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Sent:     Saturday, December 02, 2000 2:25 PM

To:       Hal  Fox;
Cc:       James L. Kenny Subject:         
RE: Reply to Query from Jed Rothwell

  Dear Jed,

The researcher who replicated the MEG was Jean-Louis Naudin in France.  He obtained COP = 7.3 in his later (third) build-up after an initial success of COP = 1.3.  We have obtained COP = 17 to 20, higher in some experimental build-ups, and we deliberately pushed one unit to destruction of the output coil, with the unit reaching COP>100 just before the arc-over and destruction of the coils.

At the request of our patent attorneys and the university, we are keeping close the name of the university until their report is completed.  But yes, arrangements have been made for the university's scientific team to not only test it, but to physically and independently replicate it from scratch, under U.S. Department of Defense auspices (the university team works on a DoD program in power supplies).  The university scientists will build-up the replication to our specifications, but they will order the parts, wind the coils, make the assembly,  and produce everything completely independently from Magnetics Energy Limited, to which the intellectual property rights are assigned.

We are also arranging for independent testing by a government-certified private testing laboratory with an international reputation and with impeccable credentials (many of the large aerospace industries use this laboratory for certification testing on a great variety of U.S. government contracts).  After observing the fierce dogmatic hassle that the orthodox establishment poured on cold fusion and on the institutes and scientists involved, you can understand why we are not releasing which university, which DoD agency, and which independent test laboratory.  We are striving to do straightforward scientific work for review by openminded scientists, not by dogmatists.

There are five persons who in combined effort invented the motionless electromagnetic generator (MEG).  Beside myself they are Dr. Jim Hayes, Dr. Lee Kenny, engineer Ken Moore, and engineer Steve Patrick.  These latter four researchers have worked very long and hard on this project, which succeeded only after nearly a decade of effort.

As soon as we have these independent tests completed and the independent university replication completed and tested, we will have presented the scientific community with a validated, replicated experimental unit forever proving that electrical power systems with COP>1.0 are not only possible but feasible and practical.  In short, if the present conventional theory disagrees with the MEG experiment once the experiment is independently validated and replicated, then it is the present conventional theory which must be changed, if one follows prescribed scientific method.

To understand how straightforward it is to extract EM energy from the vacuum, I suggest that my several papers on Department of Energy website be downloaded and read, particularly the paper "Giant Negentropy from the Common Dipole"-which has also just been published in Journal of New Energy.  One should also read my paper on the DoE website on "The Unnecessary Energy Crisis" in order to understand that all the hydrocarbons ever burned, dams ever built to power hydroturbines to turn the shafts of the generators, and nuclear fuel rods ever expended, have not added and will never add a single watt to the power line.  All that ferocious destruction of the biosphere has done nothing but force the internal charges of the generators apart, to make the source dipoles.  It is the source dipole that powers every electrical circuit and every power system, not the shaft horsepower input to the generator shaft. Isn't it strange that we have all been taught to design and build only closed current loop circuits-which a priori destroy their source dipoles (and thus the inflow of free electrical energy from the vacuum) faster than they can catch some of the free energy from the vacuum and use it to power their loads!  Until it is understood that all EM energy comes from the vacuum anyway, and specifically from the time domain as reactive power (electrical engineering term), then the operation of systems such as the MEG will make no sense to one at all, and in fact the mechanism actually powering every EM circuit and electrical power system will not be understood.

I have promised Hal Fox to prepare an article for Journal of New Energy, describing the MEG and its general mechanism for operation, as soon as the independent testing and independent university's full replication are completed.

Also, Dr. Myron Evans, a theoretician of much note, has completed an AIAS scientific paper which provides a succinct and rigorous technical exposition in O(3) electrodynamics of the MEG's "energy from the vacuum" operational mechanism.  Evans demonstrates that the explanation does not appear at all in the standard U(1) electrodynamics, but does easily appear rather straightforwardly in the higher symmetry O(3) electrodynamics, which is a non-Abelian EM theory.  That AIAS paper has been submitted to a leading physics journal and is presently in formal referee review.

We briefed technical representatives of two U.S. Senate committees on the MEG and on overunity electrical power systems in general as part of our briefing (along with excellent briefings by Dr. Eugene Mallove, Dr. Tom Valone, Dr. Ted Loder, and others) and will brief again-more widely in the Senate and on Capitol Hill-sometime next spring or early summer.  At the next briefing, we will probably include a live demonstration of the MEG.

Both here and abroad, we are actively seeking capitalization by licensing the non-exclusive manufacturing of scaled up MEG power units, while retaining control of our fundamental invention.  In the not too distant future, we will scale up the MEG and see it manufactured by various licensees worldwide, with units going directly to the market place  as real power systems powering real loads.

The Managing Partner and Director of Magnetic Energy Limited is Dr. Lee Kenny, E-mail  Lee should be contacted for all matters regarding the MEG program, program status, plans, investments, company information, etc. and for any further questions.

Very best wishes,

Tom Bearden