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Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2003 23:34:53 -0600

Dear James,
Yes, the trimmer does make the transformer more efficient. Not really sure they understand exactly why.
I've posted some things since September, including a couple papers or so, and have another one waiting. My personal situation now is that I take care of my wife 24/7 since her stroke a few months ago, so my time has become very limited indeed. I cannot stand too long, or walk very far, but can still drive to the grocery store etc. But we are getting by okay, and I am very blessed in that my wife did not suffer loss of ability to use her limbs.  She is slowly but steadily recovering, but remains very weak. She is the love of my life, and simply the best thing that ever happened to me, so I will take care of her first and foremost, come hell or high water.
Other than a little work here and there, the MEG is just about where it was. We are still working on the follow-on pattern, which is a very difficult one to prepare in the way it has to be. But we are getting there, slowly. One of the real problems is that there are not a great many electrodynamicists who also are experimentalists involving the geometric phase (which we apply in the form of the Aharonov-Bohm effect in the MEG).  We still are seeking the financing we need, to do a very difficult year of research before we can adequately model the highly nonlinear responses, etc., have a fitted math model sufficient to allow engineering design for scale-up and scale-down, etc. But we continue to slowly increase our understanding of the unit.
We've also produced a series of little "fact papers" on thermodynamics, overunity systems principles, etc. Have fine-tuned them at least three times, and they are coming along.
We've also posted information on the Leyton geometry and Leyton's hierarchies of symmetry. We believe that Leyton's epochal work will indeed provide the next great breakthrough in physics, chemistry, thermodynamics, and electrical engineering. We've also nominated the source charge as a physical nonequilibrium steady state (NESS) system, which produces continuous negative entropy in accord with the startling theoretical demonstration shown by Evans and Rondoni, in which case it is the first ever such physical system (if it does get recognized as such). If that work holds up, it also totally falsifies the present second law of thermodynamics, which may be stated as S is greater than or equal to 0.  Instead, it requires revision of the second law to the form that minus infinity is less than or equal to S less than or equal to positive infinity. Hopefully the work will hold up; we will see. These kinds of things do not happen rapidly, however. After the discovery and proof of the Aharonov-Bohm effect, e.g., it required physicists some 25 years to finally accept it. Sometimes it requires 50 years before something "much against the grain" is accepted, even if it is true and experimentally proven.
Have also made some inputs to another very important program that cannot be discussed because of a very rigorous nondisclosure agreement.
So we stay as busy as we are able to, and continue to get out what information we can, as we can, thanks to some very gracious and hard working folks who make it possible.
 It's going to be a very hard struggle to get overunity systems allowed to be worked on by the sharp young grad students and post doctoral scientists, and funded by the scientific community, but it will come eventually. One notes that cheap oil has peaked, as far as its supply is concerned. When we moved against the Taliban in Afghanistan, Putin opened Russia's oil spigots for us, in a move to become our trusted cheap oil supplier so they could pump much needed funds into their economy, and that has actually kept oil from escalating rapidly. The Chinese demand for oil and energy increases steadily and rapidly, and China has now surpassed Japan in demand for energy and oil, and has become "user #2" worldwide, second only to the U.S. That increasing Chinese demand for oil presages an escalation of the price as time passes along. Just now OPEC is allowing the OPEC supply to remain at pretty high level, but is making noises that the next meeting will see them reducing the supply, to escalate the prices further.
Meanwhile, U.S. power companies have actually built an excess of generator capacity, but are still very constrained by overtaxing an inadequate system of grid transmission lines. And the so-called "power grid control system" is an abomination, violating almost every major principle of the control of multiple servo loop systems. Also, allowing speculation in the marketing of electrical power, so that speculators in sheer greed redirect much of the power that could be suddenly needed locally in a bind, and usurp distribution lines in the process, is one of the severe shortcomings of our distribution system (some one say, one of its "stupidities"). The distribution system was never planned as a "shuttling" system in that fashion, but primarily in local demand modes. The speculative "shuttling" now easily overtaxes the distribution lines. And when an emergency arises, the "communication" to the outfit needing to make the change may often be a "courtesy phone call", if the outfit where the emergency has arisen remember to make the call. So the grid distribution lines are fragile, easily overloaded by speculators and "shuttling", leading much too readily to surges and variations that escape control and require emergency shutdown of powerplants, refineries, etc.
The big projects now settled on by Department of Energy are back to pushing Big Nuclear and Hot Fusion projects. So far as I'm aware, there is not a seriously funded, serious task anywhere in the National Science Foundation, National Academy of Sciences, Department of Energy, the Universities, the National Laboratories, etc. that is directed at obtaining energy from the vacuum and COP>1.0 electrical power systems. Indeed, I can find nothing at all in the power engineering field at any of those agencies, where the discovery of broken symmetry is applied in electrical power systems, or where the designers and engineers even recognize that all the EM energy in an electrical circuit comes from the local vacuum into the local circuit via the charges in that local circuit. And not from cranking the shaft of the generator, etc. Electrical engineering still assumes a flat local spacetime (falsified for any and all energy changes, by general relativity, since 1916) and an inert vacuum (falsified for at least seven decades in particle physics. Nowhere in electrical power engineering does it appear to be taught that modern physics recognizes the charge as consisting of a dipolarity, with an infinite bare charge in the middle, and surrounded by an infinite charge of virtual particle (charges) of opposite sign, bubbling away at a furious rate. Or that the asymmetry of opposite charges thus applies rigorously to this dipolarity, which explains why the "source charge as a strange ensemble" extracts virtual energy from the vacuum, coherently integrates it into observable energy, and continuously pours out real observable photons in all directions. That continuous outpouring of real energy establishes and continuously maintains the associated EM fields and potentials and their energy.
Instead, the classical Maxwell-Heaviside electrodynamics model and electrical engineering implicitly assume that every EM field, EM potential, and every joule of EM energy in the universe is and has been freely created from nothing at all, by its associated source charges.  That assumption of course is in total violation of the conservation of energy law.
This year we also published the exact mechanism by which the charge is able to consume positive entropy in the virtual state, transduce it into positive energy and also coherently integrate it to observable size, and re-emit real, observable photons.
Meanwhile, the energy situation will have variations and ups and downs, but the overall trend is that the worldwide demand is exceeding the supply of cheap oil, and it will only get worse. Plus which, the reserves of natural gas they were counting on for this winter are already evaporating much faster than originally expected. So if we get much of a winter, the price of natural gas (which is already rising) will start going through the roof.
Anyway one cuts the energy cake, the crisis is not abated, but it is coming on down the railroad right at us.
When one does a formal strategic analysis on a nation and its culture, one of the areas utilized is called "National Style". A nation's National Style reveals many of its characteristics, knee-jerk reactions, and idiosyncrasies -- which can be and are exploited by the nation's enemies as "vulnerabilities". One of our characteristics -- and a serious U.S. vulnerability -- is that we usually do not react to slowly increasing threats. We react to the rattler when he strikes at us or bites us, but not the slowly squeezing boa constrictor. The energy crisis is just such a boa constrictor, slowly tightening on us.
In the business of abating the energy crisis, our own national style seems to be dictating that we have to be bitten and bitten very hard, before we really take it seriously.
Meanwhile, what Winston Churchill called the "High Cabal" -- the loose knit odd-balled groups who between them control much of the world's financial power -- are very determined to keep things the way there are. The last thing they wish to see is cheap clean energy from the vacuum, fuel-free. Science is largely controlled and directed, by controlling its funding and what the funding can be spent for. In our present science, if one works on hot fusion, nuclear power plant theory and practice, fuel cells, etc. one can and will have a good future if one applies oneself diligently.  If one advocates that "silly" energy from the vacuum, one will be labeled a nut and totally discredited (and blacklisted or effectively so). The same folks so feverishly discrediting the free energy research as a "perpetual motion nut" -- themselves continue to advocate an electrical theory that already accepts that all EM energy is freely created right from nothing at all. You can draw your own conclusions.
So the way one has to change science, is to reach the sharp young graduate students and post doctoral scientists. Once they understand the principles, rigorously check the references to see that the physics is actually there, and check the thermodynamics to see that it is there, then gradually some of them will start working the problem, probably largely on their own time but some will succeed in getting a bit of funding.
Anytime the "system" will actually provide a few million dollars of funding for doctoral theses and post doctoral programs in "energy from the vacuum", then very rapidly (in two to three years) there will no longer be an energy crisis, and there never will be one again.
So it will happen, but -- I'm afraid -- only after the rattlesnake bites us. So we are going to have to have a real energy disaster strike us, before the system will bend and get at what has to be done.
As an aside, the weather engineering going on over our heads is particularly fierce this year. Huntsville is a "turning point" used to turn the jet streams that have been pulled way down south, so they turn and run parallel to the eastern coastline. So we see a great deal of the weather engineering here. Lately I've often seen three tiers of engineering at once, with a huge twin giant radial cloud in the lower cloud layer, a single giant radial of very large size in the middle layer, oriented at almost right angles to the first one, and then high above all of it in the top cloud layer a large network of interference pattern resembling a "cross-ploughed field" or grid pattern.
What such fierce engineering usually means is that they are going to give us a very bad winter, and really hit the old heartland U.S. hard.
Anyway, good luck to you in your own research, and please hang in there.
Best wishes,
Tom Bearden
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Please forward to Tom please - Thanks!
Mr. Bearden Sir:
   I have not seen any new correspondence since
September. Are you ok?
   Have you seen this transformer with
 a third winding which is now beginning
to be used by consumers and suppliers of electrical
power? (Saves 25% - called the "trimmer"
- here it is:
What is your opinion of this - maybe if they start with these
they will be more open to the MEG in their next step?
   Also have you seen the 1 million dollar

offer for any overunity device? Check this out.    
   What is the latest on the MEG and how
is your health? Have you considered Monoatomic Gold
and the other platinum group monoatomic/diatomic elements -
they are amazing healing agents!
Please review what I have said here.
   I literally worship you and your work and pray for you and yours.
                Concerned follower and researcher
                                                     James C.