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Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2001 22:07:08 -0600

Dear Trond,


A perceptive question, and glad to see you are really visualizing the process.  To fully explain, we must go a little deeper.


I neglected to point out that the electrons, being on the outside of the atoms, must be outpouring the energy into 3-space after transducing it from the time domain.  In that case, it means that the positive charge has the energy running the other way; from 3-space back into the time domain.


What actually is ongoing in the "giant negentropy" is a CIRCULATION in 4-space.  In short, the energy runs into the negative charge from the time domain, is transduced, and is re-emitted to the external world as what we call 3-space energy in all directions.


For the positive charge, being a time-reversal (conjugate) of negative charge, the external observer would "see" the energy flow going the other way.  That is, 3-space energy flow goes in and is absorbed by the positive charge, which spins into the time domain and re-emits the energy there, whereupon it flows back to the negative charge, and so on.


Now we must visualize what really is happening when we say "real EM energy is emitted by the negative charge in 3-space".


Actually it is the more than a century-old notion of EM propagation through 3-space (per Heaviside and Poynting) that is flawed.  Energy does not propagate at all in the manner we usually think.


First, the field represents a polarization of the vacuum, a priori.  So when a "field" spreads, what is actually spreading is the vacuum polarization and its magnitude.  Note the dichotomy in the present use of the term "field" in two mutually contradictory senses.  The "field" in vacuum is not an observable field until it interacts with an observable charge.  When it reacts with virtual (fleeting, too quick to be observed) charge, it constitutes a "virtual" field only.


So what is actually "spreading" is (1) the polarization of the vacuum, i.e., the formation of dipole ordering of the vacuum, and (2) the CIRCULATION in 4-space described above.  This means at any neighborhood of a point in 3-space, we actually have that circulation going from the time domain into 3-space on the virtual negative pole and back out of 3-space via the positive virtual pole and to the time domain, thence to the negative virtual pole.


So what is actually "spreading in all directions" at the speed of light, is the continual appearance in 3-space in the neighborhood of any point (no matter how small the neighborhood) of 3-energy.  Remember, any 3-energy is "as observed" and is a frozen momentary snapshot, not even existing in the next moment.  No observable continuously exists in 3-space!  Instead, it continually recurs in 3-space. We see it like the rapidly projected frames of a movie, and think it is continuous.  It is not, or else we have to discard quantum mechanics in its entirety.


So another thing uncovered by the proposed solution to the source charge problem, is the previously unsuspected (at least in classical EM) nature of the so-called "propagation of EM energy through 3-space".  What is actually "propagating" is a spreading polarization of the vacuum, and the consequent 4-circulation described.


This also is consistent with another rigorous requirement from quantum field theory: The flow from time to 3-space consists of longitudinal photons (each flowing into the negative charge from the time domain, hence properly a "scalar" or "time-polarized" photon).  The negative charge re-emits a longitudinal EM photon in 3-space.  The "combining" of the incoming time-polarized photon and the outgoing longitudinal photon is accomplished by the interaction of the charge.  With a wee bit of reinterpretation as to what is meant by "combining" the scalar photon and the longitudinal photon, this then is consistent with Mandl and Shaw, Quantum Field Theory, Wiley, 1984, Chap. 5 where the authors strongly argue that neither the scalar photon nor the longitudinal photon are individually observable, but the combination of the two is observable as the instantaneous scalar potential -- in this case, between the poles of the dipolarity in the polarized vacuum.


When we place an observable charge in the path of this oncoming "spreading 4-circulation", the spin of the observable charge integrates the absorbed virtual photons to the observable state, so that real EM energy is observed.  Therefore a real force field is observed, which is proportional to the gradient of the interaction across the charge.


Hope this helps further clarify the mechanism.


Best wishes,

Tom Bearden


Date: Sun, 09 Dec 2001 11:50:13 +0100
To: "A.J. Craddock" <>
From: Trond Andresen <>
Subject: Question for Dr. Bearden

Hello again, Dr. Bearden,

Thanks for fascinating stuff on your web site. I have a question after reading both the MEG correspondence and the available pdf papers:

You hold that energy due to vacuum fluctuations is transformed by any dipole (or single charge) into measurable and exploitable electromagnetic energy in 3-space. So we do not have energy equilibrium in 3-space. But in 4-space, if I understand you right. Since there must have been an immense amount of dipoles and single charged particles in the universe for billions of years, "virtual" energy has been transformed to electromagnetic energy and propagated in 3-space to an enormous amount. For equilibrium in 4-space to hold, by what mechanism is the dipole-mediated electromagnetic energy in 3-space again transformed back into vacuum fluctuations?

Thanks beforehand for any reply,

Trond A*******