  So it sends a vacuum engine to the most affected cells, directly setting them back along the path toward their ancestral anaerobic past condition.  The first step backwards, of course, simply breaks up "group control" by the MCCS itself, or in other words, removes the growth limitation controls.  The altered cell thus grows independently, and in effect has become a separate, parasitic system which nonetheless continues to be recognized by the MCCS as "its" cells, and thus supported with nutrients etc.

Now pumping the diseased cell in its internal EM domain will produce an amplified vacuum antiengine, which reverses the promotion order, and moves the cell (genetics and all) back to a normal cell again, with its growth process again under central control.  In other words, one scrubs out the accumulated progress of the MCCS that crossed the threshold and allowed an order to the damaged cell to promote it directly into a cancer cell.  Where too many cells have grown, the process also destroys those cells, because they represent a gross delta, and have a gross vacuum antiengine working on them accordingly.

Note that, although the above is crude, I believe it sheds significant light on the still mysterious process of promotion of cancer.  I believe that much of the promotion process is due to the eventual primeval reaction to continued cellular hypoxia.  Note also that all sorts of environmental factors that enter the blood and the body, will directly affect the H-bonding augmentation of the hemoglobin detrimentally, leading to this very kind of hypoxia.

At any rate, you have now furnished me with rich evidence that (1) such or similar longitudinal oscillations (waves) are indeed there, and (2) they have actually been experimentally detected in living cells.

Some years ago, struggling to break the mechanism for the astounding Prioré cures of terminal tumors, trypanisomias, suppressed immune systems, and atherosclerosis in laboratory animals, I postulated that this internal longitudinal wave and wavepair electrodynamics was the key to how the body restored cellular damage, controlled cellular growth, and controlled the dedifferentiation and differentiation of cells in the healing and restoring process.  But to make the system work in the manner that Prioré did, I was forced to postulate a strange thing at the time: That the internal electrodynamics (inside the scalar potential) utilized nonlinear phase conjugate optics functioning regardless of frequency.  I simply posited that, well, things in the internal domain were so thoroughly nonlinear that this assumption would have to hold.

Now, Voila!  I find that at least the gist of this all makes some real hard experimental sense!  I consider this to be the single most important information that has come to me in three years!

Thank you so very, very much for including me on your address list for receipt of such material.  You have shown me that there already exists highly significant experimental and published proof that at least the gist of the hypothesis necessary for the Prioré approach to amplifying the "time-reversal" process for cellular reversal (dedifferentiation back to a previous state, genetics and all) has a very solid basis.  To me, this means vindication of the Prioré approach (which no one understood at the time) as a revolutionary new dynamics to be developed for medical therapy. Obviously, if one can time-reverse the altered/damaged/infected cells in the body, genetics and all, back to a previous healthy state, then cancer and AIDS (as examples) can be completely overcome, as can other infectious diseases.  And the coming pandemics (because of the increasing resistance of infectious agents and increasing immunity to antibiotics) can be avoided.  I need not point out the importance of such an available "instant EM mechanism" in case of terrorist attack of our population(s) by severe biological warfare agents -- a thing which now is not a question of "if," but only a question of "when."  If we can move the medical science community on this, then the severity of the coming terrorist assaults (some have already been successfully and luckily intercepted) can be remarkably reduced.

I believe we have a new medical paradigm emerging, based on pioneering work by Prioré, Becker, Popp, and Frohlich and the other scientists you named, that can be put together.  The benefits for humankind, of course, will be enormous.  After years of struggle with this problem, I simply cannot adequately express how deeply I feel about this subject, and the importance of the information you have just relayed.

Thanks again,