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Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2002 22:57:14 -0600

Dear Dr. MacN****

Somehow I misplaced this E-mail in my computer files before replying, and I missed it, for which I am truly sorry.  I do appreciate you writing me and sending the information, and letting me know about your own condition with this mess.

Yes, I suspect the mycoplasma is much more prevalent than anyone has thought.  It's in the population now, and it's a bear.  And the heart clinic people still don't want to hear about mycoplasma!  They think that has nothing to do with heart difficulties.

I'm just now off the year long antibiotics, and the combination of the condition and the medication has sorta beat me up quite a bit.   But with the antibiotics ceased now, I hope to make at least some recovery.  I have medical appointments next week, and some tests, so hopefully should find out a bit more about the actual condition.  Can get around a little, but can't walk very far and can't travel to another city, etc.  Do drive a little here, to go to the grocery etc.  Can get down the stairs okay, but getting back up is a different problem!

As to the medical uses of electromagnetics: It is obvious that there isn't going to be any funding ever made available (and the research will not be allowed) by the scientific community, that is required to develop it properly.  They stamped it out for Priore back in 1973, and they are still stamping it out.  One has to use higher group symmetry electrodynamics theory, not the hoary century-old Maxwell-Heaviside stuff which is 1865 vintage, and is purely fluid dynamics theory with a material ether.  It substitutes the effect for the cause and is very seriously flawed, from a technical standpoint.  It should have been completely overhauled after the discovery of broken symmetry in particle physics in 1957, but it wasn't. There are much better systems of electrodynamics that were developed for particle physics, because the other old stuff just does not adequately describe nature.

Strangely, there is not now a single electrical engineering department, professor, or engineer who even knows what powers the powerline hooked to the generator.  It isn't the mechanical shaft energy one inputs to the generator; that does nothing but make the source dipole between the terminals of the generator.  It doesn't put one watt out on the power line, of itself.  Once the dipole is made, its opposite charges have a known (in particle physics) broken symmetry in their seething exchange with the active vacuum.  This rigorously means that the dipole continuously absorbs virtual photons, coherently integrates and transduces that virtual energy into real observable EM photons, and emits that real EM energy from the generator terminals in a giant stream, filling space around the external conductors. A tiny bit (the Poynting fraction) is diverged into the circuit to power the electrons, and thus do three things: (1) power the external load, (2) power the external circuit's losses, and (3) kill the source dipole itself inside the generator.  The standard closed current loop circuit (which is not a law of nature, but a ubiquitous practice because we've always done it that way) guarantees that half the energy collected in the external circuit is used to do nothing but kill the dipole that is furnishing the energy from the vacuum.   The other half of the collected energy is used to power the loads and the losses. To keep the circuit going, we have to continually input shaft power in order to continually restore the dipole, that our engineers deliberately design the circuit to kill faster than the circuit powers the load.

And those two little jewels are why the High Cabal through its energy control, continues to fleece the world out of more than a trillion dollars per year, despoil the biosphere, etc.

Anyway, seeing it will not be permitted, I've taken the liberty of placing on my website the full content of a massive Provisional Patent Application I had filed a year ago on the use of electromagnetics for a new kind of healing.  Since it has become obvious that no such research program will be permitted, I am just giving it away and openly releasing it, in the hope that some of the younger fellows may get to do it on their watch, long after an old dog like me is gone.  Anyway, hopefully this way it guarantees that all this hard work will not just be lost.

A close colleague has also just discovered what I believe to be the final ingredient.  I've already put a little write-up on the web about it (fitting the internal structure of the fields, potentials, and waves to the internal local structure of spacetime and its EM dense signal environment).  If all goes well, he also plans to give it away in the same fashion, about a year from now.  His discovery has been the missing ingredient in all the EM medical machines, and is what all the modern researchers (myself included) just missed.  Now we know what it is.

The same colleague and I plan to write a second book in my Energy from the Vacuum series (my first one, 977 pages, is being sold from my website also and is published).  In this second book (much thinner!) we will show how to use an EM circuit just backwards from the way taught in all textbooks.  This is one of the last great secrets of extracting energy from the vacuum that the High Cabal (Churchill's term) has been ruthlessly suppressing for decades.  Now it's going out there in the open, about a year from now if all goes well (and I continue to survive the mycoplasma).

Anyway, I certainly can sympathize with your condition.  This stuff is a real mess, and there isn't much one can do about it.

If I uncover any kind of effective treatment, I'll let you (and everyone else) know.

On the question of the BW manufacture of the modified mycoplasma: I didn't know they made mycoplasma, and in fact hardly knew what it was, until Dec. 2001, several months after my heart attack in Spring 2001.  I have an old "spooky" buddy, who has been in everything that never was, etc., who has the equivalent of a doctorate in biology, and who calls and checks on me about once a year.  He called in Dec. 2001, and when he heard my condition and found I had been in Canada in 1966-68 where I caught the "mysterious ailment" which no one could identify, he knew exactly what it was and how it came about.   He is the one that directed me to Dr. Scott's website, to get some information on the BW program, and he also confirmed the Senate hearings in the 1970s.  Guess I'll hear from him again, probably, as it's been about a year since he called last.

So since Dec. 2001, I have been on antibiotics, and came off two days ago. I was also on medical oxygen adjunct, in spite of the heart clinic people, because I knew the hypoxia would itself do me in unless I augmented the oxygen.   I think the long session of antibiotics also is quite debilitating in its own right; even when one tries to replace the friendly factors it also kills.

Meanwhile, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and also have a nice Christmas.  Hang in there!

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden