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Subject: RE: IBM's secret, Brush's Gravitation and his Evidence for Kinetic Theory of Gravitation (1)
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2003 17:47:02 -0600

Thanks for the information, very timely and also useful to me.
Well, if one waits and lives long enough, everything repeats.
Intel  found that stressed semiconductors allowed better flow of positrons than electrons. So did T. H. Moray, before the positron was even discovered.
In the 1920s and 1930s, T. H. Moray of Salt Lake City, Utah made his own semiconductors, pressing them in huge railway presses while they sintered to the final form, locking in the stress. Although he made 20 to 30 semiconductors before he got one to work the way he wished, eventually he had 29 good ones sitting in a 29 stage amplifier.  With a silly little electrical input taken from a simple high wire antenna, the unit put out 50 Kilowatts of normal, useful electrical power, powered lights, ran motors, etc. It was demonstrated many dozens of times to technical persons, engineers, visiting scientists, etc.  We include a brief synopsis of part of  the story (and photos) in my book. 
The sad thing is that the patent office adamantly refused to give Moray a patent (because he used a "cold cathode" in his tubes rather than hot cathodes, and "everybody knew that the cathode had to be heated" to give electron flow an make the tubes work).  He did get a patent on a "healing machine" using the "radiant energy", and many of the details of his tubes are in that patent. while having some severe pain, I did experience a treatment by a Moray medical unit, and it relieved the pain almost magically and instantly. The fact that he had a working model of his 50 KW energy device and innumerable certified tests sworn to by expert witnesses under oath, was to no avail. (Eventually, the Moray application just "mysteriously disappeared" from the patent office's files.")
So here comes Intel 75 years later, coming back over ground that T. Henry ploughed several decades ago, ground that nobody believed or understood back then with the science of the time. And ground which our physics is still missing one thing -- the primary ingredient -- necessary to understanding it completely.
Sadly, not too long ago, Moray's son John finally lost the lab in Salt Lake City where T. Henry did his work. And one more "energy from the vacuum" system bit the dust, sad to say. Moray should have been recognized as one of the great pioneers of science, 75 years ahead of his time. Instead, he was ruthlessly suppressed, shot at (he had to ride in a special bullet-proof car, as assassins would sometimes fire at him from the side of the street or from an alley), and he was shot and wounded (but survived) in his own lab by a "double agent" working for both the Russians and the FBI simultaneously. This double agent also destroyed the Moray unit suddenly, after working with Moray for some time and gaining access to exact construction details, etc.
The Moray saga has other parts to it and gets very much stranger, but that will suffice to make the point. Energy from the vacuum has been around for a long time, and at least 80 or so inventors have done it over the decades, but it has been very vigorously suppressed by what Churchill called the "High Cabal", part of whose funds come from the lucrative energy business worldwide. Having survived several assassination attempts, I certainly can sympathize with T. Henry Moray's trials and tribulations.
Anyway, at least Intel is on the correct path, and hopefully they will get there eventually.