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Federico Pena

Subj:     Copy of letter to Secretary of Energy Peña

FROM:     Tom Bearden
DATE:     17/11/97 22:05

Re:       Significant extension of Nonlinear Optics by longitudinal EM wave

Dear Mr. Secretary,

Enclosed is a slightly revised copy of a message sent previously but not
connecting, pointing out a potentially significant extension of nonlinear
optical pumping when longitudinal EM waves are employed as opposed to
conventional transverse EM waves.

Presently it would seem that this is the mechanism utilized by Antoine
Prioré and his team of eminent scientists in the 1960s and 1970s, to
physically "time-reverse" matter (specifically, living cells in vivo) back
to a previous healthy state.  The results of that effort are well-documented
in the respectable scientific literature in France.  Scientists of the
caliber of Robert Courrier, Secretaire Perpetuel of the French Academy of
Science at the time and also Head of its Biology Section, personally
presented the results to the French Academy.  No one till the present time
has been able to explain the mechanism actually invoked by Prioré.  Ordinary
EM theory, even advanced, does not explain it at all (dramatic cures of
terminal tumors in laboratory animals, serious infections such as the
trypanosomes, suppressed immune systems, and advanced atherosclerosis).

It seems that Prioré may have been unwittingly employing a highly extended
and still today unknown form of nonlinear phase conjugate optics.  Briefly,
by certain mixing procedures, he obtained bidirectional longitudinal EM
waves as his pumped waves, as can be established by two references by
Whittaker, one in 1903 and the other in 1904.  Prioré pumped along the time
axis as opposed to the conventional spatial energy wave pumping of orthodox
nonlinear optics.

The significance is this (presently hypothesized)!  When a nonlinear
material/mass is pumped by transverse waves, an amplified phase conjugate
WAVE is produced that backtracks the previous (even tortuous) signal wave.
When any material/mass is pumped by longitudinal EM waves, the entire local
set of internested spacetime curvatures-that by GR fits to the embedded mass
like a glove on a hand-is phase conjugated.  Call the internested ST
curvatures a "vacuum engine."  Then the longitudinal EM wave pumping
produces a highly amplified vacuum antiengine that precisely reverses the
mass and every part of it back to a previous state in time.

Pump with transverse wave energy, and one gets a time-reversed, amplified
wave that backtracks through space (along the path previously taken by the
input signal wave).  That is standard NLO.

Pump with longitudinal EM wave energy, and the pumped mass itself gets
time-reversed.  In other words, the entire mass backtracks through the time
domain back to a previous state of that mass.  It may not move spatially at
all, at least macroscopically.

[Note added 6/9/98]  Think of it this way:  Organized EM energy in
transverse wave form can be time-reversed. Energy in sonic form can also be
time-reversed.  It follows that energy in any other form must also be
capable of being time-reversed, including the energy that is mass.  What we
have discovered is a way to time-reverse mass-energy down to the finest
structural detail, simply by pumping the mass by longitudinal EM waves.  In
the Prioré work and Becker's work, there is experimental evidence that this
in fact occurs.  TEB

Prioré was able to rigorously reverse diseased cells (such as terminal
tumors) back to normal cells, etc.

The application of this technique to the treatment of AIDS can immediately
be seen, assuming the postulated mechanism holds up under scientific
investigation.  An AIDS patient could be completely freed from HIV
infection, once that patient tested positive for HIV infection.  Simply put,
those cells and all their genetics would just be time-reversed materially
back to their earlier, HIV-free, healthy state.  Other diseases could be
treated and cured accordingly.

It is strongly suggested that this new postulation, based on the actual
demonstrations of cellular dedifferentiation and redifferentiation by
similar longitudinal wave pumping (Becker's pulsed DC potentials work) and
Prioré's epochal results, should be seriously investigated by the scientific
community.  Conceivably a totally new and far more extensive medical therapy
could potentially result.


T.E. Bearden

Possible Significant Extension to Nonlinear Optical Phase Conjugation

(c) 1997 T.E. Bearden

An awesome thing has emerged from our intense work on the Prioré mechanism,
once it was broken into its two major submechanisms.  Summarizing broadly,
some potential (hypothesized) impact on the present EM models, etc. are:

     (1) transverse EM waves involve signal propagation at the speed of
light, largely single-pass "energy collection" interaction with intercepting
mass, and therefore the standard work-energy theorem applies.  The
transverse waves may be considered as oscillations of energy
collected/bunched in 3-space.  In much of the theory for power systems,
relativistic effects are largely ignored.  Further, there is no
consideration at all of the internal longitudinal biwave (graviton)
structuring and dynamics infolded inside the potentials and fields, as shown
by Whittaker in 1903 and 1904.

     (2) The photon (basic quantum of EM field, so to speak, although that
may be a somewhat inaccurate statement) is comprised of both energy and
time, with canonical coupling.  The photon is not a just little piece of
energy; instead, it is a little piece of angular momentum (or action).
Waves are considered to be comprised of photons, in the particle view.  So
EM waves carry and transport not only energy components, but time components
as well-something largely missing from conventional physics.  Photon
interactions-including virtual photon reactions (charge) also are involved
in time and time stream and time dynamics interactions, because all the
photons carry not only energy collections but also time collections.

     (3) Since energy and time are EM-canonical, then the so-called photon
interaction creates not only energy changes, but also time changes as well.
We have worked that out a little deeper, but it's too involved to go into
here and it's also immature as yet.  In other words, anytime one has EM
spatial energy changes, one also has canonical time-stream changes also
involved.  When one has spatial EM energy structuring, one has
time-structuring.  When one has EM energy translation through space, one has
EM canonical time translation.  And so on.

     (4) Transverse EM waves are postulated as made up of coupling and
uncoupling spin-2 photon/antiphoton pairs, by adopting a rigorous
interpretation of the distortion correction theorem and applying it to
photons and antiphotons as well as to waves, and by applying Whittaker's
1903 and 1904 findings.  The photons and antiphotons are transverse, in
normal NLO theory.

     (5) The longitudinal EM waves seem to be made up of coupling and
uncoupling  longitudinal photon/antiphoton pairs.  Since its "energy
amplitude" is seemingly infinite because it can have infinite velocity, the
longitudinal EM wave is describable in 3-space as an interaction or
intersection, largely determined by time interactions.  In other words, the
longitudinal wave is also an oscillation of the time stream about some
standard reference velocity.  Other than its 3-spatial intersection, to the
3-space observer the longitudinal EM wave must appear time-like.
     Longitudinal EM waves seemingly are "infolded" waves inside scalar
potentials, including the vacuum's own ambient scalar potential.
Considering the normal EM fields and waves as simply two such scalar
potentials in the Whittaker 1903 sense, all EM transverse fields and waves
are comprised of these infolded longitudinal waves which use potentials,
fields, and waves as their normal "propagation" medium.  Thus they can
easily propagate right through a dielectric or a concrete wall, by
propagating through the internal conglomerate potential thereof.  They can
propagate through the H-bonding potential in the ocean, or the Earth
conglomerate potential in the ground.

    As Gorshkov stated, "We have made the oceans of the world transparent."

    Using longitudinal infolded EM waves, that should result.  These
infolded longitudinal EM waves are also electrogravitational waves, as well
as oscillations in the local rate of flow of time.  The "frequency" of one
of these infolded longitudinal EM waves represents a sort of
velocity-modulation about its particular average velocity through its
potential medium (with respect to the normal external observer) or a sort of
phase modulation.

     (6) Nonlinear optics seems to be dramatically changed and extended by a
shift from use of transverse (spatial energy oscillating) EM waves to
longitudinal (time-stream rate oscillating) EM waves.  Now one is not
working in signal matters at all.  Instead, one has involved full general
relativity and perhaps then some.  One is working with vacuum engines, or
spacetime engines-internested curvature and dynamics of the local spacetime
potential itself.  The spacetime/vacuum itself is structured, altered, and
engineered by these waves.  (in our view, potential = spacetime = vacuum
anyway, and it is emptiness that is an unacceptable logical notion.)   This
leads to "internesting" dynamics inside any base spacetime used as a
departure for the curvature geometry.  In other words, "topologies within

     (7) When pumped by infolded longitudinal EM waves, all matter is
nonlinear in the nonlinear optical sense.  However, it is completely
nonlinear in this case (i.e., any spatial mass with structure and energy
dynamics  is obviously totally nonlinear to the time-domain!).  With
longitudinal waves as pump waves, nonlinear optical-type  functioning seems
to apply  at all frequencies, even ELF.  Further, any spatial mass-as we
know from GR theory-down to its most precise internal structure and
dynamics-has a precisely corresponding structuring and dynamics of the local
vacuum/spacetime in which the mass is embedded.  That is, it carries its own
"precise vacuum engine" with it always.

     (8) For optical type pumping in the infolded longitudinal EM domain, it
seems (hypothesized) that a mass's own vacuum engine corresponds to its
"input signal" (terminology of ordinary phase conjugate optics, but now in
the GR nested ST curvature sense).  When the mass is pumped with
longitudinal EM biwaves inside the infolded EM domain (i.e., purely in the
time domain), it is pumped along the time axis, not the spatial energy axes.
It is pumped in its vacuum engine domain, and the object already carries its
own vacuum engine as its "input" signal wave by analogy.  So the mass as a
pumped phase conjugate mirror (PPCM) now produces an amplified vacuum
antiengine (phase conjugate replica of its own vacuum engine).  In other
words, it now restructures  and alters its own local spacetime, based on
time-reversal of its own exact present vacuum engine (local spacetime
structuring) initially present in the mass as its "input signal".  The mass
and every piece of it-at least in living cells-will therefore be directly
changed  by the interaction of this new and powerful vacuum antiengine,
which simply (applying the distortion correction theorem and stretching
things a bit) reverses the mass itself and all its parts back along its
previous trajectory through the external observer's time flow.  In short,
the mass is time-reversed back to a previous state that it was.

     (9)  The background time-considered-as-a-kind-of-space may be
considered to be digital, but many digital dynamics are ongoing at once, in
both the virtual state and the observable state.  A mass immersed in
interaction with this is actually in continual interaction with the entire
variety of transverse and longitudinal photons and antiphotons, including
both the energy-portion of those photons and the time-portion of them.  So
it has many time streams and many "dynamic structurings" along the time
axis, as well as along the spatial energy axes.  The end result is that
every mass has a "memory" in this time-space, of where it has been.  When
the mass is pumped along the time axis, the extended distortion correction
theorem now causes the formation of a vacuum anti-engine (spacetime
antiengine) that causes the entire mass and all its parts to "move back
along its past time-track toward a previous state".  It need not spatially
translate at all.

     (10) But even more exciting vistas await.  One is free to "tailor" the
exact "time-reversing" situation by simply introducing a set of longitudinal
biwaves (Whittaker) and their products (Ziolkowski) into the time-like
longitudinal EM wave pumping in the internal domain.  In that case, one can
alter and even "steer" the time-reversing interaction being applied to the
mass and/or to its parts.



[Note added 11/29/00:  We now know precisely why pumping (squeezing) a mass
with longitudinal EM waves also constitutes pumping the mass in the time
domain.  See my paper, "Giant Negentropy from the Common Dipole", carried on
There we point out that any charge can be treated as a set of composite
dipoles, each dipole having a scalar potential between its ends.
Decomposition of each of those scalar potentials by Whittaker's 1903 method
shows the scalar potential is a harmonic set of phase conjugate longitudinal
EM wavepairs-in U(1) electrodynamics.  So in each wavepair, a time-like
longitudinal EM wave is coming in from the time domain (complex plane) to
the charge, being transduced into 3-space EM longitudinal EM wave energy,
and re-radiated as the real 3-space EM longitudinal wave.  When we input
longitudinal EM waves appositively (in pumping fashion), the energy flow is
reversed; hence 3-space longitudinal wave EM energy flows into the charge,
where it is transduced into time-like EM longitudinal EM wave energy, and
this time-like longitudinal EM wave energy is re-radiated in the time domain
(complex plane).  But the charge is just that set of potentials, and so now
the charge's naturally incoming time-like EM longitudinal EM waves and the
externally-induced outgoing time-like EM longitudinal EM waves constitutes
pumping (squeezing) the charge in the time domain.  The net result is that
pumping the charged mass with LW EM wave energy actually causes it to be
pumped in the time domain.   The intersection of the time-domain with the
charge is a 3-spatial intersection, with every differential element of the
charge.  Hence the charged mass is pumped throughout in time-like manner.
This causes the mass-energy itself to be time-reversed, and the mass-energy
acquires a backwards-going trajectory in the time domain (complex plane).
Hence the charged mass itself is time-reversed.  Now extend this to the
entire mass (such as a living body), and pumping that body with longitudinal
EM waves induces pumping it in the time domain.  That time-reverses each and
every cell of the body and every part of every cell, or in biological terms
it induces a sort of de-differentiation of the entire body back along its
time track previously taken.   Reversal of cellular damage-including healing
and rejuvenation of the body-is the direct result.  This then is a very
important and dramatic extension of the present nonlinear phase conjugate
optics concepts.  Becker's work rather clearly shows that the body's own
cellular regenerative system uses this novel mechanism to accomplish healing
within its capability.]


     (11) From that approach there then falls out the ability to directly go
in and engineer the atomic nucleus at will, by use of "tailoring" internal
domain vacuum engines and "pumping" with internal domain longitudinal
biwaves.  Eventually the process ought to transform mass in anyway one
wishes, including with the atomic nucleus and nuclear reactions in general.
Perhaps it may be quite possible to even clean up the atomic wastes and
change the excess plutonium into something harmless.  Of course that is in
the future, and requires extensive phenomenology investigation and
technology development.

     (12) But we believe that all this gives a good background for the
Prioré mechanisms and also for the anomalous nuclide changes now found by
some hundreds of "cold fusion" researchers, as well as the production of
anomalous heat.  We suspect that eventually the electronuclear interaction
will be found to be the general mechanism that produces the cold fusion
results, and the anomalous energy excess will be an application of the
extended work energy theorem we have previously advanced.  Certainly we feel
very strongly that the Patterson device already proves the extended work
energy theorem.  Definitely the Patterson device or versions of it produces
not only excess energy but also changes in the nuclides.

We also point out that any charge has its own self-potential, and that
potential can also be internally structured with specialized longitudinal
waves, using an approach akin to applying Whittaker 1903 and 1904 in
reverse, and Ziolkowski circa 1985.  This means that a given charge can be
"activated" (its self-potential's internal biwave structure can be altered,
so that the charge now carries and produces a "vacuum engine" in its own
self-potential.  It would seem that the results of homeopathy can be
explained by this process.  "Potentizing" a solution of water by vigorous
shaking of the water with a physical compound dissolved in it, is
distributing the compound uniformly throughout the fluid, and also
distributing the vacuum engine accompanying that compound, throughout the
H-bonding potential of the fluid.

 Potentials superpose, and in so doing they intermix their own internal
Stoney-Whittaker-Ziolkowski structuring (their infolded vacuum engines).
Thus "potentizing" actually introduces the vacuum engine "template" for that
compound into the H-bonding potential of the water.  This indeed conditions
the H-potential with an internal engine, that is the same as the engine for
that compound.  When the mass of the solute is almost completely removed by
extreme dilution, the vacuum engine remains, or at least some of it remains,
in the remaining solution, as internal vacuum engine structuring of the
H-bonding potential.  Of course, such "activation" is gradually "bled off"
by continuing diffusion of other, randomized vacuum engines into the
structure of the H-potential.  But the chemical functioning of a potential
with a given vacuum engine, may be quite different from the chemical
functioning of the same potential with a more randomized structure.

There appear to be significant scientific implications of the postulated
(with some experimental data being consistent) longitudinal EM wave pumping
extension to nonlinear optics.  The extension into unlimited frequency
ranges, with the time-reversal of a mass in situ - including living cells and
tissues - would appear to be of profound importance.

It is strongly suggested that this area be given strong attention and full
scientific investigation.

T. E. Bearden