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Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 22:17:09 -0600

Dear Wayne,


First try to imagine a wave (where something is changing in time, a priori) with no time in which to change at all.  Retaining the wave while discarding time is a non sequitur.


The source dipole's broken symmetry deals with straightforward absorption of EM virtual energy from the vacuum by the charges of the dipole, then "knitting" them together to produce real EM energy which is poured out in 3-space in all directions.


It is not a "tear".  When symmetry is broken at one level (in this case, in 3-space), you just have symmetry at the next higher level (in this case, 4-space).  It just leads you to a higher symmetry.


In physics, physicists are ever looking for higher and higher symmetries via finding more and more broken symmetries.  The gut feeling of the physicists is that, if they can eventually find all the broken symmetries, they will also have found the "final symmetry".  This (hopefully, they think) may shed some light on "what was before anything came into being".  In a way, it is the sort of "ultimate quest" of many physicists.



Tom Bearden

Subject: missing time
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001 21:04:35 -0800

 I appreciate your forwarding me almost daily reports of progress. In reading Tom's description I'm finally beginning to get it (I think). A source dipole is basically an unbalanced "tear" in the fabric of the ether (or quintessence if you will) and the bubbling quantum foam of virtual photons tries to repair/re-balance that "tear" via the A-B effect. Is that about right? Now, I have a somewhat different theory but it may converge with what you have. Einstein said there is only one (relativity )reality, but different ways of expressing it. So, there is no such thing as "time". What you think of as "time" is nothing more than an imbalance of wave vs particle energies (again, that word : imbalance, as in unbalanced dipole charges). Thus the equation is t=KE=m=(W not=to P) which means time is Kinetic Energy (the rate thereof) which is mass (inertial or gravitational) which is the IMBALANCE of Debroglie matter wave energy(wavelength)vs particle velocity(fermions). The other side of the coin is not-t=PE=M=(W=P) or not-time is Potential Energy is Momentum is Wave energy=Particle energy.  So, you have an AREA statement in the imbalance of complementarity as in mv^2 or mc^2 and a LINE statement as in mv or mc. All this means then is that what you perceive as "time" is but under running or over running(hidden, invisible) matter wave energy vs matter particle velocity, or the two great languages of energy(as enunciated by Bohr) get out of sync and you get a quantum movie, the difference being that the individual photographs that make up the movie are momentum black/blank "stills" and it is the delta Ws(for Wave shape) and delta dPv(for Particle velocity)stair step up the momentum diagonal line(risers and treads)that is the "action" of the movie. And yet, living as we do in the CM world (as Prof Feynman pointed out) we can't feel the little "clicks" of quantum area steps (units of h). .000000000000000000000000000000006625 watts of energy is far, far too small to ever be measured in the lab. Which explains why "peace" and stability is so hard to maintain in our world(just watch the nightly news).       So, throw a baseball back and forth. When you increase the Pv(via coulomb repulsion of electron clouds)as in acceleration you HAVEN'T also increased the complementary Ws(matter wave length)that also describes that higher Pv, thus the back pressure of inertia is the MATTER WAVE ENERGY being pulled up(silently kicking and screaming in the vacuum)to that new and higher level. Then when you catch the baseball you once again change the Pv but now it is the over running MATTER WAVE ENERGY that is the force of the WHUMP into the mitt.  At each quantum step in the process it is, in acceleration : +dPv/+dWs to a new momentum balance point of Pv=Ws, then +dPv/+dWs to the next Pv=Ws, and so on, the lagging back +dWs being the resistance that you call "inertia". Then in deceleration its -dPv/-dWs, then a new(lower)Pv=Ws, another -dPv/-dWs, then a still lower Pv=Ws; and so on. Think of the dPv increments as (abscissa)treads(x axis) and Ws increments(ordinate)as risers(y axis)in a staircase going up and down a 45 deg diagonal line, called the momentum D line wherein the stairway nosing points of W=P are on the line( and incremental areas are quantum areas : h). Thus deceleration is the same thing as weight : over running matter waves. Free fall then is Ws>Pv. To wit, the earth's Ws value (as a bose capacitor, 1 fermion+1fermion=1 boson as in cooper pair electrons in superconductivity) is 11kps but now it is particle velocity that is lagging back, and is pulled, silently kicking and screaming in the vacuum, at 9.8m/s^2.      Ok then, the formula not-t=PE=M=(W=P) explains how aliens in UFOs do the missing time trick. By putting all the fermions within a given volume in that su-mo state (all particles frozen on a single momentum W=P frame) the fermions (call it a living organism if you will) STOP just as the movie on your VCR STOPS on a single frame when you hit the pause button. And it also explains how seemingly impossible accelerations (and non-ballistic motions) are easy money when you KNOW and USE matter wave production and technology. Thus, aliens aren't any BETTER than people, they just aren't STUPID, ignoring the REALITY of hidden, invisible MATTER WAVES (the other 1/2 of your existence) as most physicists do (even though MATTER WAVES are the very foundation of quantum mechanics).         So then, when Tom says that a little bit of "time" translates into a LOT of energy, does he mean MATTER WAVE ENERGY? W=P