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From: Tom Bearden
Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2009 1:26 PM
To: (Webinar Correspondent)
Subject: RE: Please Join Me for an Important Energy Storage Webinar
Dear (Correspondent),
It is of little use, since -- speaking frankly -- no real solutions to the world energy crisis are known to your group, and so none will be advanced by them. I know you are well-meaning and sincere, but I do wish to acquaint you with some facts you are unaware of.
First, one can directly challenge you and anyone in your group or in similar groups to simply explain where the EM energy comes from that pours from the terminals of the generator. (And do you realize that the generator actually pours out an unaccounted trillions of time more curled EM energy flow -- almost always nondiverged so that it does not diverge into the external conductors to power up their waiting electrons -- than is in the tiny accounted diverged Poynting component that you track and account for? See Heaviside's discovery and publication of this fact in the Proc. Roy. Soc. London.
How do you account that the output of every generator, battery, and other dipolar source is so vastly greater than the actual energy we pay to input to that system?
Considering this fact discovered by Heaviside, then what happens to this mind-boggling NONDIVERGED Heaviside energy flow that our EEs have been taught (by Lorentz in 1900, as deliberately arranged by J. P. Morgan) to simply discard and ignore. Do you know there actually is a way to DIRECTLY TAP a tiny bit of that available but almost always non-interacting Heaviside curled energy flow component, so that a tiny bit of it does diverge and thus give COP>1.0 circuits? But you have to turn to general relativity to do it. In GR, the divergence of the curl is not necessarily zero, and so in a proper GR situation one can get a little of that giant Heaviside curled EM energy flow component to diverge after all, thus changing directly into a Poynting energy flow component. Note that all electrical engineering is directly kept in SPECIAL relativity (in one frame, usually referred to as the "laboratory frame". So the electrical engineer has not the foggiest notion of how to do it, or what kind of process would be required. Further, he's been taught to completely neglect it, and that it can have no physical significance.
The source of the EM diverged energy flow that we use in our circuits (the Poynting energy flow) and also simultaneously of the accompanying but unused giant curled Heaviside nondiverged energy flow, IS NOT the mechanical energy we crank into the shaft of the generator, but instead all the energy comes directly from the virtual state vacuum interaction and the continual absorption of virtual photons, by the source dipole inside the generator once the opposite charges are separated. Obviously that generator dipole could not be putting out more than a trillion times as much energy flow as we are inputting mechanically to the shaft, if the shaft input mechanical energy were actually being transformed in form to the EM output energy. You see, in physics a source dipole is a known broken symmetry (see why the Nobel Prize was awarded to Lee and Yang in 1957) and hence it continually absorbs VIRTUAL photons from the seething virtual state vacuum, coherently integrates them to observable size, and then continually decays and emits its excitation energy as a steady stream of observable photons as a result. And THAT steady stream of photons is the energy that pours from the terminals of the generator. And it comes from the seething virtual state interaction of the source dipole inside the generator -- and also it includes the presently ignored and non-used mind-boggling Heaviside giant curled EM energy flow component.
As an example, why are our standard energy and power folks not strongly pointing out the rigorously proven work by Klimov and his colleagues, whereby nanocrystalline solar cells can achieve outputs of 200% to 700% as much electron output energy as their input photon energy the operator himself furnishes? Klimov et al. demonstrate and explain how -- and why -- this excess input energy is furnished to the output electrons of the very tiny nanocrystalline solar cell -- and they explain that it comes directly from the seething virtual state vacuum itself. Their work is thoroughly replicated and proven by two great national laboratories -- Los Alamos National Laboratory and NREL. Both labs have rigorously replicated and substantiated the work.
So why is your conference not strongly accenting such proven work?
Let's see what you could do with that proven Klimov fact.
Want a self-powering solar panel? Build it of spherical shells of Klimov nanocrystalline solar cells, with each little spherical shell surrounding an internal tourmaline crystal. The tourmaline crystal is known to have a dipole across it that remains, hence is a broken symmetry that does not lose its asymmetry. It also continually extracts energy from the vacuum and outputs it as steadily emitted real photons in the IR region. Hence each "special spherical component" of such a solar panel does not care whether or not the sun is shining; it takes its input energy freely from the active vacuum via the tourmaline crystal, furnishes it to the Klimov nanocrystalline solar cells spherically surrounding the tourmaline crystal, and these tourmaline-fed Klimov nanocrystalline solar cells output real electrons with energy amplification of 200% to 700% over normal.
Now here's a real bombshell for you.
Did you realize that the conservation of energy and momentum law rigorously applies only in a single frame, in short, only in a SPECIAL RELATIVITY situation? If you deliberately engineer a proper general relativity situation, you can violate the conservation of energy and momentum law at will. See discussions by eminent scientists such as Sir Roger Penrose. The Russians released a process in 1967 that will do it, if one but understands it. This was released as a "go test" of our scientists to see if the U.S. scientific and engineering community is determined to remain ignorant. And the U.S. response showed them clearly that we had (and still have) no intention of allowing such work to really be understood. Hence our optical physicists every year at our top universities deliberately build and test optical systems with COP = 18; i.e., which output 18 times as much energy as the energy that the operator pays to input. Incredibly, these optical physicists are not allowed to say "excess emission", but instead they must use the awful term of "negative absorption of the medium". See my website for an explanation of how the Russian system actually works and how it actually and legitimately produces COP = 18 in yearly experiments in our leading universities.
As Nobelist Lee pointed out way back there in physics a half century ago, when we have a proven broken symmetry -- such as the source dipole inside the generator -- then something previously virtual becomes observable. This has all been known in physics for more than 50 years, yet our electrical engineers (whose model was fixed in 1892 by Lorentz and was deliberately made self-symmetrizing) still do not even know where the EM energy furnished by the generator comes from, or how. And they are still erroneously taught that the vacuum is just "empty space" with no energy at all. Completely false! The vacuum (empty space) is identically a boiling inferno of virtual particles and their virtual state interactions, where the energy density of a single cubic centimeter of pure "empty vacuum" has more energy going on in it that all the cities of the earth combined. That's in a bit of so-called "empty space" about the size of the fingernail on your little finger.
There actually is no such thing as "empty space" as electrical engineers are taught. Instead, there is only this "seething nonobserved" virtual set of furious interactions with energy density that boggles the human mind.
So actually there ARE solutions to the world energy crisis, but first you must understand (seek out a good physicist, NOT an electrical engineer!) what were and are the ramifications of J.P. Morgan eliciting Lorentz to SYMMETRIZE the Heaviside equations in 1892, by stealing and publishing Ludwig Lorenz's work and taking credit for it as his own. Thus as arranged by J. P. Morgan, Lorentz furnished the modified Heaviside-Lorentz equations as the basis for the new technology just being set up in our universities and to be called "electrical engineering". From its very birth, our electrical engineering has been deliberately mutilated and horribly mangled precisely so as to prevent our electrical engineers from learning, studying, and building ASYMMETRICAL electrical power systems taking all their input energy directly and freely from the seething "active medium" as Tesla called it.
If we had the good sense to LEAVE THE SOURCE DIPOLE ALONE, ONCE IT IS FORMED INSIDE THE SOURCE GENERATOR, AND NOT FORCE ANY CURRENT BACK THROUGH ITS "BACK EMF", and thereby take only "static" potential (electrostatic scalar potential or voltage) from the source, then the battery or generator's source dipole would last a very long time (months) before gradual leakage began to diminish it. With really very little thought and effort you can design a circuit/system that will power the "external circuit" and its loads with STATIC VOLTAGE alone, never drawing any current at all from the source. But inventors have been killed for discovering how to do that, and going about doing it. Electrical engineers would not even dream of it, because it is totally outside their model and what they are taught. They are taught erroneously that they must "draw power" from the source. Without current there is no power, yet there can easily be a continuous flow of enormous EM energy, but just with the external circuit's electrons "pinned" or frozen momentarily.
Of course we are referring to an ASYMMETRIC system and its use, and since 1892 (just before the very birth of electrical engineering, and before there was as yet a single EE), our engineers have been trained to think, design, build, and deploy SELF-SYMMETRIZING electromagnetic power systems. They build only systems that deliberately destroy the internal source dipole of the generator faster than they power their loads -- thus cutting off the circuit's free extraction of EM energy from the seething virtual state vacuum. Hence we have to stupidly keep cranking the shaft of the generator, TO KEEP RESTORING THAT SOURCE DIPOLE AND ITS BROKEN SYMMETRY -- again, it is the broken symmetry of the "static" dipole which is actually taking the energy flow furnished from the generator, directly from the seething vacuum.
In short, our sadly flawed and hoary old electrical engineering itself is the major problem in the world energy crisis, and the major reason for it. Maxwell's actual theory is some 20 quaternion-like equations in 20 unknowns, and it contains both SYMMETRIC and ASYMMETRIC circuits. Most electrical engineers have never even READ Maxwell's actual theory! We have had group theory since 1870 in our universities, and physicists study and understand it. Yet the universities don't teach it in the standard EE curriculum, because back there Morgan and other folks DID NOT WISH THE FUTURE ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS TO KNOW AND REALIZE WHAT HAD BEEN DONE TO THEM, or to understand that their basic model was severely flawed very deliberately.
If you are REALLY interested in solving the energy crisis, then please get yourself a decent physicist and come see me for a day or so, and I'll brief you on exactly what is wrong and how to fix it. Bring a good and open-minded EE if you wish, but be sure to include the physicist.
But I realize that such a visit is not going to happen! It's "off the beaten path" and I realize that of course you are required to confine your efforts to the accepted path that continues to fail us, and that itself is the real reason for the world energy crisis.
So please enjoy your conference and continue to discuss crippled and mutilated EM power systems that are DELIBERATELY SELF-SYMMETRIZING, thus deliberately causing us to continue to consume coal and gas etc., and thus directly causing the world energy crisis.
With regrets and best wishes,

Tom Bearden