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Subject: RE: Prioré effect: a new French article
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 11:31:53 -0600

Dear Mr. Anglesio,


Many thanks for your kindness in translating the article and sending it to me.  It is much appreciated.


Our own view is that Priore actually utilized higher group symmetry electrodynamics, without anyone on the project realizing it.  Priore's own radar technician training definitely would not have encompassed such electrodynamics.


It is a pity that the full modern SU(2) or O(3) non-Abelian electrodynamics has not been applied to the Priore work, to examine it in a higher topological manner.  Such electrodynamics is indeed capable of modeling and expressing what Priore was doing, as is quantum field theory.


It is not expressible at all in the conventional U(1) theory, which "kills" the very mechanisms Priore used.


Anyway, we are slowly putting on our website our own extended concepts, drawn from higher symmetry EM theory etc. and from a study of cellular regeneration (a poorly studied function using a very special kind of higher symmetry EM).  Once the basic mechanism by which the body repairs its own damaged cells was understood, then the work of Priore could be understood in light of that.


Hopefully this will help draw attention to the Priore work of those decades ago, and the still-misunderstood achievements he and his fellow researchers made, which could have ushered in a revolution in medical healing.


Best wishes,


Tom Bearden

Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 21:10:06 +0100
Subject: Prioré effect: a new french article

Dear Mr Bearden
I read with a great pleasure the texts of your site. In the December issue of the "Science et Vie" french scientific magazine, one finds an article on new researches on the Prioré wave.
I have translated the text so that you can have an idea.
I think that your hypothesis on Prioré effect is much more revolutionary, even if these French machines are really functioning and even if these French researchers explain classically the effect.
About the English, have in mind that I am not a professional translator !! But the article is complete.

Dominique Anglesio
11, place du Pilori
49190 Rochefort/ Loire

Who remembers the Prioré machine ?
Such was the title of an article published in the 2001 september issue of Science et Vie, which reminded how an engineer, from Italia, living in Floirac, near Bordeaux, succeeded in the fifties to build a machine from which got out a wave capable of healing cancer in the animals and, may be, in man himself. The article ended by : ³ This marvellous story had unhappily a sad end. Antoine Prioré, who concealed the manufacturing process of his wave in a black box, put inside the machine, in the aim to have the exlusive distribution rights, died suddenly, taking with him his secret in his grave. We¹ll know nothing more about that.²
It was spoken too hastily. No sooner was Science et Vie issuing his article than an astonishing telephonic call was telling us that, since Antoine Prioré death, in 1983, the researches never ceased to continue.  Concidentally, the researches were on the point to know a fantastic revival : the Prioré wave had not only bee found again, but it had allowed to heal successfully cancerous mice ! The good news emanated from the french association of doctors researching on cancer electrotherapy (Artec), a private institution whose seat is at Cestas (Gironde), in the heart of Landes forest. According to his director, Dr Bernard Murzeau, geriatrician at Bordeaux, the experiences he did showed that the Prioré radiation effect is well and truly real. If he has reason, it¹s a controversy since the sixties which finds now its epilog. And an enigma at the borders of a legend is ceasing to wander in the head of cancerologists
A legend ? It has all the reasons to be so !! A modest electronician succeeding in his kitchen in the the same field where great researchers were failing : a wave healing cancer, but whose secret was never unveiled : an unlikely machine ceasing to function after having given astonishing results : the medias rushing on this affair with big titles, while eminent researchers work occultly to  breaak through an enigma.. Thirty years later after Prioré death, one is not astonished that his ghost arouses keen interests.

 An unquestionalble effect
One must say that Prioré affair, is very well known to Dr Murzeau, he was in fact a student of Pr Raymond Pautrizel, professor of repute at the medicine faculty of Bordeaux, who, between other many things, open the way to the parasite immunology, of which he directed the first department in Inserm. And yet Pautrizel was one of the more passionate defender of Prioré and his mysterious machines, after having himself noticed the astoundings results they gave in the treatment of cancerous mice. He was not alone to do that, since very high scientific authorities gave their support at this time to the researches of this genial handyman of Floirac. In particular, Pr André Wolff, Nobel prize for medicine, Pr Robert Courrier, perpetual secratary of Science academy, Marcel René Rivière, from Cancer reasearch institute of Villejuif.. For them, the results were obvious, even if the functioning of the machine remained a mystery. Besides, many papers to the science academy exposed the advancement of the works within the little pavilion of the Bordeaux suburbs. An yet, the Prioré researches were never officially recognized. This was due to a technicality. All researchers are morally obliged to give the method by which they arrive to their results but Antoine Prioré who was afraid toe see his findings stolen, refused, until his death, to give his ³trick², name he gave himself to them.

 A challenge for the scientists
 It was sufficient to make appear  the recalcitrant inventor a crook to many, it was even worse at a time where to give not  false hopes to cancer attacked persons was a priority.
For other ones, he became a martyre of the institutions, a genial David fighting hopelessly the Goliath of official cancerology. What is certain is that without his extravagant osbtination to tease his secret, this Italian of Floirac, will be today a national glory.. Or the Prioré wave a Girondes thrilling forgotten since many years..
Anyway, we must have waiting more than fifty years, since Prioré date himself his first results from 1948 to see now his secret maybe discovered (see our box Prioré effect : ultrasound hypothesis). Not counting only academics and doctors, this team gathers together researchers from CNRS, CEA, Aéospatiale, etc.. and is dealing today, under Pr Bernard Veyret, director of researches atCNRS, the possible dangers of portables phones, relay antennas, high voltage electric lines. Officially, one not evokes a Prioré effect. What has happened ? In fact, the Piom team, strong of a 20 million francs grant from Aquitaine region, has buit within his basement a machine who was expected superior to Prioré one, handymade on a corner of his kitchen, with salvaged materials. But in spite of their efforts, not any healing wave was in sight. Officially yet. In fact, secretly, some Piom researchers became associates to continue their researches of Prioré radiation.
Collaborating with extern scientits, old academics for many, they devote time and money and  lost hours to this infertile enigma. Œ It¹s our hobby², confess Jacques Joussot-Dubien, emerit professor of chemistry at the Bordeaux faculty of sciences, who particpated at all the Prioré fights. Occult, this structure has no name (may be a code name ?).
Simplicity: the secret ?
Why so mysteries about that ? Quest of truth, or researchers made upset by the advances made by a modest handyman ? Between both may be.² We are sit on a bomb. This Prioré affair makes all the people mad. And the reachers are paying with their reputation, they do not cease to tear each other to pieces. Since one of them has discovered something, he  turns the situation to his own advantage.² fulminates Pr Pierre-Alain Bernard, physics professor , Bordeaux university I. It remains that this structure, within his bazement, or not, has found nothing.
For Bernard Murzeau, the reasons of this failures are inherentkly related to the Piom way of doing the things ³Compared toe the feable means Prioré had for his first machines, the Piom machines could give an impression of easiness to this competent team ! Too competent may be. Searching to do better than Prioré, they engaged temselves on ways who were not those of the inventor. ³Clearly speaking, it could be a failure in the methodoly; whatever Prioré let the reaerchers believe to the observers visiting him, the solution would not lie in a clever dosage of waves likely to be reproduced from the measures done at the time of Prioré. The clever inventor was doing his utmost to cloud the issue, always in the aim that nobody could break his secret. To his close relatives, the man confided ³ It¹s simple, so simple that I don¹t understand why nobody has found something so simple. They will find nothing, so simple the thing is. However if I tell some more words, any electrican could do the same as I do, and all my work will be lost.²
It is this simplicity, Bernard Murzeau claims having rediscovered. Making a fresh start, his way was to make himself in the skin of a radio engineer., and not the skin of a doctorate researcher. In 1985, a little after Prioré death, he begins a long investigation. During two years, he questions witnesses, technicians and workers who, closely or loosely, had approached the inventor. Not forgetting the researchers of the PIOM, where he has many friends. But his better source of informations was Pr Pautrizel, responsible of the development at Leroy-Somer, an international company specialized in electric motors.

Spectacular recoveries
 It a reality that this famous company of Angoulême participated to the financing of the last machine Prioré made built, in 1975, in his Floirac pavilion. Aim : experiment within good conditions the famous radiation on humans cancers, an operation which was very difficult with is old machines. Made for rats and mices, those machines suffered from a lack of power, and, as they had not of a sufficient big action radius, the body of a man could exposed only very partially to the cocktail of waves and magnetic fields getting out those machines. These limitations could not prevent those machines to be effective, spectacular recoveries of lung cancer in terminal stage were obtained by Pr Gilbert Courty, at this time chief of the pneumology service of the Xavier Aronzan hospital, Bordeaux.
It was those enthousiaming results who decided the construction of a new prototype.
The funds were to find. Out of Leroy-Somer, commercially interested by the invention. Priore has a hidden card in his sleeve : his past of resistant against nazis and his setting in Gironde gave his request favourably looked by Jacques Chaban-Delmas who was at this time mayor of Bordeaux and Prime minister. It was no important that the principle of the machine was ignored, the promise of fabulous results got the way.
The french governemennt particpated to the affair, via the secret services of the army (DGRST) and the trick was done, with a 3,5 milion francs budget. One must say tha the machive as skeched by Prioré is a true monster. 15 meters high it needed to open the roof of the Floirac pavilion, while the garden was sacrificed to be transformed in a powerful electricitry generator. Only a palm tree will be saved. At last, an immense metallic surrounding wall isolates electrically all these installations.² It was our dancegirl² says with a smile, Paul Ribeau. On the 21 of october 1972, the first stone of the very official Laboratory od scientific researches on biological effects of the Prioré radiation is laid down with great pomp, Jacques Chaban-Demas being present. A marble slab securely fixed on one of the walls of the little pavilion comemorates the event.
The machine is started in february 1975. It will die one week later ! Impatient to get results, Antoine Prioré pushed too much hard the machine and the principal emmiting source went off, creating a big flash of light within the plasma lamp.
The damages are estimated ten millions of francs and one year is estimated needed to set the machine on anew. End of the story ? No quite. Because, in one week, the machine has demonstrated the tremendous effectivenees of the Prioré radiation. On the 40 experiences done on 280 trypanosomias infected  mice, parasite which causes the sleep desease, it gets 100 % of success. Why the trypanosomias ? Because this speciality of Pr Pautrizel was not so prone to polemics than cancer.. Moreover, the results will be collected within a parper to the Academy od Sciences under the title ³ Stimulation of the natural defences of trypanosomiated mouse by the action of a radiation associating magnetic field and electromagnetic waves².
The things which had so well begun however did not go further on. The times have changed. Chaban Delmas is not at Matignon (Prime minsitry palace) and, above all, the petroleum crisis of 1974 changes the situation. Leroy-Somer company refuses to give a cent to repair the machine, unless Prioré reveals his secret. He refuse, loyal to himself.
About the other companies which were approached, all stepped back, judging too risky to repair a machine too much aleatory in its functionning. Very near his aim, the Floirac inventor see his dream running away. He will not catch up with it. Five years later, he is a victim of an hemiplegia crisis, then die suddenly in 1983. And then ? The machine lays down always at Floirac, in its gigantic metallic gangue. It is in this sleeping monster, which is both an appartment and a Faraday cage, that lives today the inventor widow. We have ring the bell at her door. After 5 minutes waiting, a shutter of the first floor slightly opens ³ I do not welcome anybody², she says, disshevelled hair, and then disappearing. Consulting one of her sons, we have known than  the family has lost all interest in this affair ³ My father has fought during thirty years...² We will not known the rest. Sadly, he puts the telephone down. A thing is certain : the inventor did not leaved any will or ultimate legacy unveiling the secret of his discovery. ³About the machine, it is beyond repair², indicated Paul Ribeau. The people who could make the machine start again are dead or have lost their knowledge of it.
 The patent is of no use, as it gives only the gross outlines of the machine.
³ If this discovery is authetic, it will reappear in the future² claimed at this time Pr Jean-Pierre Bader, leading expert in politics and medicine, member of many scientific committees. The recent works of Dr Murzeau could give him reason today. Investing his personal fortune (one million francs), this man has indeed succeeded in realizing a machine similar with a Prioré model. In less than two years, he gets first results : by dint of many adjustments, his machine generates a wave who accelerates the germinating of seeds and stimulates the chicken development. A Prioré weve avatar ? Murzeau has a premonition that he is on the good way. Before to be totally convinced himself, after an experience done on 17 mice affected by both a reticulo-sarcoma (cancer of the soft tissues) an a leukemia. Classicaly, the animals were divided into two parts one part of nine mice to be witnesses, anoter part of eight mice submitted to the machine radiations. Two months later, all the mice are sacrificed. Results : within the part not irradiated two mice on nine are still alive; 22%; in the part treated with the radiation, it remains seven surviving animals, 82 %. Pourcentage comparable to the results Prioré obtained when living.
Confirmation of a genius ?
At the present time, the results of the experience are not yet published. Careful, Dr Murzeau wants them confirmed. That does not prevent him to be certain of his work. ³No doubt that I have rediscoverred the Prioré effect.² he says joyously. Optimism moderated by William Ellison, research director at CNRS, and PIOM member : ³ I admire Dr Murzeau, but one must keep his reason vigilant. Other experiences are needed to judge the effectiveness of the wave found again. It those are true, the techicality reproached, quite rightly, for Prioré, will subside. Proof will be done that this modest engineer of Floirac was a genius. His work would not be only DIY; he will be at last a real genius. ³Between scientific error and sientific truth, it¹s only a question of date², claimed Marcel René Rivière. One will know very soon if the Prioré effect verifies this claim. In this case, the legend of the mysterious wave will make waves more.

Prioré effect, the ultrasound hypothesis
The function of the gigantic plasma lamp could throw a new light on the mystery of the Prioré machines. Matter to start again the debate.
All the experts found again are categorical : ³something² was going out of the Prioré machine and this ³something² reduced or healed the tumours. Bu anybody wants to say something on the nature of what has been hastily baptized ³Prioré wave².
At least, one answers that in depth studies are in the process. On what bases these reearches are based, as Antoine Prioré has got his secret with him ? In fact, the main thing of the technical data at our disposal on his radiation are gathered in a file of measures emmitted by the P2 prototype of Prioré. Two engeneers of the CNRS, André Jean Bertheaud et André Marie Bottereau were entrusted for the missionn of analyzing the Prioré radiation. They established an important report in june 1971 ( reference CNRS : 659-0438). It has to be said that those engneers were only interested by the electromagnitic radiations going out the machine. In their analysis very complete and detailed of the detected frequences, one finds again the magnetic pulsed fields at very low frequencies, low frequencies and high frequencies.and also hyperfrequencies. And yet, nothing ou near nothing on the plasma lamp of the machine. For them, this lamp emmitted only light.
A superb microwave
However they realized a spectrographic analysis of this lamp to find, which is nothing suprising, a range of the spectra rays cumulated of neon and mercury. The plasma lamp contained indeed low pressureized neon, and a bath of mercury to provide the contact between the turning anode of the machine. Vapours of this metal existed within the lamp. In their minds, the Prioré radiation was resumed in a combination of radiofrequencies and magnectic fields. A subtile cocktail, but perfectly reproducible with a special plasma lamp.
To acertain their theory, the two engineers proposed to realize simplified machine, not expensive since not involving a plasma lamp and only based on radiofrequences and magnetic fields. Their project was accepted and the machine built by CNRS; in the parisian laboratory of Berteaud and Bottereau. And yet, since the start, their deception was complete. These researchers had realized a superb microwave. The animal treated were all killed; the machine was roasting them.  The Prioré radiation retained all its mystery.
Was the plasma essential ?
As Pr Alain Pierre Bernard who collaborates with Dr Murzeau`² When one takes physical measures, one must know what one searches to measure in the aim to use a suitable detector. All make us think that those engineers of CNRS have missed something, because they has not had considered its presence and had ommitted to use a suitable detector.²
Within the distance of years, in examining again the files and in analyzing the indications given by Dr Murzeau and Pr Bernard,it is not  stupid to consider that an essential component of the Prioré radiation is ultrasound.
How were they produced, how were they acting ? As they have discovered, at their own expense, Berteaud and Bottereau, plasma seems essential to get the Prioré radiation. What is arriving when one submits plasma to electric, magnetic or electromagnetic paramaters ? It vibrates with a frequency linked to the frequency of the fields engaged. This phenomenon is well known by the acousticians. Plasma tweeters (loudspeakers in the acute parts of the sounds) exist since many years. Would i t be possible that the plamsa contained in the lamp had emmitted ultrasound ? It¹s probable. However, if one considers the waves used 17 MHZ and 10 and even 20 MHZ, the frequency of ultrasounds could only be extremely high. More, the ultrasounds have, before to touch the treated celles, to cross the glass surface of the lamp, the air, the skin and at last the surrounding tissues. With such frequencies, each fronter generates very great losses, from that the need to create at the source, a big quantity of ultrasounds to get an effect detectable at cell level. This could explain the Prioré hunger of power.
Tattoos as distinctive signs
But how those ultrasounds intervene at the cell level ? To understand that, one has not to forget the intense magnetic field that Prioré associated to his plasma lamp. One knows, indeed, that when one moves a conducer within an magnetic flield, electric tension  appears at its terminals. This is a basic principle of all the alternators and other dynamos. It¹ the same for cells. Their vibrations due to ultrasound, associated to the magnetic flield created by the big coil of the machine provoked a strong modification of their membrane electric potential, this would be the aim sought. One must know that tumorous cells present on their membranes antigens (proteins), a kind of tattoo, which distinguish them between others. So are they recognized and destroyed by the immunitary system. To escape the immunitary system attack, the cancerous cells has at their disposal a stratagem called modulation phenomenon, that enables them to hide in their folds their surface antigens. explains Pr Wolf Herman Fridman, immunologist and cancerologist at  Cordeliers Biomedical research center of  Paris. And he adds : ³ One of the immunological treatments consists in making appear those antigens again, with interferon, by example, so that the cells are again a target for the immnitary system².
The unfolded membrane reveals its antigens
One hypothesis emmitted by Dr Murezau is that Prioré wave would have the same effect as interferon, but without its secondary effects and with a better effectiveness. This wave unfolds the membrane in modifying its electric charges and revealing the antigens of the cancerous cells, the celle would then be destoyed by the immunitary system. At last, this mode of functioning would explain also the importance and the delicateness of  the Prioré tunings.
As is broken a crystal cup
So that the cells enter the vibrating mode, one must have the frequency of the urltrasound corresponding exactly to their resonance frequency. A phenomenon comparable to a singer breaking a crystal cup with a precise note. To get this result, it was necessary that Prioré found and fixed this frequency by trial and error in playing with tuning. Samely, it would be perfectly understandable that each frequency wal only addressing one type of cell, and, consequently, to one unique pathology. It¹s a fact that the dimensions of cancerous cells and trypanosomas cells are differing and, so, their resonance frequncy. This hypothesis,  and it is only hypothiesis, is not an aberration. Not any of our interlocutors has this hypothesis denied.² One must however classify very precisely the complete set of molecular and ionic reactions before to set up a complete theory of the Prioré radiation², precises Pr Bernard.² It is also the only solution to get the experiences reproducible and gaining scientific validity², he adds.