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Additional cloud anomalies

Santa Barbara Channel, California - 11 December, 2001

Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 13:11:16 -0600

Thanks Tony.


It looks like a giant radial to which they have cut power, and so it is gradually breaking up.  When power is cut, the center part goes first, usually.


Sunday I saw an enormous giant radial, motoring along from west to east, crossing over Huntsville.  This one was unique, in that it had multiple dynamics in it, including one section with hemispherical half-bars facing each other, probably meant to induce torsion and twisting in the winds, thus generating tornadoes. Didn't get a photo as I had no camera with me.





Hi Tom

Snapped this off the back patio this morning around 10.30 am - could be a cloud radial, but there is no circular center to it.

There again, it could just be the wind blowing down the coast?

It had "blown out" a bit before I noticed it from my office window.  I actually see them quite often here.

Coincidentally, was just scanning in Mrs. Wilson's sketches for Fer-de-Lance last night.