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Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 10:16:48 -0600
Dear Sean,

We really do not know the limits of the photography, the various versions that can be adapted, etc.

Through the auspices of a friend of mine (now deceased), we did some experiments in detecting anomalous phenomena.  In that vein it was successful, after quite a bit of trying and developing by my friend.

The difference frequency between two sine wave frequencies that one transmits, does have remarkable properties; e.g., it will go through an isotropic nonlinear medium as if it were in a linear medium, even though the actual transmitted waves overrun, break up, reform, etc.  The difference frequency can be detected!

That entire area cries out for a very advanced group studying it in higher group symmetry electrodynamics.  It also is tied to anomalous deep penetration of weak EM radiation throughout the body.

Best wishes,
Tom Bearden
Sent: Monday, November 26, 2001 7:15 PM
To: Tom
Subject: Scalar Photography

Hello Tom and A.J.

I was curious does the photography you reference in the Fer De Lance appendix allow gravity to be photographed?
Is gravity a scalar wave or would you need some other harmonic interval to photograph electrogravity?
Also can this concept be used for imaging other phenomena?  That is would it work if took the harmonic set of UV and half that frequency whether they are radio waves or x rays or wherever they fall in the spectrum so long as you are transparent to harmonic frequencies with the range in between filtered out?  Just curious.

Thanks for sharing such insightful information!