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Subject: RE: From an associate of Dr. Robert Becker
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 17:12:01 -0600

Thanks Bart!

Deeply appreciated, and it is a privilege to hear from you and know that there is still someone who has firsthand knowledge of the events etc. that happened to Dr. Becker.

Robert Becker was one of my "heroes", as you can see from my writing.  I still believe that, if he had had some specialists in higher group symmetry electrodynamics  working with him, he would have had it all.  There seems to be very little since the work of Becker and colleagues on regeneration in the literature, that would further advance his work on the cellular regenerative system.  One sees the occasional paper, but it seems to be rather more of what he and colleagues had already done earlier.  Far more attention is focused on the immune system, which of course is absolutely essential, but it is not actual "healing".  One wishes that more funds and effort were expended on the regeneration system, where the real "healing" actually occurs.

The heartbreaking thing is that, if one simply takes the really good work done by a few scientists such as Becker, Priore (and others working with them), etc.,  one sees the tantalizing outline of a new and marvelous extended EM medical therapy that could be developed and that is desperately needed by humanity.  What really hurts is that the orthodox medical science community, much of it with its hands in the till of the large pharmaceuticals in one way or another, seems adamantly determined that such extended EM bioscience shall never see the light of day.  The experience of a close colleague and I in 1998 --- three years before 9/11 and well before we start having real professional anthrax and smallpox spray attacks against our cities --- was a case in point.  In trying desperately to call attention of the NIH, Air Force, and DoD to the coming mass casualties in our cities and to the rather total lack of ability to medically handle them, we found that hardly anyone was really interested.  Polite, yes.  Serious, no.  Would read the actual French scientific papers reporting the spectacular Priore results, no.  The U.S. government study showing that a single professional anthrax spray attack on Washington D.C. would yield 1 to 3 million casualties was already available and known. Frankly, hardly anyone seemed to really care very much.  There was a great attitude of "Oh, yes, that is the official threat, but nothing like that is going to happen on our watch!"  At NIH we never got out of the policy (read: spin control) section.  DoD felt "there was no documentation" in spite of the extensive citation of the Priore-related papers in the hard French scientific literature, Becker's work, etc.

Not much has changed since then, in my perception.  In such a case, with a potential BW doomsday coming at us like an onrushing train, it seemed nonproductive to go ahead and try for patents, etc.  So we just hung that provisional patent application out there on the website and gave everything in it to the public domain.  Maybe that way some younger fellows, perhaps getting a rare but necessary funded opportunity, will take that or a similar approach and get it done.  As you know, such a program is far too comprehensive and expensive for any kind of "single person" research to be able to do it, do the animal tests, etc. and it requires a team of carefully chosen specialists in various disciplines as well as substantial funding in the many millions of dollars ($60 to $100, most probably, for the initial development program).

My present opinion (I would be delighted to be wrong!) is that nothing much will happen in developing EM biomedical therapy along such lines as pioneered by Becker, Priore, etc., until we have one or two million (or ten million) Americans dying in the streets from something like anthrax, smallpox, etc.  The average hospital might be able to try to treat, say, 50 anthrax patients, or in a pinch maybe 100 or so.  What on earth will they do when hit with several hundred thousand?  How will we ever get the city itself decontaminated again?  Further, vaccines alone will not and cannot do the job.  The problem is, vaccine against which BW variant?  In the case of smallpox, e.g., the  Russians already long since modified it, so the present vaccine is not very effective at all to some of those strains.  Saddam Hussein's folks admitted in 1998 that they had at least one Russian-modified strain of smallpox, and had been developing it.

One then notes that whoever put the anthrax on the U.S. letters, etc. and introduced them just a little bit into the U.S. postal system, showed very quickly and conclusively that, had this been a determined terrorist attack, just about the entire mail service would be interrupted and disordered, for lengthy periods, and lots of buildings, offices, etc. would be contaminated. That particular type of anthrax seems to have been of extraordinary technical quality, suggesting very strongly that this was a deliberate small "probing" test by real scientific professionals to ascertain levels of disruption easily achievable, while staying deliberately small enough not to focus great attention into the total area of ineffective vaccines, treatments, facilities available, etc.  Someone really knew what he was doing, and gathered very important proof that a more extensive use of anthrax in the mail alone would prove disastrous.

Anyway, in 1998 we bounced completely in our attempt to get the government to launch a Manhattan-style EM biomedical development program.  At this point I just hope we shall have new Becker's and colleagues arise, etc.  The system makes it very, very difficult on such researchers to even survive professionally; you know that much better than I do, having experienced it firsthand.

And yes, I believe that any "boundary" organization such as the membranes are of extreme importance and are key.  Highly nonlinear systems are already known to be extraordinary sensitive to boundary conditions, particularly initial conditions!  A nonlinear system's response can be widely varied, just by adjusting the boundary conditions prior to energizing the system. That includes the ability to "jump" the system into chaotic oscillation and self-destruction, merely by adjusting the initial boundary conditions it has on it when it starts into operation.  Hence your statement about the membranes and their importance is quite correct, in my personal view.  I would very much like to see that kind of research continued, dramatically expanded, and higher group system electrodynamics theory applied.

The major shortfall in present EM bioeffects work is that the vastly more primary "infolded" electromagnetics that is hidden inside --- and comprises --- all "ordinary" EM fields, potentials, and waves has just been ignored for a century, since the two papers by Whittaker were published in 1903 and 1904 respectively. Far better forms of electrodynamics than the conventional U(1) have been developed in particle physics (Yang-Mills theory and variants, higher group symmetry electrodynamics in quaternions, Clifford algebra, O(3) electrodynamics which is particularly interesting and capable, etc.) but these have not been utilized in EM biomedical research at all, it seems.  The Russians, of course, highly weaponized such more advanced electrodynamics  after WW II, and already had it weaponized in the mid-50s. Our own fellows do not seem to even yet have comprehended the Russian use of the "infolded" longitudinal wave EM that structures the "innards" of, and comprises, all the normal "EM envelope" EM potentials, waves, and fields stuff our universities teach.  However, in a few places that is slowly changing, though not yet in our medical science.  But every major weapons lab on Earth now seems to have discovered longitudinal EM waves, and is researching them and developing equipment (mostly for weapons).  Some 10 nations now have such weapons, at least in preliminary stage, with several being in a quite advanced stage.

Anyway, an old dog like me can only do a little bit.  So I've tried to share what little bit I had, and at least point the young grad students and post docs in the direction.  We have also tried to call attention to the great pioneers such as Becker and Priore, so that some day their real contribution can and will be appreciated by a new group of young scientists understanding the importance of the heroic work they did, against great difficulties.

I very much appreciate your E-mail.  I hope that you are continuing your research or have been able to continue at least a little on the line of research you spelled out.  And yes, someday I would love to hear the real story from someone who was really there and saw the events unfold firsthand. Secondhand information, no matter how honestly attempted, is never the same as actual firsthand knowledge.

Hoping that you and your family have a very nice holidays.  My family and I will have a quiet one, just with the family, here at home, but those are the best.  I'm slowly recovering from the year on antibiotics, the treatment against chronic mycoplasma infection of the red blood cells, of the deliberately modified BW kind.

Very best wishes and I salute you,

Tom Bearden

Dear Tom,

Fifteen years or so ago, I met you while you were visitings in Lakemont and was interested in your work.  My wife is Bonnie ***** who has met you several times.  A friend, Eric ****, sent me your web site and the patent pending reference.  Very interesting.  I was a medical student working in Bob Becker's lab in the 1970's and know most of what went on from the politics and research as well as the events that forced Bob into retirement.  If we do get together in the future, you might be interested to hear the real story...although you have many of the basic facts in correct order....but...there always is a but.... I will make a few comments in general from my observations as a physician (orthopaedic surgeon) and a research clinician. 1. Membranes holds the key to life: i.e. nuclear membranes, cellular membranes, organella membranes, mitochondria membranes, ER membranes etc.. 2. Charge separation is maintained by membranes...The degree of charge separation determines the health of the structure... Optimal is between -60 and -70 mv. 3. Quantum reactions occur within membranes: e.g. electron transport 4. The membrane is the defining 3D structure for consciousness to interact. 5. Messenger molecules and EM fields interact primarily with membranes Several years ago I worked on a project that involved utilizing the FTIR EM fingerprint of a molecular compound super imposed on an electrical plating potential of gold onto silver.  The subsequent plated material was placed on a patient with a severe degenerative hip disease (Legg Calve Perthes Disease)  with profound relief of the pain within minutes. As the gold wore off the silver the effectiveness diminished.  The same FTIR EM print could have just as easily been transmitted to the patient with a microcurrent input.  The story goes on and on.....   The point is that the cellular membrane interacted with the FTIR EM finger print to create the effect.  The application of such technology via  microcurrent applied within a moving magnetic field speaks directly to the membrane and re-established the unique charge separation that is critical to the dedifferentiation or time reversal process. It would be a pleasure to get together in the future, although I am sure your life is as complex and demanding as mine.  I want to thank you for the excellent work you have created.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that, as my dear friend and teacher, Avatar Meher Baba noted in the 1920's, that the technology of the next several hundred years will be intimately involved with "waves".

With kind regards,

Bart ***** M.D.