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Subject: RE: magnetic motor questions
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 00:39:43 -0600

  Dear Charles,

Please see the answers inserted after the questions.

Best wishes and your kind offer is much appreciated,

Tom Bearden

Subject: magnetic motor questions

Hello Tom,

Hope this is the right email to contact you (Tom Bearden) with,

If it isn't could you either forward it on to him or mail me back with his address. If its not too much trouble I'd like to ask you a few questions that have been recently bugging me.  Also if you feel that some of my questions are too uninformed could you point me in the direction of becoming more informed rather than wasting your time with me.


With regard to the Kawai magnetic motor.   After looking at the diagrams I noticed that you've labeled some with prior art.  Does this not invalidate the Kawai Patent?

ANS: No, all patents reference prior art that bears on the field in which the patent is obtained. The patent then explains why it does not infringe on the patent claims granted in those cited prior patents.

With this patent or Patents in general,  is it illegal producing a single one of these motors with the aim of never selling or marketing it but using it for scientific study/research?

ANS. No, that would not be illegal. Also, the patent expires (now in about 20 years) eventually, and after that anyone can build it and also sell it.

If its not illegal to produce one for scientific study then why have none been produced and maybe donated to relevant research institutes that our out of the ring of suppressive control?  I understand of course that this would require money, time and knowledge.

ANS: part of the problem is that it's almost impossible to find a TRULY impartial, qualified test group. I've seen tests of another inventor's working devices, with the results absolutely verified by the tests, and the international laboratory company upper level management refuse to publish such results in the "report", even though they had to muzzle their own test engineer to do it.

Have you ever built one of these? does it work?

ANS. Hitachi independently tested the Kawai motor, made from two of their own motors and modified by Kawai. They tested at COPs 1.4 and 1.6, respectively, by real experts of the highest caliber. I myself do not build anything; I'm not a bench person.

With regard to your MEG, are you planning of manufacture of these or does the idea still need lots of development?

ANS. Certainly we plan to manufacture and sell them, but there is lots of work going from a little working bench model to a full-up, ready for production device. About one year of very hard work with a team of specialists, and about 9 to 10 million dollars. You will notice we do NOT sell stock to a gullible public. Instead, all financing to date has been out of the pockets of the five of us, with exception of a couple small but very kind donations by benefactors to buy some good instruments with.

I would like to build a Kawai magnetic motor myself (if its legal), unfortunately with my basic understanding of this type of system I would need much more detailed information/instruction.   Do you know anywhere where I could get that from?

ANS: Here all I can tell you is that a qualified motor engineer (who designs and builds motors) can build one from the Kawai patent itself. It will work, just as the patent states. There is still no substitute for needing a qualified person, in any field of endeavor.

Thank you very much for your time.  I really respect you and your work, hopefully it will be the straw that breaks the camels back someday, maybe soon.

ANS: Well, let's hope so!  Note that there are quite a few other inventors and researchers who are also struggling hard to get something built and out there on the world market. Frankly, we don't care who does it first, just so long as it gets done. It is going to be needed most desperately.

I am a professional 3d CG artist with all the licensed software need to do this.  When I believe in something I like to offer my support.  If there is anything that you want created in a 3d rendered environment I would love to help.  Its important to me and the future of future that your work gets out and helps everything.  Basically I'm offering to do any diagrams/images/animation sequences that could help you explain your ideas/theories visually.  To make myself clear I do not expect any payment at all, my payment is knowing that I've helped.  I have done this for other companies/organizations that I believe in.  Though I do have limited time I work very very quickly and to a high quality.  This site contains some examples of my 3d artwork, look in the corporate voyager part of the site under products and in the images/videos/360deg sections of that area.

ANS: Well, I'm very much taken aback and quite touched by such a generous offer. Because I take care of my wife 24/7 now since her stroke, my time is very limited, and I've dropped behind in laying out illustrations needed (some desperately), etc. I very much appreciate your offer, and as I can get some time to get back into the illustrations part, I will happily contact you back to accept the help. Old dogs like me need all the help they can get these days! Anyway, it's much appreciated.

Thanks again Take care.

Charles M

Best of luck to you, and best wishes, Tom Bearden