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Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 20:42:13 -0600

Dear James,


Thanks for the kind words, and welcome to the ranks of those who will be seeking to advance past the present models.


Yes, if a Priore device were available, it would indeed cure my condition (chronic mycoplasma infection, it turns out, contracted in 1968 while stationed in Canada.  They had no knowledge at all of what it was, even until I retired in 1975.)  Anyhow, there is a good chance of recovery even with the regular regime.  There are several good antibiotics for the condition, but one has to stay on them for at least a year. So I'm on that regime now.  Over the next months, the hypoxia should reduce then finally just go away.


Note that much of what I have on the site is actually "fitted together" from individual pieces proven in various disciplines of physics. Certainly the active vacuum is well-known and clearly proven in particle physics, though still excluded entirely from electrical engineering.  Also, the broken symmetry of opposite charges -- such as on the ends of a dipole -- has been proven since 1957 in particle physics.  What that means is that the dipole, once made, extracts virtual energy from the vacuum and transduces it into observable energy, re-emitting virtual energy in all directions!  One really doesn't have to prove it again; the entire basis is already established in particle physics (Nobel Prize to Lee and Yang, e.g.).


It's just that classical electrodynamics and electrical engineering have never been changed to incorporate what has already been discovered.


Anyway, I'm able to work about a half-schedule, so am also working on finishing my book, where I'll just put it all in there so the young fellows can start from where I am, and not have to spend 30 years of their lives getting there.  They can change anything found wrong, and dramatically extend that which is found right.


We simply must get two things from our scientific community: (1) cheap clean energy, and (2) cheap clean medical therapy.  Without the first, a modern economy and a decent life for the average citizen is impossible, and without the second a decent life for the average citizen becomes more difficult every year.  So I'm doing everything I can to contribute toward those two goals.


We will have enough in the forthcoming book, I hope, to see that sufficient momentum builds up to ensure that it gets done.  And just for good measure, I'll throw in a couple of real surprises to "shake up the troops", so to speak.  We are more than half way through with the initial draft now, and part of that is already in finished form as well.


Very best wishes,


Tom Bearden

Dear Tom Bearden,

For about 1.5 years or so I've been checking your site quite frequently. It began with an article/interview I found dating from 1992 if I remember correctly, named the secret of free energy, before your site was available on the net.

I've been studying Physical Chemistry in the university of Groningen in the Netherlands and got my masters in thin layer solid state physics. My first intention was to become a teacher in high school, and not go on as a PhD student, because I am not much of a theoretical physicist and to understand practical work, theoretical models are required. But the more I read on your website, the more I like to be a part of the radical changes that are about to occur within minds of the young open minded scientist, who read your website and were probably never satisfied with the theories they have learned during their study.

During my short teachers period I have learned that I had learned physics, chemistry and math in a wrong way and that I have capabilities to become more theoretically substantiated. It e.g. depends on the learning styles I use. A lot of physics is still to hard for me. Because I started as a chemist, and we did not emphasize much on mathematics I have quite a few knowledge gaps. But electrolytic cells for batteries for instance is very familiar and I was never satisfied with the classical electrodynamic model of the current that takes energy out of the battery. I even had difficulties explaining it to my pupils!  I began to realize why my pupils had so many problems with understanding this model. Intuition tells you its wrong, or at least for me. To combine it with physics of vacuum energy sounds very exciting, some feeling I really misted during my time as a student. Of course I couldn't mention it to my pupils.

I have too much questions to ask about the fundamental physics so I won't do that, but there are a few questions that I really would like to ask.

Is there no possibility to heal you, and I mean YOUR biological system that suffered from the heart attack, with Priore machines?

And are Stephen Hawking, Roger Penrose, Kip Thorne, Carl Sagan and many other prominent scientist not open minded enough to be convinced of the vacuum energy theory?

Greetings and I hope you'll soon be well again to live for many many years in this world.  (I believe in after life)

I hope to shake your hand one time in the near future,

James S******