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Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 12:09:49 -0600

Dear Jan,

Thanks for the kind words.

Yes, the problem is that most people just are trying to live and let live, work and support their families, etc.  They basically have enough problems with that, to just sort of "coast along" on all the international intrigues, plots, insurrections, etc. if possible.

It is elegantly put using terms from what is called a "Strategic Analysis" of a nation (this is a standard military study, often kept updated).   On section of a Strategic Analysis is called "National Style".  Here some of the best analysts try very hard to grasp, analyze, and state the mechanics of the reactions of the culture and population of the nation for whom the strategic analysis is prepared.

To keep from feeding ourselves our own biases, the U.S. approached one or more friendly foreign nations to get the gist of their National Style analysis on Americans -- the culture and the people as a whole.  The results were quite interesting.

In a nutshell, Americans by and largely do not react to slowly increasing threats.  They react to a sudden strike.  In short, we ignore the boa constrictor, but tend to strongly react to the strike of the rattler.  The present war on terrorism is a case in point.  We have had plenty of slowly increasing threat incidents for years, even knowing that Bin Laden was striving to do us in.  We have also known that several hostile state regimes have weapons of mass destruction.  We have known that the former Soviet Union clandestinely introduced nuclear weapons into the U.S., in all our major cities, along with the Spetznaz teams to explode them.   In the old days (they change the buzz words from time to time, just to keep things interesting) they called such things (seeding of the enemy's home territory with secretly placed weapons of mass destruction) dead-man fuzing.   The notion was that, sure, their missiles can knock us out and destroy us, but our "retaliation" (including the dead-man fuzing) will destroy them inevitably anyway.  So, the sweet reason went, they will be logical and will not "commit suicide".

One has only to look at the Kamikaze in WW II and the present deliberately conditioned "potential martyrs" being produced in terrorist training camps and institutes in the major Arab countries, to see that the assumption of "sweet reason" on the part of the foe has always been a non sequitur.

Much of the so-called "cold war" actually stayed "cool to a little warm" because of the dead-man fuzing that the various antagonist nations each placed in the territory of the other(s).  Such secretly implanted arsenals are still there.  In many cases they are the only reason the world is not already plunged in full-bore nuclear warfare (and other kinds) to the hilt. The fighters have not left the ring; they are merely maneuvering, dodging, lightly flicking a punch here and there, sizing each other up for the battle which is to come.

Another real problem in our National Style is that we have had a "natural fortress" since the inception of our nation.  We eventually won our independence because (1) Britain had great difficulty trying to project enough "power" ashore in our heartland to win a guerrilla war, and (2) in the British parliament, there was insufficient will and desire to continue, after several stunning British losses.  In the Spanish-American War, no way could Spain project enough power here to win.  In WW I, again our fortress was secure; the Kaiser had no way to project sufficient military power onto U.S. shores to do anything but just get destroyed.  Even in WW II, neither Germany nor Japan could project power into the heartland U.S.  So in all our great wars till now, we have had a nearly inviolable Fortress America in which we lived.  This means that we have never understood other nations, less well-situated geographically, whose enemies could always just march into them in force and violate their "fortress" at will.  We thus tend to think that other nations have the same 'protected fortress' option that we have had.  They don't.  Israel, e.g., cannot afford to lose a single war. If she does, then every Israeli man, woman, and child (yes, the babies too) will be murdered en masse by the fundamentalists who have been bred to hate Israel for so long.

Unknown and unrealized by the American people, we are slowly slipping now -- if not already "slipped" -- into precisely such a posture, since to the fundamentalists we have become the "Great Satan".

Another major problem in our National Style is just this very belief that our own psychology applies to other cultures and all other nations.  It doesn't.  Simply take a look at the latest Bin Laden tape.  Such terrorists do not consider the inadvertent deaths of innocent civilians -- some is inevitable in any war, associated with strikes at military targets -- as unavoidable collateral (and regrettable) casualties to be minimized. Instead, they think of it as the entire purpose of the strike.  In short, they wish to kill women, children, old men, noncombatants, and civilians -- and as many as possible, as often as possible, and wherever and whenever possible.

Americans innately believing that all foreign cultures have our own American psychology usually migrate to liberal movements, parties, organizations, etc. and have liberal views.  Hence you can always find about 1/3 to 1/2 of the "important people" (note: persons in the limelight, not really any more important than others!) who will fiercely contend that any problem can be solved by negotiation and sweet reason.  Of course it can't.  But half of Americans believe it can, and delude themselves that it can, even after the rattlers strike!

So one of the major U.S. problems is the difference between our own cultural outlook and the outlook in other cultures which often determine the situation in the real world.  There is not now and there never has been anything at all called "peace" in the true sense --- in America or anywhere else.  Instead, there is always "enforced order".  We are relatively safe in our homes and on the street because we maintain a strong police force!  And that body of armed men and women police up the robbers, murderers, etc. Simply look at what happens to a great city (such as New York) when a huge electrical power blackout occurs.  There the deterrence is removed or materially lessened, and so there the hidden savage underbelly of "civilized" society is quickly revealed.

"Peace" is constant warfare in the streets of every hamlet, community, town, and city -- and state -- in the U.S., and always has been.

There is also no real international peace.  Instead, there are cessations of armed combat, with interludes of preparation and planning for the next active phase.  Simply view history.  So long as the genetic behavioral traits of humankind remain the same as at present, then the behavior of humankind will continue to be the same as its past history exhibits.

In our naïveté, we in America have not yet learned (i.e., been conditioned) as a nation on the difference between enforced order and ideal peace.

So long as humanity is in its present condition (many of its checks and balances removed genetically, in its opt for intelligence and learned control of behavior rather than hard-wired genetic control), then we shall never have peace.  Instead, the human allegory of good (peace is another name for the same coin) and evil (war is another name for that coin) will continue to play out.  The reason is that, without internal checks and balances, the only way to maintain order (and thus as close as possible to "peace") is by external checks and balances -- in short, by the continual application of external force.

Notice that laws, regulations, police forces, courts, judges, etc. are all there for one purpose: to maintain order, including by force.  In short, to control behavior, by a combination of education, conditioning, and enforcement.

The present closest approach (and leading attempt) to "peace" is the rather universal practice of conditioning into the mind of the growing child the desired behavioral traits for minimum cultural dissonance -- e.g., implanting the culture's moral code such as the 10 commandments or the Koran or Buddhist texts.  However, the same process can be and is also widely abused, and is used to condition and implant a militant "moral code" in large groups of intensely conditioned children ---- to hate, kill, destroy, and even commit suicide in the fight, certain targeted nations or cultures which are obviously identified as the "cause of all evil" on earth.  In short, we ourselves (as humanity) create our own demons and gods, in our own distorted images.  Little wonder that the epitaph "Great Satan" is applied to the targeted U.S. by the Islamic fundamentalists, and "Little Satan" is applied to Israel.   The Communists created their own "Great Satan" which was capitalism.  And so on.

It has always been this way, just different stage settings, different times, different movements, different rabble-rousers, different movements and isms, different wars and conflicts.  Until humankind changes internally, so that a change in behavior is universally enforced from within, it will always be that way, until we self-destruct ourselves and probably this biosphere.

So once again, we are entering the initial stages of another great war, which will likely wind up being World War III.  Notice that in this one, "Fortress America" has been violated, and that naïve concept in our National Style died resoundingly on September 11, 2001.   When we count all the dead-man fuzing and insertions of terrorist teams and weapons of mass destruction, then the first phase of World War III --- delivery of the weapons of mass destruction to their intended target areas --- has already been accomplished.

We are only just now beginning to dimly realize the full nature of the struggle we are now in.

Very best wishes,

Tom Bearden
Sent: Friday, December 14, 2001 8:58 AM

Dear Tom,

Thanks for that (Dec 4) answer! What follows is a re-edited resend of the original October 30 entry.

Please allow one further remark. The Nobel prize doesn't 'deserve' you. You (plural, that is: the team included) deserve a whole new prize to be set up and named after you. Or maybe even a 'Viktor Schauberger' or an 'unknown scientist' prize, de facto honoring any of the numerous less known brilliant scientists to date that had and have nothing but the well-being of Humanity and Creation in mind.

Be well,



Subject: For heaven's sake: awake (or face the 'ant phase')

Dear Tom,

Hope you're well and recovering. Thank you for all your invaluable contributions, and thank the webmaster and your sponsors for the invaluable website. This grateful Websurfer has been following developments for most of the year. Some kind of notice has been long overdue.

Are they still asleep, almost all of our beloved brothers and sisters? Has the big threat not been exposed clearly enough yet? What more can we do in order to help folks awake?

Your Oct, 18 answer to Sean just falls short of addressing the perhaps biggest threat of all: the 'Masters of the World' using mind controlled 'ant-like' humanity, equipped with higher symmetry EM technology, to 'infect' life-bearing planets in the entire Galaxy (if not, Universe) with the (all too well preserved) inhumanity of this ugly immature race, thus threatening the very purpose of Creation itself...

But are we really that immature? Is it perhaps more accurate to say that we are just too sheep-like, and that some have allowed wolves to take control of the flocks? The really bad are but a tiny minority, yet we allow them to rule by threat and imposition of fear. The biggest threat to those wolves? The 'premature' disclosure, to the public, in its full abundance of implications, of this very 'higher symmetry EM theory and technology' that 'we' (Humanity) have 'just' discovered. Just remember the story of the well-dressed gentleman appearing at Floyd Sweet's doorstep, telling him his Vacuum Triode Amplifier could not yet be disclosed (italics mine).

People just must stop behaving sheep-like and awake to the dignity, responsibility and self-esteem of being truly human. 'You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the Universe is unfolding as it should' (from Desiderata, Max Ehrmann, 1927). To prevent this awakening from happening, poverty (spiritual, moral and/or material in any combination) is imposed upon us, and aggravated wherever possible. Yet awakening is taking place, only at such a pace that we seem to be losing out to the developing threats.

Perhaps the restoration of the human sense of dignity for all of mankind is our greatest challenge ahead. And the clear and honest explanation of higher symmetry EM, in its full abundance of implications, may do just hat. A tremendous educational effort is needed: the infinite powers now (in principle) in our hands, we must learn to use them wisely, in order to avoid complete chaos and mutual destruction. This includes nurturing the moral strength to collectively decide to refrain from the use of certain applications. Also, to fearlessly bring to the full light of day any malevolent use that, covertly, already is taking place. Exactly this is what's already being done at and related sites.

To this effort all can contribute! Any moment of our lives, everyone of us can make a difference, by being honest, kind and loving to our brothers and sisters and treating them as we would like to be treated, refraining from threats of any kind etc. Abiding to Sermon of the Mount-type pleasant and heart-warming suggestions from a good friend (not 'directives') could prove to be decisive in securing a stable and happy future.

The new 'almighty' higher symmetry EM technology indeed opens a triad of masteries: over energy, over gravity, and over health, both mental (mind processes) and physical (Prioré healing, Porthole concept). In order not to 'loose out' to inhumane forces, many bad habits of accepted social practice must rapidly be overcome and soon be abandoned: we are magicians, we are gods! By the way, ever wondered why J.K. Rowlings' Harry Potter is attracting such a vast attendance? We prefer 'en masse' to consciously stay unaware of these facts (and seemingly innocent, pretending it's only a dream). Yet those doing so might better prepare for some rough awakening anytime ahead...

Even basic premises as possession and the money system may well prove to be way too primitive and detrimental to long term cultural and societal sustainability, for in a loving and caring society, every member is granted the basic right to the necessary means to live a decent life in dignity. Sentiments of fear of any kind of scarcity must (and certainly can) be cured and prevented. A completely new 'human' technology (yet to be developed, but hints are being given) can fully grant abundance and equal distribution of goods and means in all respects.

Anyway: much work ahead!

Again: be well. Keep up with the good work. Thanks for being.

Jan *******, Ph.D.
The Netherlands