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Subject: RE: Overunity device
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 12:15:28 -0600

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Dear Al,
Thanks for the kind words and the very kind offer. They are much appreciated.
I've thought long and hard about the problem, and have come up with what I think is the best way for you to get your systems onto the market in spite of the usual strong suppression efforts that arise, and in spite of any attempted opposition by the High Cabal.
It is perfectly obvious that, if one separates the voltage (potential) from the current (say, via two channels, one where the electrons are "pinned" and cannot move as current), and then separately amplifies the voltage channel alone, that amplified voltage is "for free" since that is simply asymmetrical regauging, and it is guaranteed work-free by the gauge freedom principle. Of course, in the real world, it may cost a little for switching etc., but the change of magnitude of the potential (and therefore collected potential energy) of a system is basically free. The trick, of course, is how to then couple the amplified voltage flow back onto the current flow in the main path, without also coupling it back across the main source dipole (external power source) and increasing the current back through the back emf of the external source.  Such coupling is almost certainly possible, but of course the standard closed current loop circuit guarantees that it does not happen.
Any variation of that schema -- essentially separating voltage from current, amplifying the voltage separately, then recoupling it to the current without back coupling it to the external source -- accomplishes asymmetrical regauging to change only the potential energy of the system. Without the back coupling, then dissipation of the excess potential energy in the external  load and not in the original source, is sufficient to yield genuine COP>1.0.  Energy conservation is not violated, since the actual collected potential energy in the external circuit comes from the local altered vacuum potential via the source charges, not really from the external source. A "flow of potential" onto a receiving circuit, which "potentializes the receiving circuit", actually changes the energy density of the local vacuum potential in which the receiving circuit is embedded.  Thus the source charges in the circuit (which we usually call the "potentializing charges") receive the additional potential energy from their ongoing altered vacuum exchange -- the latter interaction is not even modeled in conventional electrical engineering.
It will take such influence and backing by persons in high political position, to get the units onto the market safely and keep them there in spite of the Cabal. Their support will assure the "running blocking" of the interference in all its many guises.
Due to my own serious health problems (and taking care of my wife 24/7 after her stroke of several months ago), I am not in a sufficient physical situation to bring about the very strong support and high level interference-running you need.

As you know from my writings, I don't care who gets it done first; the world absolutely must develop and use "cheap clean energy from the vacuum", or else the environment and probably much of the human species are just going to go down the tube in the economical and military problems that ensue in the coming "energy wars" otherwise.

Very best wishes,
Tom Bearden

Dear Dr. Bearden,


For over a year now I have been a frequent reader of the articles in your web page, which  I have found excellent and well documented, something which I reckon is not the norm in a field such as free energy, where the boundaries are not usually well defined between science & technology on the one side and fantasy and wishful thinking on the other.


I have also read in a couple of your essays about your belief that you will probably not live long enough to see the day when the concept of energy from the vacuum will be generally accepted by industry and academia, as well as your dream that in the near future some low cost  piece of equipment, showing the extraction of energy from the vacuum, such as the MEG or some other, could be manufactured in large amounts and sold via internet to research labs, universities and the general public all around the world. I understand this has not yet been carried out with the MEG because of some of its construction characteristics which make difficult its mass production. But perhaps this dream may be closer than you imagine.


We seem to have developed some time ago something which has a COP>1.0, but which does not seem to have as many difficulties in its construction and reproducibility as the MEG.  I am part of a team of physicists and engineers, living outside of the US, which have been working now for nearly twenty years on the subject of extraction of energy from the vacuum and, among other things, have developed recently a “demo kit” easy to build and operate, and have thought of the possibility of making it more public. A few months ago I emailed you a letter, asking for your points of view regarding the reasons why no COP>1 devices have ever made it to the market. I fully agree with your answers, and hold the same concerns as you do.


The kit consists of a multiplying circuit unit (MCU) which, when connected to the normal household power line (110 volts, 60 cycles) will output the same input current but will double or triple the voltage. With a different circuit design it could also keep the voltage fixed and double or triple the current, or a mixture of both. There is a small see-thru acrylic contact pad, with several jacks where plugs from measuring devices (voltmeters, multimeters, oscilloscopes, etc.) can be connected before and after the MCU, in order to measure the input and output currents and voltages, as well as two small electric motors with propellers which can be connected to the contact pad either in series or in parallel. The motors are of low cost, simple and easy to replace if damaged by the operator, of the kind used to power fans in typical smoke extraction hoods built over stoves in household kitchens. For illustration purposes, I am including a picture of one of these assembled kits as an attachment to this letter. The actual MCU, however, would be larger than the one shown in the picture. Its actual size would be about 6” long, by 4” wide, by 2” thick.  Multimeters shown in the picture would not be included in the kit.


The way this demo would be operated is by first connecting to the power line the circuit with the fans, without the MCU and with the two motors connected in parallel, in order to measure currents and voltages in a normal circuit, and if you wish you can also measure the rpm´s of the motors, although no measuring devices are included in the kit for such purpose, since most interested parties would already own them, or  be able to obtain them through borrowing; same thing holds for a multimeter which could measure both AC voltage and current. Once the readings of the normal circuit have been carried out, the MCU is connected to the circuit and the fan motors placed in series (since the voltage will double or triple) and, once the power is connected again, measurements are made one more time. These new readings will show that the input and output currents are the same but the output voltage is twice, or three times, the present input voltage at the MCU, and the rpm´s of the fan motors are now the same in series as before when connected in parallel. In the picture, from left to right, the readings in the multimeters are 151.2 mA, 121.7 V, 151.5 mA and 251 V.  If you leave the fan motors connected for a while in parallel after you connect de MCU to the circuit you run the risk of burning the motors.


The system could be sold either as a whole kit, or only the MCU, or some other combination in between. The price to the public for the whole kit would be of US$ 310.00, while the MCU by itself would hold a price of US$ 225; in both cases shipping and handling costs should be added. In the case of a distributor, the price to the distributor would be of US$ 260.00 and US$ 175.00, respectively, plus shipping in bulk to the US.


Should you or any of your associates be interested in the possibility of distributing these circuits and/or MCU´s, our proposal would be to have us manufacture these MCU´s, as well as the contact pads and motors, and have you sell and/or distribute them in the US to all those people interested in carrying out, by themselves, this amazing experiment of extraction of energy from the vacuum. The main reasons we thought of you as a possible sales or distribution channel is because we consider you as holding a scientifically serious image, because you are in contact with most people seriously interested in the subject, and because you have developed a business experience through your sales of books, CD´s, posters on the subject which could proove very helpful.


You will probably discover that the MCU device is sealed and cannot be easily reproduced. Any attempts by anybody to perform reverse engineering on it would automatically destroy critical portions of the circuitry and turn such a task impossible.


If you consider this proposal as of possible interest to you and/or your associates, or have other ideas or comments, especially regarding ways to avoid attacks from the High Cabal, we would appreciate if you would share them with me. I would be happy to FedEx to you, free of charge, one of these kits or  MCU´s, so that you could test it personally.


Best regards,