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Excerpted from Private Correspondence

If one goes outside the normal CEM/EE flawed model, and over to quantum field theory, there are four photons. Two (with polarization along x or y, where z is the direction of propagation through space) are observable. The other two, longitudinal polarization along the line of propagation and polarization in the time domain, are not observable. Yet their combination is observable as a spike of electrostatic scalar potential – i.e., voltage.  If, in the coupling, the longitudinal waves are made coherent to coupled mind-domain functions and dynamics, then the brain and nervous system has “voltage spikes” directly and exactly representing the mind’s temporal EM dynamics. So for coupling (i.e., a living body), we must see such correlated voltage spikings. Hence all the nerve dendrites and zillions of voltage spikings in the operating, living brain and nervous system.

The mind dynamics of course are also known to be nonobservable directly. Nonetheless, from our very crude lie detectors etc., we already know that somehow “normal” electrical analogues of mind dynamics do occur in the living body, brain, and nervous system. But in the West, our scientists are very materialistic and still think in 3-D, so to speak. They therefore largely continue to conclude that we are “meat computers” – i.e., that the mind itself is naught but a series of voltage spikes in the brain and nervous system. In such a horribly mistaken model, of course, the model predicts that, once dead and those spikes gone, there is no mind or life left.

Mind dynamics are in fact totally electrodynamic in nature, but they are comprised of those strange nonobservable time-polarized photons and EM fields over on the time axis – and not even existing in the sad old CEM/EE model so ubiquitously used. All time (and time entities) are nonobservable since the observation process itself invokes a d/dt operator upon the 4-space dynamics, being d/dt(LLLT) = LLL.  We (i.e., our physical senses as physical instruments) “see” things very much like a series of frozen 3-space snapshots LLL, and we infer the “passage of time” by comparing differences between the snapshots – just like for a motion picture film.

To couple a dynamic time-polarized photon entity on the time axis coherently to a dynamic entity (a physical body) in 3-space, one must use the coherent coupling of time-polarized photons (on the 4th axis) and longitudinally-polarized (in 3-space) photons.

Hence the real purpose of all the dendrite endings (with jillions of spikes and spikings continuously) in the brain and nervous system is to get at and produce such a coherent coupling. Many of those spikes do represent that exact coherent coupling. So long as all that coherent coupling is functional, the mind remains coupled to the body, and the two comprise a “living system”. If the coherence is lost, the coupling of mind to body is lost, and that is “death” where the “freed mind” now just occupies a part of the time domain, along with zillions and zillions of others.

If one would directly engineer the mind and its dynamics, one must learn to use such spikes between deliberately created coherent longitudinal photon dynamics (in 3-space) and the targeted or desired time-polarized photon dynamics on the time axis. In short, one “reverse engineers” by mixing deterministic but unobservable longitudinal photons and the mind’s time-polarized photons into voltage spikes, where the mixed longitudinal photons are correlated to those of a targeted mind.

As an aside, eventually communication with the “dead” is possible, by such means (deliberately coupling a set of “body functions” to a desired “dead” mind function). As can be seen, there is an entire emerging science of mind and matter interaction, that emerges from the study and development of psychoenergetics technology.

Enough really good scientists researching and experimenting with this area (coupling of mind and body EM functions) will eventually work out exactly how to do it, the types of instrumentation that can “monitor” it (or its results, at least). The Soviets under KGB auspices have spent 60 years on it, and have reached a very high degree of competence, rather completely unknown to the West because the West is still so deeply mired in the conventional CEM/EE.

What we call “death”, of course, is simply the loss of all coherence in the coupling of the mind’s time-polarized EM dynamics to the body’s longitudinal-wave dynamics. At death (separation) the mind does not “disappear” into nonexistence (disappointing the atheists), but remains as a living part of the time-domain world dynamics. One thing that happens to it (to a separated human mind) is that the conscious mind withdraws into its personal unconscious mind, in that case. So one exists as in a special kind of dream state – a dream state where one is surrounded by all the unresolved conflicts one has suppressed into one’s unconscious over one’s physical lifetime (incarnation). The “conscience” comes into play since what we call “evil” or “bad” deeds that one commits are usually at the expense of one’s conscience. One continually shoves one’s own conflicts down in one’s unconscious mind. And then Voila! At death there one suddenly is, with one’s conscious mind now directly immersed in all that conflict, every incident. For the average person it is very like being in a nightmare from which one cannot awaken. It is the literal mechanism for “As a man seweth, that shall he also reap”. Everything one has done against one’s fellow humans, is right there and at him again. The ancients – peering dimly into that morass – called it “Hell!” And so it is, if one has resorted to lots of conflict to abuse his fellow humans.

The time domain is riddled with incredible numbers of disassociated minds (all of them that ever disassociated from their original living bodies that died). If one develops the science of mind engineering (psychoenergetics) in the time domain, with the developed technology one can then build a 3-space “engine” (set of longitudinal photon force functions in mass) that mimic the action of a living body. One then takes an engine for the kind of “mind” dynamics in the time-polarized photons of the time domain that one wishes, and with the zillions of statistical variations already present, one reconnects one of those minds to that “body set”. In a sense, that is a sort of “reincarnation” and it can be communication with the “dead”.

The body set engine can be the body set engine of a targeted living human. And the mind set engine that is additionally coupled to that human’s body set engine can be a desired variation (in behavior) of that normal mind. Hence in that case one has engineered a “sleeper” personality and mind in an already living person – which I called “conversion” since one can also switch which mind engine is “dominantly coupled” for directions from its “conscious” mind portion. It’s very similar to multiple personalities in psychiatry; only in this case it is deliberately engineered, and not something the living human and his personal unconscious had to unconsciously engineer under grave pressures.

Indeed, in follow-on generations of mind-engineering (psychoenergetics), one can engineer a specific FRAGMENT of a conscious mind (dealing with behavior in a desired subset of behavioral functions) and then switch between the “fragments” in that area, in the targeted human. I called that “fragmentary conversion”. The overall personality remains seemingly the same, except now the individual may have a “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” functioning.

The “sleeper” mind-engine – even when never switched in to a control position – is also extraordinarily useful. Just as in multiple personality theory, the “sleeper” personality still knows everything that happens and that goes on. The immediate application of that sleeper technology to totally counter all intelligence security is obvious. With the technology developed, simply insert non-switching sleepers in the personnel desired, who staff and operate whatever areas are to be looked at. Suddenly the very people staffing and operating the highest security facilities, at the deepest security level, are “sleeper” enemy agents, perfectly reporting everything that transpires for that overall personage, back to the enemy. Communication with the “sleeper” is by longitudinal EM waves, already worked out in the earlier conversion technology development.

So today, in the U.S. and the Western World, there is no such thing remaining as “security” at any level of classification or at any level of protected facility. All our “deep black” has now become “open white”. All our compartmented intelligence, etc. is already compromised, since the latter 1990s.

That is precisely how the KGB/FSB could design a system to destroy us, and be so sure of how to proceed. I suspect that every word uttered in every private meeting by the President, Vice President, key staff members, etc. – and by every “deep black” organization and set of personnel – is already being reported by implanted “sleepers” in the personnel staffing those areas and doing the functions done in them.

In short, the perfect spy and spying capability against us has been accomplished, and is already in place – totally unknown to our own intelligence agencies and the scientific community, which doesn’t believe a word of it (because our science and intelligence are still almost entirely bogged down in the hoary old century-old CEM/EE model!).

With the developed psychoenergetic technology, there are literally thousands of scenarios that the KGB/FSB can take and easily set up. No system can stand against this psychoenergetics technology, regardless of that targeted system’s prowess in “physical” weaponry (nuclear weapons bombers, ICBMs, nuclear subs, etc). To use any kind of physical weapons or engage in any kind of sustained and coordinated physical efforts, the targeted system has to maintain its always-just-assumed “group order”. Now, with conversion, fractional conversion, and sleeper all-pervading spying, that group order can be totally disrupted at anytime, whenever the schedule calls for it or the whim occurs to the enemy to do it.

Hence all our nuclear weapons, rockets and missiles, nuclear bombers, nuclear subs, etc. are meaningless once confronted by a clever chess-playing foe who has deliberately long since developed psychoenergetics technology to the above degree. Simply convert our group order (GO) of our targeted system personnel into NO-GO, and that group is absolutely helpless and totally countered. One can have members of that group firing nuclear weapons at its own nation’s cities and populace, etc. or anything else one wishes to implement. Anything that normally goes, now “no-goes”.

Anyway, that’s a short overview of the present threat situation, in a nutshell.

Meanwhile, all attempts to get our own scientific community to pull its head out of the sand from its ostrich position, are just about doomed to failure. There is nothing going on in NAS, NSF, NAE, NRC, all the great national labs, our intelligence community, etc. that even bears on the above problem. In the West, e.g., our scientists still have no notion at all of what the mind really is, or that its dynamics are totally strange electromagnetics on the time-axis, and directly engineerable if one pays the sunk costs on the front end and develops psychoenergetics technology.

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Editor's Note:  More complete information on the foregoing is detailed in Tom Bearden's new book "Oblivion - America at the Brink."