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Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 11:39:54 -0600

Dear Ryan,

In the field of antigravity, it is experiment that must show the way.  Actually, I put just about everything I know on the subject in the book.  I formed my own theory back in 1971 while in graduate school, and got a chance to have it tested some years later.  At least that one test experiment worked beautifully.  Of course, a single experiment is not sufficient to prove everything!  But it did show the effect almost exactly as predicted, and it was indeed a substantial effect.

In my view, the trick is not to "adjust" the Dirac electron theory  by making the nonobserved negative energy electron a positron.  Rigorously, the positron (with positive mass and positive energy fields) does not exist until after its interaction with matter so that it has been observed as a 3-spatial positron.  Prior to such interaction and observation, it is a 4-spatial negative energy electron with negative energy fields.  If one LEAVES it in that unobserved condition, then one is using the time-portion of the negative energy 4-electron.  That is very important, because time is very highly condensed energy, by the factor c-squared.  Negative time is also highly condensed negative energy.  Hence one can get practical antigravity electromagnetically, I reasoned back in 1971, if one leaves the 4-electron alone without interaction, leaving it right there in local spacetime.  In that case, so I reasoned, it will have a very powerful effect in the antigravity sense, some c-squared times as much effect as one will get out of an observed 3-positron stripped of its time component.

So in my view the trick is to adjust the engineering to engineering in 4-space, not 3-space. One gets a c-squared gain from doing that.

Glad you are enjoying the book!

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 00:15:50 -0500
From: Ryan

Hello Col. Bearden!

    I have just received your book, "Energy From The Vacuum", in the mail yesterday!  So far it is an extraordinary piece of work!!  It covers more material than I though it would! In particular I like the section on Antigravity, and successful experiments that have been performed.   I have read a paper regarding gravitational mass reduction based on research by the Brazilian Physicist Fran De Aquino.  I believe they were able to reformulate the gravitational force and inertial force such that they are still equal according to the law of equivalence in general relativity, by considering inertial mass a theoretical concept. In this paper they were able to reduce the gravitational force by using an ELF on a specific type of metal shielding. Its seems that they were able to create a negative mass.  According to the experiment, it required special effort to keep the metal material below the the speed of light.  Now, they used the example of a 30 foot in diameter sphere as a craft.

 How would you Speculate a spherical mass would accelerate due to this action? Would the material (negative mass) always travel in the opposite direction of the Earth's gravity, or could this negative mass produce a force to allow the sphere to travel in any direction? Do you think  it would be impossible for a human to travel in such a vessel undergoing such extreme acceleration and high velocity??

   You may or may not be able to answer this,  but do you think this type of experiment has anything to do with the numerous "UFO" sightings of bright glowing spheres that have been spotted over cities traveling in extremely quick, erratic flight patterns??? It seems to me they have close similarities in nature.... 

Any input on these topics would be greatly appreciated!!