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Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2003 20:48:32 -0600


Obviously we hit Saddam Hussein so fast and so hard that he was unable to carry out much of his planning, including setting all the oil fields on fire. Actually he planted explosives on some of them, etc. but was not able to do the wholesale things he wished to.

What he did with his weapons of mass destruction remains a mystery. Even in the Gulf War I, e.g., we never got but just a very few of the calutrons (advanced centrifuges) that the Germans had sold him. The ones we did get, had weapons grade uranium in them.

And since 1991, he had a dozen years of so to keep running them. A team of analysts I headed back then—based on the best information of the number of calutrons, etc.—estimated that he had enough weapons grade uranium for from 7 to 12 gun assembly type weapons. Those calutrons still have not been found, and the weapons grade enriched uranium they made for the last dozen years has not been found. Actually there are literally a couple of thousand or more weapons caches in Iraq, and most of them still have not been searched (many have not been exactly located yet). We haven't even found the chemical stockpiles he had when he used chemical weapons on his own people, the Kurds.

So the weapons of mass destruction message is not yet finished. Fortunately, we have got Saddam Hussein, and his two sons are dead. Now what has to be done is get that second guy, who was and still is the tactician.

There are of course hostile assets that have infiltrated our own country. So far, most of these have been tightly held, and have not been released. We still don't know who actually made the high grade anthrax used in the "letters probe and tests". That wasn't the real attack, just the probing to see how much paralysis etc. could be done if anthrax through the mail were used. They got their answer—but are still holding off on the main attack.

During the former cold war, the Soviets did insert nuclear weapons in almost all our major cities and population centers. Read Lunev's book; he tells some of the ways they inserted them. They also inserted Spetznaz teams to set those weapons off on command.

The Soviets (i.e., the KGB) planned to get enough nukes in here to destroy us, and then do it. We picked up on the plan, and so the counter had to be "insert nukes into Russia". Frankly, we were not in position to successfully do it; our folks stood out like sore thumbs if they tried. But a friendly nation with nukes could and did.  They inserted nuclear weapons (and teams on site to detonate them) in all the major Russian cities etc. This was called "dead man fuzing", and that is what neutralized the cold war from turning into a sudden hot one which would have produced about 150 million American casualties. In short, another little nation did the "countering and checkmating", not us. And in doing so, they saved all of us in the late 1970s and early 80s.

So there is still a "Mexican standoff" nuclear wise. Al Qaeda some time ago announced to the Arab world that it had successfully obtained and inserted seven nuclear weapons into U.S. cities. I suppose that is probably true. And during the meltdown of the old Soviet economy, you could buy just about anything from the Soviet military, if you had guts and money. One fellow even bought a Russian nuclear sub, complete with armament and with an admiral to run it, for use in the dope trade. Fortunately the U.S. policed him up and jailed him before he could take delivery.

The energetics weapons (scalar EM weapons) I write about in Russia are totally controlled by the die-hard old communist faction of the KGB, not by the regular Russian forces. The KGB also has the Russian Mafia working for it, and that makes a very powerful combination. The KGB has two factions: (1) the old diehard communists (most powerful) who control the eerie superweapons and also still wish to do us in, and (2) the younger, more progressive group—from which Putin comes—which wishes to reach accommodation with the U.S. and become our trusted cheap oil supplier. Putin's opening the Russian oil spigots is really what has kept the price of oil (and gasoline at the pump) from roaring out of control.

There is an island in the Aral sea where the old Soviets used to do lots of biological warfare weapons development and testing—such as anthrax etc. The residue was just buried there, and you can just dig up the sand and filter out the best weapons grade anthrax anywhere. The Aral Sea has gone down a bit, so there is now a landbridge there. The island is apparently now secured by troops. However, for a long time it was not—and anyone who wanted weapons grade anthrax could just go dig up and haul off enough sand. Plenty of strange folks did go and dig and haul away sand by the truckloads.

There's lots more, but anyway one looks at it, there has been very uncomfortable insertion of weapons of mass destruction  into the U.S. by various terrorist groups and others, including several candidate nations. Castro has infiltrated thousands of agents across the "border that leaks like a sieve" between Mexico and the U.S. So there are several thousand Castro agents in here, biding their time and waiting for the order to sabotage the infrastructure (power grid, transmission lines, pipe lines, certain port facilities, refineries, critical bridges, etc.).

So the message is, the threat is still here and growing. Anyone who wanted just about anything in here, could have put it in the standard shipping containers since only about 2% were checked, anywhere in the world. Ship it into a U.S. port, and the trucking industry will offload it onto 18-wheelers and deliver it directly on site to the waiting "companies" that are terrorist group fronts. Whoever wanted it in here, could get it in here with only 2% interception probability. Note that the U.S. quietly deployed a sensitive nuclear detection system in all our big cities and population centers, etc.

So the end of this story has only begun; it is not finished.  The Japanese Yakuza  (Japanese Mafia) also leased scalar interferometer weapons from the KGB, on site in Russia, at the end of 1989.  So since then, engineering the weather over our heads is courtesy of the Japanese Yakuza.  The Yakuza also strongly penetrate the Japanese government, and all large Japanese companies. They also have strong contingents here in the U.S., in our oriental communities. They directly cooperate with the old die-hard Communist faction of the KGB, together with the Russian Mafia, and are thirsting to be in at our kill and to participate. In Japan, they have also deployed longitudinal EM wave interferometry weapons with lots of strange antennas on the power lines, and have used them to kill some Japanese politicians who opposed the Yakuza. In Japan, the local Yakuza headquarters in each city or location has an open sign over the door. Everyone knows exactly where the Yakuza headquarters is.

I think you begin to see the point. The kind of war we are now involved in, is called "asymmetrical" warfare. It eliminates peace forever. Instead, there are only two phases of war: (1) the insertion phase, when the weapons of mass destruction are inserted into the targeted nation's cities and population centers, and (2) the operational phase, when the weapons are suddenly unleashed, destroying or critically damaging that targeted nation.

If one loses the insertion phase, one loses the war and gets destroyed, period.

Dead man fuzing for mutual assured destruction works only against a rational foe. If one faces an irrational foe, there is no such thing. Instead, the foe will readily commit suicide, once he is able to guarantee the destruction of the enemy. Hence the importance of a "Holy War" to deeply prepare the psychological state of the irrational foe.

Briefings to President Bush and Vice President Cheney on lots of this, after 9/11, gave them an appalling but totally devastating appreciation of the situation—the one the news media just gloss on by.  About a month after 9/11, VP Cheney made a very morose statement, pointing out his feeling about the terrible nature of "asymmetrical war" and the fact that our castle was already significantly penetrated, with some significant insertion already accomplished. He said,

"The war on terror will not be over in our lifetime.  It is different than the Gulf War was in the sense that it may never end.  At least not in our lifetime.  The way I think of it is , it's a new normalcy,"   —Vice President Dick Cheney, October 21, 2001

Anyway, that is a synopsis of the way I feel today.  I also consider that any nation—such as China, who often prepares for both alternatives at once, both accommodation and conflict—that has nuclear weapons, and has any notion of future conflict with the U.S., will already have been inserting nuclear weapons into our cities, etc.  Nuclear insertion is not necessarily confined to just the KGB or the former Soviet Union.

Best wishes

Tom Bearden