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Note: this email exchange took place after 3 photographs of anomalous cloud formations over the Santa Barbara Channel, Ca. had been taken, and a large "skyquake" heard around noon.  Vandenberg AFB is about 50 miles from Santa Barbara, and is where the missiles are launched from on the west coast.

Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 23:22:41 -0600



Yes, looks very much as if the Yakuza crews got another one.  Potentially, that's a B-2 and an important missile launch.  Hey, that guarantees the rent payment to the KGB for another year at least.


Will be looking for any additional information on both these events; also expecting other events.  If things go as I would foresee, the KGB (not necessarily Putin himself!)  will gradually assist in "raising the ante" and "throwing a little sand in the gears".  They will do it gradually, since they know that Americans normally do not react to slowly increasing threats.  The terrorist threat has been slowly increasing for decades, without any big todo in the U.S. But once the rattler hit (the two towers) we reacted.  We always react to the rattler, not to the Boa Constrictor.


So they will keep it in the boa constrictor approach, most likely, while Bin Laden's forces here gear up for the next rattler strike.




Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2001 9:22 PM
To: Tom Bearden


Carol R*** just advised me that the missile launched today failed just after takeoff and was destroyed.  VAFB public affairs also say it was destroyed 30 secs after launch.

Now there's a coincidence!