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Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 16:26:32 -0600



And yes, if one had a true original of the Rife machine, it could be expected to work just as it did for Rife.

And yes, all the modern versions have eliminated the thing that synchronized its signals to the surrounding environment (both the exterior environment and the infolded structuring of that environment).  It's precisely the same problem they are having in cloning.  So the modern Rife machines will vary all over the board --- as they do.  Some are better than others, etc. and it probably even varies by the individual machine, even of a given type and build by a given builder.

It also explains why a French researcher or two (who seem to think they own the Priore name and everything) have only mixed results with their machines and have not really been successful as was the original Priore machine.

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A couple of questions here.

In the case of the Rife machine, does the new conditioning process apply to the plasma tube or to the vacuum tubes which were used prior to the discovery of the transistor?  Or both?

The second question is that if, as we know, the original Rife machine was efficacious in the treatment of cellular diseases, and was inadvertently using phenomenology that Rife didn't understand, then an exact duplication of one of his old machines, to the extent that all the component parts and parameters were known, would indeed incorporate this phenomenology and be equally effective?

i.e. the "new and improved" Rife machines (of which we have one) would undoubtedly have inadvertently eliminated this important newly discovered conditioning feature.

Hope this makes sense.