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Subject: RE: Polymers in the Mist
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 11:50:09 -0600


Interesting, and that's good work.

Yes, the filaments are apparently being laid down. Some think it was because of secretly adopting a plan formerly generated up by Teller.

Whatever it is, I wish they could be made to quit it.



Subject: Polymers in the Mist


It was pretty interesting on Sunday, after the showers passed through, to watch the polymer filaments in the air that had been sprayed ahead of the storm as part of the (presumed) global sunscreen project.

The best way to do this is to block the sun off from line of sight with, say, a roof eave, then move to where you are almost looking into the corona of the obscured sun.

The back-lighting will show a lot of weird stuff in the atmosphere, but it does highlight the filaments, some of which were twenty foot or so long, and glistening in the sky.

If it were airborne spiders that were laying them, they would have to be the size of chickens.  Plus, as the wind was blowing onshore, these chicken-sized spiders would also have to live out over the ocean - a new species, perhaps!

I have, incidentally, videotaped into the sun's corona for hours, with strange results.  One has to exam the film frame by frame,  a laborious process, but one does get sudden brilliant white sheets of "something" appearing for a frame or so - possibly objects bleeding through from the next orthogonal dimension a la Constable.



PS  This is also a known methodology for filming UFOs that has been shown to be successful in several TV shows.  I have also videoed a structured metallic lenticular craft like this flying into the sun.