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Subject: RE: Your mycoplasma/CFS infection
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 00:47:53 -0600

Dear Tommy,

Yes, I caught the BW-modified kind of mycoplasma (which is very lethal) in 1968 while in the U.S. Army and stationed in Canada.  As I understand it informally (this should be rechecked again, against some Senate hearings in the 1970s and information on Dr. Scott's website, etc.), here is the gist of what happened.  

Seems that our fellows developed that BW modified strain in great haste, trying to catch the Russians, in the early 50s.  The Russians had a plan to use massive BW strikes on North America, after first hitting us with a full nuclear strike and accepting whatever we could hit them with in return. The plan was to simply destroy the U.S and most or all of the North American population.  Since we were well behind and the Russians had modified mycoplasma, we had to have a modified strain to try to make vaccines, etc.  So that is apparently why they did it.  

However, in the 1950s we were very na´ve in BW warfare!  Our guys actually thought you could spray a diluted spray on folks, and it would just give them a cold but not anything lethal.  Wrong, of course.  But apparently the stuff was sprayed on several cities in Canada (joint program with the Canadians, who will not talk about it at all) and perhaps in Florida.  They also tested it in mosquitoes (because apparently the Russians had), and of course some mosquitoes got loose.  So while in Canada for two years 1966-68, I caught that modified BW kind.  Hospitalized three times for six weeks at a time, I survived only by heroic efforts of some very dedicated French doctors in Quebec.  They had found that this mysterious ailment in 1 out of 300 of their abdominal patients, was lethal unless a certain procedure was performed, in which case it was still 50% lethal, but 50% of the patients having this procedure would survive.  So they did the procedure on me, which was to open both the chest and abdominal cavities, and just move everything around for two to three hours, letting the air get to it.  Now we know that mycoplasma are killed by the oxygen in the air that way.  So the procedure killed enough of the organisms on the surfaces of the organs and tissues, to allow survival.  The remainder of the organisms, which were buried inside cells and primarily the red blood cells, just stayed the way and survived.  They also draw nutrients from the hemoglobin on the red blood cells, and that dramatically reduces the ability of the hardened hemoglobin to take on oxygen. In short, they seriously reduce your aerobic system functioning, to a hypoxic or near-hypoxic state.  The lack of a good aerobic system means that with exertion you have to draw out your anaerobic system, and you are exhausted as soon as that occurs.  This translates into suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome since then.  So I was left with a permanent loss of endurance, but did survive.  

The mycoplasma in that sort of "dormant" stage (as they call it) stays that way for years (20 or 30 or so), slowly spreading to the cells of the body.  Then one day the disease is spread enough that it resurges, with runaway heart fibrillation being one aspect of it.  The fibrillation of course immediately and dramatically increases the hypoxia, leading to strokes, heart attacks, and the like and usually killing the patient.  I had no clogging of the arteries, fortunately, when I had the heart attack in Spring 2001, because I had used oral chelation to keep the arteries cleaned out. So the official diagnosis is the heart fibrillation, easily seen. One is in a life-threatening situation in 48 hours if the fibrillation is allowed to go unchecked.  So the heart folks --- well meaning but absolutely refusing to hear anything about mycoplasma and BW-modified mycoplasma --- give you the medication necessary to control the runaway heart fibrillation.  That's fine and necessary for you to live. But it also reduces the volume of the heart's pumping, which puts you back into deeper hypoxia --- which can and will cause strokes, brain embolisms, heart attacks, etc.  

In short the standard heart treatment will guarantee your death unless you get medical oxygen and take it as an adjunct.  Fortunately my family doctor had treated mycoplasma, and would give me the prescription for the oxygen, but I had to pay for it myself as Medicare would not cover it.  Nonetheless, I did so and so survived the program.  I also got (finally) a mycoplasma test, and confirmed the chronic mycoplasma infection at long last, after 33 years.  The treatment is one year on antibiotics, because the only way you can get the "buried in" mycoplasma is when you wear out a red cell in normal usage and it starts to die. The Mycoplasma organism comes out of the cell then to re-infect the new cell, and if you have the antibiotic in your bloodstream it kills the organism.  I am just coming off my year on antibiotics, and next month will finally get some more tests to see where I am, if any improvement has been made, etc.  The antibiotic itself is debilitating when one is on it as long as I've been.  

As to the effects you mentioned: I do notice that there has been an interference with memory since the heart attack and the hypoxia.  Some of the memories are "disconnected".  They are still there, when I get the connection remade, but it's odd to realize you have a memory but cannot access it no matter what.  The only speech effect I noticed was in singing (I was a professional Country-Western singer many years ago, and so could see the difference).  I suspect it all could vary depending upon what kind of damage an individual had, which part of the brain might be affected, etc.  

Anyway, that's the story.  I'm still in some hypoxia, and still suffer from severe lack of endurance, am legally handicapped and have been issued handicapped license plates for my car.  I can drive a bit and walk a little, but not very far.  Am unable to undertake a long trip, either by air or by auto.  I also had chronic lung disease (recurring pneumonia etc.) as a child due to malnutrition (for which I was hospitalized).  So an additional factor in the fatigue is the scarring of the lung tissue, etc.  Also seem to "keep" a condition continuously somewhat like chronic pleurisy which augments the hypoxia.  The medication to prevent runaway heart fibrillation is still absolutely necessary.  Will know more about these things when I get the new tests next month. Fortunately I have a good doctor I'm going to, who does know about hypoxia, and that helps.  

Nonetheless, I'm very grateful and I do thank my creator (I'm religious, but do not wear it on my sleeve publicly, just treat it as a private and very personal matter).  I am able to do useful work at my computer and continue to do research and study, and thus to make useful contributions, though on a more limited schedule than formerly.  Quite simply, my purpose now is to get down on paper and published, everything useful I've uncovered in all these hard years of effort.  That has to be done before I cash  it in.  

The plans are to get the new tests after the antibiotics are out of the system and some recovery from that is done, and that will occur next month.  Then we'll know better where we are.  The best estimate of the situation presently is I'm still in enough hypoxia to be in some danger, so could cash it in at any time unless I'm very careful, or maybe live another 10 years if I'm lucky.  Oddly that gives a somewhat unique view of life; many trivial things just are not important anymore, like they used to be or I thought they were.  The real thing is to continue to do what I can to make contributions to the society and others that remain.  All us old dogs will go; it's just a matter of when and how, and what we can contribute until then.  

Unfortunately we will almost certainly never get a chance to develop the medical application.  It's far too expensive (it's a 100 million dollar project, probably) and that kind of funding is never going to be available.  We already proposed to the government that it set up a crash development program, with the view toward being able to treat and save a substantial percentage of the coming mass casualties when we get terrorist attacks on our cities using weapons of mass destruction such as smallpox, anthrax, bubonic plague, etc.  The proposal got nowhere; they simply had no idea what on earth I was talking about.  The scientific mindset is that EM can be used to heat the tissue, defibrillate the heart, and treat otherwise intractable bone fractures, but otherwise it just heats tissue and nothing else.  There is also a giant medical pharmaceutical cartel that is not going to allow any major change from the "cut and drug" method of medicine.  The present medical science is based almost entirely on intervention, not healing.  Scientists such as Becker who get out of the box and study the regenerative process just get creamed if they realize the process is electromagnetic in nature and study it in that fashion.  That is a taboo that will not be tolerated.  Presently the cost of running one single new drug through the full procedures and get approval for therapeutic use, is more than 250 million dollars. For one drug!  So you can see that only very wealthy corporations can afford that kind of funding in advance.  It then stands to reason that they also have to be having tremendous income from sale of those approved drugs.  Any human system is a bell-shaped distribution.  When there's that much power and money at stake, you get real manipulation on a massive scale. The medical treatments the cartel uses and lets get developed are only going to be more expensive.  

So that is the outlook.  It's not yet possible to build the medical machines I proposed, without a very expensive development program and highly qualified, multi-disciplinary research team.  That is not going to happen in my lifetime.  The medical and pharmaceutical communities simply will not allow it.  

Anyway, I hope that gives you the information, and sorry it could not be better news.  My advice would be for you to find a good medical doctor who does know about mycoplasma, and get some proper medical tests to see if chronic mycoplasma infection and damage is involved.  That is the only way to be sure of what you are doing.  It's important to have some tests, and then proper medical treatment.  

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden  

Subject: Your mycoplasma/CFS infection

Dear Col. Beardon,  

I hope you don't mind me contacting you 'out of the blue' like this. My name is Tommy K******* and I first heard about your work in scalar electromagnetics some time ago through Jerry Decker's KeeyNet website.  

I have always been, and remain, fascinated by the subject and it's possible applications but confess to never really understanding the technical aspects of it. However, that's not really the subject of this message.   I recently came across Bill Morgan's rather extensive website that gives, essentially, a synopsis of your work. (at On that site, he has placed a response you sent him when he asked you to review the site. I was very interested when you mentioned that a mycoplasma infection had contributed to your recent heart attack (which, I must add, I'm glad to hear you're recovering from).  

The reason it was of such interest to me is one that would not immediately spring to anyone's mind:  

I have had a bad stammer since childhood and, having spent thousands on conventional therapies that have, in some cases, been *worse* than useless, am actively investigating other possibilities. I don't particularly care how "out there" those other possibilities might be - as you said yourself about your recovery - *Whatever works!*  

Now, some time ago, I heard that some of those veterans suffering from the notorious Gulf War Syndrome had experienced some speech problems, including stuttering. I though that was interesting but could not see any further worth in it until I later learned that mycoplasma infections had been linked to GWS (albeit probably a weaponised type). I have also learned that a massive proportion of the global population are probably infected to some degree with naturally occurring strains of mycoplasma. This is harmless and goes unnoticed in most cases but the possibility has been suggested to me that some people might be, maybe through genetic or other factors, lacking this "general immunity" and are open to damage that *might* cause conditions like stuttering.  

I know this might seem like a "long shot" and, indeed, it is not the only possibility I am investigating but, since I get the impression that you are open to at least listening to possibilities like this, I would like to ask you two questions about it:  

Firstly, what do you think of this idea?  

And secondly, if it is not too personal a question, could you tell me if you have been afflicted to any extent by speech problems as a result of your infection?  

Actually, if you are open to indicating it, do you see any aspect of your work in scalar electromagnetics that might be of benefit here. I was very interested to read your general writings about what scalar EM could do for the treatment of both mental and physical diseases but, as I said, I do have some difficulty in getting to grips with the technical ends of things.  

Anyway, I appreciate you taking the time to read this and thank you for your kind attention.  

Kindest regards,

Tommy K