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Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 17:19:43 -0600


One of the frustrating things about scalar wave research is the shortage of good detectors.  Bedini has one (he invented it), but I am not aware of how it works.  Of course the folks working with them for mass weapons have good detectors, but they are not talking.  Most major weapons labs on earth have discovered longitudinal EM waves, but again are very scarce in any information on technical production, emission, collection, and detection --- their real programs are invariably highly classified. Even the Japanese Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo have longitudinal wave interferometry (scalar interferometry) weapons, and they are the ones largely engineering the weather over our heads, from sites they leased from the Russian KGB in Russia.

And yes, being religious (though not wearing it on my sleeve, but just quietly keeping it), I do believe that nothing is ever lost, and that can even be argued rigorously from a higher group symmetry electrodynamics view. So something such as the old fellows meant by "soul" is, I believe, actually permanent.

Anyway, glad you like the website and the material.  As you know, our major purpose is just to make the information available.  When old dogs like me get older and falter, it's time to pass the baton to the young dogs.  I've been known to say that old dogs can then just lie on the porch and watch the young, vigorous dogs run.  He no longer has to try to keep up with the pack.

Wishing you a nice Christmas and holidays,

Tom Bearden

Dear Tom

Having been an avid visitor to your website for quite a while I must tell you that the information I have gleaned has profoundly changed my outlook of the world. Your progress towards a unified field theory and all the diverse things that go with it are extremely interesting and constantly provide talking points. It is fascinating finding out which of my friends and acquaintances are open minded enough to discuss things. Even my wife who, after reading Phillip Corso's book on the Roswell material, and who has previously been uninterested in such matters, has started talking with others on this subject. Your website is a very important tool and it's potency should not be underestimated. 

A technical question:- Can scalar waves be picked up on an ordinary radio set? As a radio is looking for transverse EM waves, is there a mechanism whereby the scalar waves are be converted on their journey from transmitter to receiver or do they directly affect the tuned circuits in the radio. I am referring to the Soviet OHR or Woodpecker systems. These pulses can readily be received on SSB or AM. In your opinion, is there a way of sending radio signals which will not be picked up by a conventional receiver? I am one of those poor guys who BELIEVED all that stuff they taught us at technical college! 

You have stated that everything which has existed or which has happened in the universe is stored as a pattern in every other part of the universe and that the human mind resides not only in the brain but also interacts with the active vacuum. This leads me to think that the "soul" may exist as a separate entity and therefore always be present and that sometime in the future we, through developments in technology, may be able to access this information. What do you say, Tom? 

Thanks again for changing my World! 


Chris R****, London, England