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Subject: Fw: SPOT REPORT:  we hear ominous "booms"
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 19:35:54 -0800

Sounds like the "bad guys" are doing some serious scalar interferometry grid-adjusting in getting ready for some really serious weather engineering. Or for something really substantial.
Note the timing is well-synchronized with the present heightened terrorist alert and the terrorist communications traffic that indicates something big is afoot; i.e., the grid adjustment may be being sync'd with whatever the terrorist activity is, that is being readied against us right now. If so, it would mean that something done with the scalar interferometers is going to be used to "augment" the terrorists' efforts. This precisely fits what might be expected in the plan to gradually increase the stress on the U.S. system from all directions, during the next two years we have entered.
If the bad guys (e.g., the Yakuza who've been engineering our weather now since 1990, shot down TWA-800, etc.) were to really stimulate the caldera out there under Yellowstone National Park, there would be hell to pay.  That would generate an incredibly violent explosion, and it would be responsible for probably millions of deaths, ash covering quite a fraction of the U.S., and incredible damage. Indeed, if really accomplished successfully, it could be as effective as a rather major nuclear strike would be -- and of course would appear to be "natural" because our scientists tell us to expect such a thing anytime now or in the next few thousand years.  What the explosion of the caldera would mean has recently been described pretty well in the literature and even in the more popular press. It is very sobering indeed, and could pose such things as collapse of the United States, etc.
Or they could just hit the big San Andreas Fault, thereby giving Los Angeles and San Francisco "the big one". I well remember that the KGB actually started cranking that one up, once before in 1986, and it got stopped by certain folks in the U.S. taking out one of the distant Soviet transmitters, which when its safety circuits collapsed, flashed over into the earth down the road from Chernobyl. When that disturbance (and the accompanying energy) struck the first Chernobyl reactor, that  in turn caused the nuclear material to "puff" and vent the containment building, thereby generating the nuclear incident at Chernobyl.
So I don't want to be an alarmist, but it would be right in style for the Yakuza to "tickle" some real damage (quakes, the caldera, a volcano into eruption, etc.). Indeed, I've been wondering just when they might step in to "augment" the terrorist war against us.
For about the past 35 minutes we have been hearing deep, loud, booms about every 7-10 minutes.  Not single booms but clusters of the sounds, interspersed with many minutes of silence.  The first one was just before 4 pm but I didn't have my glasses on at the time and didn't note the exact time.  There were two booms loud enough to wake us all up from a little nap.  There is not much chance that it is thunder, although it is heavily overcast.   They sound somewhat like sonic booms.  Window glass rattles slightly.  An initial loud boom is followed by another one within a few moments, and some lesser thuds.  Then all quiet for a while, then it starts again.
Have never heard anything quite like this. 
Greg says it is well known that such sounds do sometimes accompany or precede earthquakes although he doesn't recall having heard anything like this for many years, if ever.
The sound is diffuse, and it's impossible to tell where it's coming from - from the earth or the sky.
Will keep you posted. 
Interesting, interesting.