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Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 22:42:55 -0600


At this point I haven't uncovered any special information on the cruise ship illnesses and their continued breakout.  So much repetition does seem suspicious, particularly after cleaning of the ships.  Will just have to see if any indicators turn up; just now nothing to hang one's hat on.

There has already (more than a year ago) been some "spreading" of immune systems here in the U.S., apparently to increase the effectiveness of any terrorist biological strike by a factor of up to five or so if and when the terrorists unleash these BW attacks on our cities.  In modern theory, all forces come from spacetime curvatures acting upon mass.  Thus all patterns of forces comprising even complex actions such as infections and diseases, involve specific patterns and dynamics of spacetime curvatures (engines), acting upon the cellular masses.  So one adds internal structuring (engines) considerations to the quantum physics notion of a virtual state separated sharply from an observable state by the quantum size level.  Just below the quantum (and therefore just below the observable state), a pattern or "engine" of spacetime curvatures is in a sort of "shadow" state, nearly observable but not quite physically "real" yet.

However, the cellular control system of the body and the immune system of the body do sense into that shadow state level (which can be done with applied longitudinal EM waves) and do react to disease patterns found there. So the fellows who gave us the wonderful "microwave radiation" of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow for decades, beginning in the 1950s and inducing all sorts of health changes and illnesses in personnel in the Embassy (and responsible for the deaths of three U.S. Ambassadors), also later developed the technique of "immune system spreading" as a way to dramatically increase the gain of biological warfare weapons and strikes.

What is done is to place a "cocktail" of disease templates (engines) in that shadow state, just below the observable threshold. One places these engines in a quantum potential, formed to cover all the humans in a geographical area such as the United States.   E.g., suppose one uses 25 different disease engines in the shadow state, and puts all of them into the shadow state content of a quantum potential blanketing the U.S. Then each exposed immune system in the U.S. populace in that area senses and "recognizes" that it is under hostile invasion and attack by 25 pathogens at once.  So instead of marshalling all its resources and preparing for invasion by one pathogen, it has to marshal its resources and prepare for simultaneous invasion by 25 pathogens.  Its resources and components are finite, hence it has to "spread" its finite resources over the entire 25 "perceived attacking pathogens".  This means that only about 4% of what it could do for a single invasion is available now for each pathogen (it apparently can, however, optimize this a little bit, but certainly against a pathogen pattern of interest it will only yield 10% or less of normal ability to "muster the troops" and fight the actual pathogen.

Now suppose the biowar terrorists unleash a real biological warfare attack, say, in Washington DC -- and let's suppose it's the big, professional one sprayed from the air, such as the U.S. showed in a special study some years ago.  Without immune system spreading, a professional anthrax attack on Washington, D.C. with 100 kilos of anthrax spores (a little crop duster can carry twice that much) and an agricultural sprayer, on a calm night, using spraying from the air, was shown to produce from 1 to 3 million casualties. But with immune system spreading already accomplished, one now multiplies that estimate by five.  With really strong immune system spreading, the casualty expectation soars to from 5 to 15 million, for that same single attack.  Even if the immune systems are only spread a medium amount and not quite so drastically, the numbers can easily be from 3 to 9 million casualties.

That's 3 to 9 million U.S. citizens in the greater Washington D.C. area, dying of anthrax.  That is achievable by one small crop-duster or Piper Cub type aircraft, two terrorists, an agricultural sprayer, and 100 kilos of anthrax spores.  Now we see why many of the terrorists before 9/11 were interested in "crop dusting" operations, etc.

There's nothing anywhere in this country, or foreseen on the drawing board, that can possibly treat effectively such large numbers of casualties, and especially if the immune systems of the populace have been spread.  An average hospital might be able to effectively treat 50 or so, before its stock of supplies gets exhausted, etc.  We do have some special response teams, but nothing that can handle anything like that.  Triage is therefore going to apply, so that those most desperately needing treatment (and with little chance of recovery) will not be treated at all, but set aside, made comfortable if possible, and left to die.

Meanwhile,  the terrorist teams and the anthrax are already in here, just waiting.  With lots of other stuff as well, including smallpox.

That is why Ken and I tried so very hard in 1998 to get the DoD and NIH to go into a crash project (Manhattan style) to develop portable EM treatment units using the higher group symmetry electrodynamics approach, an extension of what Priore and a French scientific team did in much larger machines in the 1960s and early 1970s, proving and documenting in the French hard scientific literature the spectacular results.

Sadly, they didn't even know what Ken and I were talking about.  It appeared they did not check a single one of the numerous cited references to the French literature, merely lamely replying that "it wasn't documented".  At NIH, we never got out of the "policy" section (read: "spin control" section).  They saw our mention of Gulf War Syndrome, said "Hey!  That's DoD's responsibility!" and shipped the package to DoD.

So we never got any realization by those agencies that a Manhattan style project was desperately needed in the area of higher group symmetry electromagnetic portable treatment machines.  Note that this was three years before 9/11/01. We gave it our best shot, and we failed.

Anyway, we still need that development program for the U.S. but it flatly isn't going to happen.

Finally, we recently released the patent (provisional patent application) we had filed, making the information public domain, in the desperate hope that someone somewhere will recognize the overriding importance of such a program and get with it.  It isn't going to happen here in the U.S.; instead, we are going to let those million or more folks die, or most of them.  Particularly if the terrorist strike uses the more virulent strains of BW agents developed for BW attack and more efficient killing.

One has to watch the information given to one as being "official"; the survival rate from smallpox, e.g., is one thing if one contacts the disease by normal "vector" infection in a populace.  It is quite a different (and dramatically decreased) survival rate when it's sprayed widely in an area and the infected persons have breathed it in, in their lungs.

So we'll just have to wait and see what happens.  Presently the huge pharmaceuticals have the medical community in their iron fist, from the Medical schools to the hospitals to the medical boards to the legal enforcement agencies, etc.

Of course I fervently hope none of this ever happens -- but the official estimate is that it's not a matter of "if", but "when". And unfortunately the official estimate is almost certainly correct in that respect.

This war hasn't really started its big actions yet.  Before the collapse of the former Soviet empire, the Soviets inserted nuclear weapons into the U.S. in most of our large cities, along with the Spetznaz teams to set them off on command.  They are still here, just waiting.  The Al  Qaeda recently somewhat quietly admitted it had seven nuclear weapons, already inserted in American cities, and it is planning to use them.  Some were said to be 100 KT in size, while some were 10 KT.

The world shipping industry runs via "standard containers".  A ship brings in a shipload of containers, and these get downloaded on trucks and the railroads for delivery.  Only about 2% of those containers are ever checked, anywhere in the world.  So if you want to send something clandestine into the U.S., it's a piece of cake and it's been a piece of cake for decades. The huge drug cartels ship most of their drug shipments into the U.S. this way, losing only a little of it enroute.  The containers get downloaded, and the U.S. trucking and railway industries deliver the "drug carrying" containers right into the waiting hands of the drug dealers here in the U.S.

It works the same way for just about anything else one might wish to insert.

President Bush is not joking when he is so serious about this war.  It is a very serious thing, and it may eventually kill more Americans than all the rest of our wars put together. That is very possible.  As Vice President Cheney put it, just days after 9/11:

"The war on terrorism will not be over in our lifetime.  It is different than the Gulf War was in the sense that it may never end. At least not in our lifetime.  The way I think of it is, it's a new normalcy." Vice President Dick Cheney, October 21, 2001.

At least we finally got the Homeland Defense Bill passed.  But there's a whale of a lot of organization and preparation that must be done, before that new organization begins to really be effective.

Anyway, that is the sort of thing we are in now.  The "new" asymmetric warfare, unnoticed by our civilian populace, has also completely abolished what we call "peacetime".  That concept no longer exists.  Think of it this way: A great strategic strike consists of the placing of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) upon their distant targets, and detonating or unleashing them on those targets.  In the new "asymmetric" warfare, that has been broken into two separate phases.

First, in the Preparation phase, the weapons of mass destruction and the teams to detonate and unleash them, etc. are clandestinely inserted into the vitals of a targeted nation, during what has formerly been called "peacetime".  This continues for, say, decades.  Then, with the WMD and teams already on site in the cities and target areas, the order is given to initiate Phase two.  The weapons are unleashed or detonated upon their strategic targets, and strategic havoc is wreaked upon the targeted nation.

Phase I of World War III has already been accomplished.  We are just entering the very beginning of Phase II, which started with 9/11/01.

The point is, what used to be "peacetime" no longer even exists, and it never again will exist so long as humanity endures in its present imperfect state, or so it seems.  "Peacetime" now is merely "Armageddon preparation time" from this point on.  In other words, it's exactly as VP Cheney stated it.

The sadness of it is that the "new" war is not just between armies on some distant battlefield.  It is made directly upon the civilian population of one's own country -- upon babies, children, women, old people, persons handicapped and in nursing homes, etc.  It purpose is not just to overwhelm a nation, but to kill its civilian populace. In short, it included genocide -- and Americans idly supposed that such was only happening in places like Bosnia and Africa.  It's also targeted against America.

The very elements of human society that our hearts so strongly and urgently wish to defend and protect, have been made the main targets in what can only be called deliberate mass murder and deliberate genocide.  As for myself, as an old soldier my own deep feeling is that anyone anywhere on Earth who advocates and teaches and conditions little children for such war, is a War Criminal and a monster against all humanity --- and should automatically be under an open warrant and death sentence from all civilized nations on earth.

Nonetheless, whether it is in our traditional American national temperament or not (and it is not), we must learn how to face this kind of asymmetric war that constitutes inhumane mass murder  of innocent civilians.  We must learn how to not only deal with it but how to ruthlessly defeat it.

I fervently believe we will learn how to do it, after we stumble around with it long enough and learn enough difficult and painful lessons.  The lessons themselves will be extremely harsh and bitter, but we will get through it, we will learn the answers, and we will apply them.

Then maybe one day there will be a change in the hearts of humans, and this sort of monstrous mass murder will fade away never to be born again. That of course is our fervent dream, but we shall not see it in my lifetime or in the lifetimes of most of those persons alive today.  Instead, we had best prepare ourselves for a new Hundred Year War.

Nonetheless, eventually I believe that we (the peoples of the Earth) shall eventually see this too passing from the human psyche.  Until then, let us all just do our duty as best we can in the new, eerie, "asymmetric" world situation that has been unleashed upon all humankind.


Tom Bearden