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Subject: Research on the MEG and my own work on release of COP>1.0 EM system information
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 17:08:24 -0600

Dear Mr. H***:

Your letter is very much appreciated.  Seems you have been through the mill also on suppression of inventions etc.

I am only one of the five inventors of the MEG, and not the principal inventor.  My contributions consisted mostly of technical advice, etc.  The other fellows did all the hard bench work.

Our own approach is to just get out the necessary information on developing overunity systems anyway, hence the website and the new book.  By working with the AIAS, we have also managed to get some very good scientific papers on energy from the vacuum, published in leading journals such as Foundations of Physics Letters and Physica Scripta.

So we have laid what we hope is a solid scientific groundwork for COP>1.0 EM systems.

For the last several months, I've also been working on the thermodynamics of such systems, and have just about completed it.  The thermodynamics is now rigorous, and what we needed proven is already experimentally proven and in the literature, by some very good scientists working at the very forefront of modern thermodynamics.  We are slowly working up a paper on those results now, as well as a very long technical briefing, which we will eventually place on the website.

A close colleague and I will also be preparing a very slim book on inverted circuits --- circuits which work just backwards from the way the textbooks teach.  In other words, to produce more energy dissipation in the loads, so that more useful work is done, for a given voltage one cuts down the current dramatically, against everything in the book.  Instead of increasing the current, one overpotentializes the current, so that the same current carries much more energy, dissipating it in the system's losses and loads, and powering them normally.  My colleague has a working circuit in that respect now, though still a little tricky, but will be improving it in the months ahead.  We plan to release that circuit in the book as well, so that others can build it.

With respect to the MEG, we still expect to attract funding for the necessary research and development to scale it up and finish it.  The rights to the MEG are assigned to Magnetic Energy Ltd., whose CEO is Dr. James Kenny.  So all matters with respect to the MEG are controlled by Dr. Kenny.

Very best wishes,

Tom Bearden