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Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 13:37:33 -0600



(1)     All EM waves in spacetime are actually oscillating curvatures of spacetime.  What we think of as an "EM wave in 3-space" is actually an iterative series of frozen observation d/dt(LLLT) = LLL snapshots of what is actually going on in 4-space prior to each observation snapshot.  No observable -- being LLL in form and an instant frozen snapshot -- exists continuously in time.  Instead, it CONTINUALLY RECURS due to the d/dt observation iteration.

(2)     EM energy in one of those frozen 3-snapshots actually entered 3-space from the time domain, and was "caught" or "intersected" there by the d/dt observation process.  Any observed energy or observed waveform is an effect a priori, after the observation, and not a primary cause (since the cause exists prior to interaction).

(3)     Present electrodynamics (and some of physics also) is horribly fouled by the near universal substitution of effect for cause.


So without writing a book as a treatise, it is painfully difficult to speak of "what form an EM wave is in, in space".  It isn't really in just 3-space at all, but in 4-space, before it is observed (before we kill the time domain and grab that frozen snap of LLL intersection).


So over a period of time, unfortunately I've used several different terminologies for the same thing (and so do all the physicists, whether they realize it or not).  We are presently taking the position that the most important national project that the National Academy of Science and NSF ought to undertake at high priority, is to completely redo classical electrodynamics from the ground up, addressing all such issues.  Heck, they can't even define charge or energy.  I haven't succeeded in defining energy yet, but have  just succeeded in rigorously defining charge.


It really needs the best scientists we have available, put on such a project and held there till they get it done.


Unfortunately, the NSF and NAS is never going to do that.  Would completely upset the status quo, give us cheap clean energy from the vacuum, give us easy antigravity, etc.


The powerful financial interests secretly dominating science will never allow it to happen.





Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 10:26:54 -0800
Subject: Time Density Waves

Hi Tom,

I'm a little confused about one thing.  According to one slide 23 in Fer De Lance, Scalar Waves are the same as Longitudinal Waves are the same as Electrogravitational waves and Tesla Waves.  You also show in The Missing Infolded Electrodynamics Slide 16 that two longitudinal waves can conjugate to create Time Density Waves.  Are these waves another force field or spectrum like we have the electromagnetic and electrogravitic spectrum?  Are these time curvature waves as in General Relativity that are distinct from space curvature waves which are the scalar or longitudinal waves?  Is seems to be a conflict of terms. 
Thanks for the clarification.

Sean ********