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Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 17:11:13 -0600


Dear Sean,


Yes, time is a dynamic variable all across physics, as shown by Nobelist T.D. Lee {1}.


What we get with what kind of interference depend on what kind of space we choose to "examine" it in, it seems.  Like everyone else, for many years I was "hung up" on trying to see things in 3-space, then thinking separately of time.  That's an error.  The fundamental substance comes in terms of "spacetime", with space and time welded together, not space and time separately.


The more complete way is to take the quantum field theory view of Mandl and Shaw {2}, which shows that neither the scalar (time-polarize) photon nor the longitudinal photon are individually observable; but the combination of the two is observed as the instantaneous scalar potential.  Translating to wave language, this means that neither the time-polarized EM wave nor the longitudinal EM wave is individually observed/observable, but the "combination" of the two is observed as the scalar potential.  However, we can't just say the two "combined"; we have to specify the combining mechanism.  According to my view, that turns out to be the basic thing ongoing in the notion of charge.  I.e., a time-polarized EM photon, incoming in the time domain, interacts with a negative charge, being absorbed since the charge spins 720 degrees, being 360 degrees in 3-space and 360 degrees in the time domain.  So the electron can absorb energy from the time domain.  It then transduces to 3-space and, being already excited, emits its excitation (decays) by emitting a longitudinal photon in 3-space.


A positive charge is just "time reversed"; i.e., the videotape of the observer is run backward, so to speak.  This means we "see" the time-reversed negative charge (i.e., the positive charge) as absorbing a longitudinal photon and re-emitting a time-polarized EM photon.  A dipole, then is a circulation: the negative end is seen as changing some time energy into 3-space longitudinal energy, which is precisely a "positive" scalar potential (increase in the energy density of the local vacuum).  But the energy once emitted in 3-space, is absorbed back in the positive pole, transduced to the time domain, and re-emitted there (back to the negative pole.  So we have a 4-circulation of energy in 4-space; from the time domain to the negative charge into 3-space, to the positive charge, into the time domain and over to the negative charge.


The same circulation process must apply to the virtual charges in the vacuum.  So the "energy emitted from the dipole in all directions in 3-space" actually is a spreading polarization of the virtual charges of the vacuum, radially in all directions.  In each of those little dipoles, the 4-circulation is occurring.  That means that what is "spreading" as the "potential" and "field" (gradient of the potential, e.g.) is actually this circulation between time and the 3-space virtual state.  When we interact a real (observable) charge with this spreading, we get clustering of the virtual charges of opposite sign around the charge, so the isolate charge is actually a set of composite dipoles.  Each of these dipoles participates in the spreading of the 4-circulation, with structuring.


Anyway, that's the more sophisticated and more accurate view of what is going on.  And the "spreading of the 4-circulation" rigorously is what happens when EM energy is propagating through space.  It isn't moving continuously that way at all, as we previously explained.  Indeed, we have to give up the notion of a simple continuity of energy flow through space; it's more like a whole series of "little fibers" of energy, all interwoven and knit together in a vast structure, like an old spinning wheel knits cotton fibers into thread, and in this case like a jillion or so such spinning wheels and interleaved threads.


So the interferometry can be immensely complex, and it is.  On the other hand, on the average it can be approximated closely with less detail to all that vast infolded structure.  In that fashion, rigorous proof of scalar interferometry's production of the normal transverse EM waves and fields at a distance, is given by M.W. Evans et al., "On Whittaker's Representation of the Electromagnetic Entity in Vacuo, Part V: The Production of Transverse Fields and Energy by Scalar Interferometry, J. New Energy, 4(3), 1999, p. 76-78.   It is also in Part X of M.W. Evans, "O(3) Electrodynamics," Modern Nonlinear Optics, Second Edition (3-vols.), Part II, Wiley, 2001, p. 79-267, with the Part X being p. 172-189, including Labounsky's generator.


As to the temporal engineering:  Yes, it is possible, and yes, the Priore approach did it a little, as does our extensive extension to that method.  We are just filing a patent application on our extension.


The folks who have really done engineering in the time domain --- unfortunately for weapons -- are the Russian superweapons scientists.  They use it extensively to engineer the mind; mind operations are time-like, not space-like, hence use time-polarized EM photons and waves {3}.  So by engineering these time-polarized EM operations of the mind, one engineers the mind directly.  By making longitudinal EM waves (as would be observed if they could be), one allows for the associated time-polarized waves that automatically accompany them and appear with them when interferometry is performed.  By engineering the LWs, one then can engineer the time-polarized waves (which I call sometimes "time-density" EM waves, or LWs in the time domain) and thus can engineer the mind.


Two tests of this weapon area (which is known as psychoenergetics, a branch of Russian energetics which deals with mind operations and mind and matter interaction), were the seizure and mental control of Captain Button in 1996, for over an hour, flying his A-10.  Nearly two months later, a lady pilot from the same Wing, Captain Svoboda, had her mental perception of up and down sudden reversed as she climbed out of ordnance drop on target at night.  Suddenly perceiving she was diving rather than climbing, she instantly "corrected" -- thus diving headlong into the ground and perishing in the resulting explosion.  Both of these were tests of Russian psychoenergetics weapons -- not in the normal Russian forces inventory, but under the extraordinarily strict control of the KGB including development, deployment, and employment.


So unfortunately the greatest use of "time-domain EM engineering" to date has been in weapons to disadvantage and kill human beings, rather than to heal them.


There is an indirect way to get this done also, using the Porthole concept etc.  See my Porthole briefing, on this website.


Best wishes,


Tom Bearden


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Subject: Interfering Longitudinal Waves

Hi Tom,

I was thinking about the interference patterns of longitudinal waves as used for weather engineering and other similar effects.
If I recall from one of your slides when longitudinal waves interfere don't they create time density waves?  Isn't the heating or cooling of a  distant region actually occurring because time is locally being condensed or expanded?  Can this be used for a small isolated region such as a container to make a computer processor run faster by altering the time flow around it?  I don't recall hardly any mention of devices which actually engineer the flow of time, except I thought the extended Priore device you guys are developing time reverses the cell to a previous state with an added difference wave it can alter the progression of a cell to a new temporal state.  Am I correct in understanding that time is variable and has a spatial density that can be altered locally (ie spacetime curvature)?  Doesn't this make carbon dating and other measurements of earth history bogus if time itself isn't constant?  Can the Priore wave with an alternate difference wave be used to alter inanimate objects like dead wood and reverse it back to a living state?  I just don't see hardly any mention of temporal engineering and it's possibilities and dangers though If I understand your material correctly it is real and perhaps even in use today. 

Thanks for sharing any light on this subject.

Sean ********